Beating the $2 180-Micro - Part 1

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Collin kicks-off a mini-series to showcase selected hands from a $2 tournament, for our benefit. He will go through each hand giving his thoughts about the spots and discussing the information on screen to aid in making decisions effective enough so that we may take down the tournament.


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  • Tristann18


    if you are getting 2:1, so like you have to call 500 for 1000 chips.. don't we need like 50% equity at least?
    12:35 we are getting 2:1 and you said you wanted 37% equity in the hand?
  • Toti1989


    #1 for 2:1 we need without icm 33% not 50%. We need 50% for 1:1 without icm.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Toti1989: You're right of course, sorry if I misspoke in the video.
  • sz3sz


    given the fact that the actual level of these games is increasing surprisingly fast (on the video you can notice some regulars from 15s and 35s, and at least a dozen from 3r and 8s) i think you should review some more complicated hand history then this one, where hero is getting either total nuts (and is getting paid) or Ax. I mean, its really hard to screw with such a cardrun ;).
  • Tristann18


    #2 i know we need 33% but why ? we have to call half the pot so don't we want 50% equity in the pot..
    or do i need look at it from this angle --> we need to call 500 to win 1500 en that 33% .. but its called 2:1...
  • thominger


    @ 5 Say there are $2 in the pot. If we pay $1 to stay in, we need to have an equity in the combined pot of $1 for break-even $1/$3 = 33%. A bit more to make it profitable.
  • XtremeFly


    Great Video as always. Keep up the good work.
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Sz3sz: I think there were a number of interesting spots in this game, but I'll definitely look for one with more marginal situations in my next 180man vid. Thanks for the feedback.

    #5 Tristann18: As Thominger points out, 2:1 -> 33% equity, but in your example of 1500:500 odds, that is 3:1 so you would need 25% equity for breakeven cEV.

    #7 XtremeFly: Thanks!
  • sz3sz


    #8 CollinMoshman: thank you, can't wait :)
  • Pansen1987


    Video is down :(
  • coldchurch


    Wow, great vid, mr. Moshman!

    Aren't K2o (7min28, 7bb, UTG3) and 108o (8min24, 6.5bb, CO) shoves? U skip those quite quickly.
  • coldchurch


    Hmm,maybe its better to fold those, guess I've seen too many Donbartos videos, lol.
  • coldchurch


    Not sure about the 108o hand, though.
  • coldchurch


    Can we bet smaller than half pot at 14.03?
  • AdamLaw33


    Thank you, well done !
  • TheLandlordUK


    Good video, thanks.
  • Medabeda9


    What range should i have utg 5bb deep?
  • Medabeda9


    After seeing this video i have the feeling i'm playing too tight in early position when i'm short


    a2 all in at t20 ???

    there are some hands who can call our shove? no no no

    you dont have an edge playing that way, mr moshman


    refuse to watch later than a2 , by the way
  • NegsNegsNegz


    Part 2 geht nicht mit Bronze?
  • NegsNegsNegz


    Part 2 not possible with Bronze?
  • nutural


    watching Collin's videos is always refreshing and helpful! thanx