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lnternet's debut for features two combined videos: An introductory video, introducing himself to the community and then over 30 minutes of live play on the Microgaming network giving us an insight into his decision and thought processes "in game"


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the complimentary video from "lnternet", please leave your thoughts & feedback about his first video with!

    A big welcome from our end, great to have you on board! :)
  • Vladimir


    Great start, Paul! Really nice to have you on board! Hopefully you will keep 'em coming! :)
  • pleno1


    Put auto top up on you absolute fish. Seriously microgaming is awesome and this is a great start to your series. Looking forward to the next part.
  • Nivlem


    Nice video, welcome to the team Paul!
  • 1mpr0x


    hav ma babiez paul
  • IngridN


    Welcome to the team Paul! Great to have you with us! :)
  • potenzo76


    Really good quality comments and quality video + sound. It's a great thing that there is no HUD, we can learn a lot from the basics. Thank you good job!
  • worldanizer


    are you Internet from twoplustwo?
  • pleno1


    Yes it is.
  • Deliveranced


  • Verum


    minute 8 bottom left...I would raise the OESD, and propably fold preflop anyway. 1.5 stacks deep, villain will rarely go over the top, we get many flop folds plus we don't face a turn bet.

    turn betsize let's me suspect he isn't going for a 3barrel bluff, since I expect him to make it a bit smaller on the turn...unless people are now ultra balanced betsizing wise on 200nl...which I can not comment on.

    don't get why he would bet the river this big...he just polarizes himself...villain propably doesn't give a deeper stacked player hands like 76o, so he doesn't have too many draws that will call the turn....why polarize yourself...
  • Verum


    BR a minute later you 3bet 99 with the explanation that you saw the guy 4bet 99...doesn't really make sense to me...I would just call against a guy that wants to play preflop wars...especially without can play nines more profitably ipo than with a 3bet vs a SB steal range...As long as one does not have to balance that much...which anonymous tables take outta play a bit
  • Verum


    9:43 34o OOP...without reads I would never call there, especially since the guy might be a midstack and not a fish

    then you call a pot bet on the flop...probably a right equity call, but still...the situation sucks balls. if the other guy checks back twice, you still will lose more than half of the time...and who says he does so
  • MITStudent


    please turn out the "BING-BING, BONG-BONG"-sounds :D

    nice video sir! :)
  • MITStudent


    turn off*
  • IronPumper


    09.20 - 87o:
    Though when you have less air in your range, your riverbetsize should be fundamentally a small one with your whole range...
  • Verum


    12:12 bottom left...I prefer raising up T8o... multiway it doesn't play better than HU...
    I would lead the flop. I expect BB to raise a bunge of Kings I would try to get money from the fish and his Ahigh or whatever he can't fold the flop with...
  • Verum


    I think that your overall gameplan has a bit of a flaw...especially given the annonymous tables.

    Being that loose passive pre(76o call in BB, 34o complete OOP, T8o complete OOP multi-way, 63s call OOP) forces you to make some moves post-flop since you have no equity edge. to my mind you do not move enough.
  • bat999


    Great analysis and hand reading skills!!!
  • Verum


    adding to my comment under 18:

    you say yourself(paraphrasing)

    - you don't wanna play too loose, propably show more of a standard style
    - regulars will either play their standard TAG game, or 3bet and barrel much more aggressive because of the annonymous tables
    - the way to beat these games is to play a perfectly balanced game, since you have no reads and shouldn't be exploitable anywhere

    I do believe your play is different from your statements.

    No disrespect. I think it makes for a really interesting video.
  • Verum


    16:49 Why wouldn't he bet with a good will propably bet yourself with a strong holding, wouldn't you? once you check here, you rarely have a K or why not bet AQ in order to get called by a bluff cather, such as QT or exactly your hand...

    still a good check/call to my mind...but I would bet AQ and maybe even QJ in his shoes...wouldn't you?
  • Verum


    19:01 br
    I wouldn't hit the time button there, you propably wouldn't do that with the top of your range, so you do take away some options, such as 4betting.
  • Verum


    22:45 TL
    I like your A5 call call line.
    Wouldn't have played it myself...thanks
  • Verum


    23:46 BR
    are you somewhat balanced in your bet sizing there? Would you bet differently on non annonymous tables?
  • Verum


    24:40 bl
    is that your standard 3betting size OOP 120bb deep? If yes, what is your overall plan, why so small?
  • RasTweet


    Hi lnternet! Welcome to the team! Really liked the video! Quality, the sound, you speak very clear. And of course you explained everything very well! Thanks for the video!
  • Verum


    27:40 TL
    is it really going to be punished though? If you either 3b or fold in the SB, which you stated in the jacks hand at 24:40, what is your range?

    let's assume:

    66+, A9s+, KQs, ATo+, KQo
    138 combos

    and against this huge bet you only go broke with AK, TT+
    46 combos

    then give him an ace for a blocker

    66+, A9s+, KQs, ATo+, KQo
    118 combos

    AK, TT+
    38 combos

    he needs to get you to fold 2/3 of your range...he almost does this. 32.2% If your 3betting range is any wider than the one I just mentioned...he is making money through this huge 4bet. The same happens if you fold TT because you really think he is ultra strong.
  • Verum


    29:26 BL

    Good read...what do you think about x/raising. You can represent incoming flushes, and overcards...since he is unlikely to call a x/r with KQo or A9o
  • way2amarillo


    Fantastic video, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next part
  • Verum


    really interesting video and lots to discuss...thanks for the video and keep 'em coming
  • MADAR1


    YESSSSSS! Internet in da house!
  • mbml


    nice vid!

    @verum: from experience when u spam so much your comments will be ignored :)
  • Verum



    thanks for the headsup
    how would really taking the time to discuss poker theory with someone who is getting paid to teach pokerstrategy be spam, though?

    I thought this was the point of videos...don't you agree?
  • HabsnStanley


    Verum maybe you should get a personal coach? "how would really taking the time to discuss poker theory with someone who is getting paid to teach pokerstrategy be spam, though? " Because you've replied 15 TIMES in 24 hours,without getting a response from your first few posts. I'll call them posts because they're not questions from you trying to learn,just rude criticisms trying to show how superior you think you are. Discussion requires two,not one. Post a question or two and wait for a response to have a "discussion"
  • peche025


    Cool video, I'd love to see more anonymous tables in the future.
  • sugalde


    Great vid will watch it again.
  • lnternet


    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

    RE #16 IronPumper. No what you wrote is the opposite of what is correct. It's a common misconception. Maybe write a message and I can link you to something that explains it.
  • PokerPPP


    Verum you cray :D

    Great vid Internet, ty :)
  • lnternet


    RE #11 Verum: 1)min 8 bottom left...

    Raising flop is fine. But I think it's good enough to call, so I rather call, and bluff raise weaker draws. Allows my flop continuation range to be as wide as possible.

    2) turn betsize let's me suspect he isn't going for a 3barrel bluff

    I absolutely do not think that you can make such a read. If true though turn call looks good.
  • grrgrrbla


    @ #37 I would be very interested in that as well!!! added you in com-tool....
  • ilonka69


    35:00 bottom left KQo why didn't you consider squeezing in that spot and what range would you squeeze in that spot?
  • gadget51


    Just a minor thing, you need less 'um'. :)

    Most informative ty and have fun here!
  • instaflip


    wow really nice to see you here as producer! i was railing some big 3 handed sessions from u on ongame - very impressive :) looking forward to your vids. very nice sir!
  • Tenebrus


    @ #37 I would be very interested in that as well!!!
    post here or in a thread and link it here pls.
  • instaflip


    @ #44 - i forgot about this. yes that would be nice
  • Verum


    I would like to emphasize, that I did have no intention of spamming, do have a personal coach, KNOW that I am, by FAR, not better than Paul and had no intention to sound mean or condescending.

    My intention was to learn as much as I could, so I paused the video every time I would have played differently and commented on it. I even made some calculations and explained my thinking. It is not like I flamed...I REALLY just intended to ask.

    Looking back on the statements I made which were not phrased as a question, I gather that those were the ones where I actually explained my thinking more detailed and the implied question you dissagree with any of these assumptions/conclusions.

    I really do believe that this is the point of any sort of coaching material.

    I want to state again:
    In no way was my intention to be mean, rude, disturbing or condescending.
  • TribunCaesar


    @78 hand:
    Question is: does the bigger size changes anything from his point of view. Imo it doesnt. Since balancing is mostly overvalued anyway and on anon tables not needed, there is no merit in betting pot. He wont change is calling range due to the size --> normal bet>potbet
    I disagree with some things in the video but like others.
  • mnl1337


    thats why he is better player than u tribun :p

    nice vid, MOAR
  • marii900


    Absolutely LOVED it! U r like a breeze of fresh air. Exactly what pokerstrategy needs IMO!

    Live session videos are the best ! ! !
  • locasdf


    great video, can't wait for the next one :)
  • Aerox232


    Very nice video.
  • IronPumper


    have tried to add you via the pokercommunity-tool, so that you could link me to something why this what I said (still think it is correct in theory) is wrong) - somehow you have not accepted my trial to add you there and so i cannot write you there a message over the community-tool.
  • backdoorgushot




    would be also really interested in, specially because Iam soo confident of the mathmatical background so that I cannot believe you could be right.

    Ive sent you a invitation, too.

    Really good video and thx for sharing this;)
  • LorD231984


    #37,52,53: "thread with betting big when you have less air in your range and want you villian to fold A high, or other air hands, maybe some weak sd value"

    I am also very curious of this concept, because i always used to bet smallish, 1/2 potbet when i bluff like this...

    Appreciate if i can get the content... PM sent... Ty
  • babbas90


    same here. would be nice if you could post the link here.

    Great vid. You're a great player.
  • lnternet


    @53 etc, maybe check out this thread. Not a full fledged explanation but some of the ideas.

    I will be doing some theory videos in the future that will probably contain this.

    I also added everyone as a friend that requested, messaging should work now.
  • lnternet


    @12 Verum
    Against an aggressive player I am happy to play 99 for stacks in this situation.
  • lnternet


    @17 Verum
    Raising pre is fine, but I find T8o a bit too weak. Given we have no info on the limper it will be difficult to play mid pair / gutshots correctly.

    Leading flop for protection is good. I think Q4 on AAQ I check, but with T8 on KK8 there is bunch of bad turn cards. I think my check is only a little worse though.
  • lnternet


    @47 TribunCaeser

    Thats what you think. What if it's completely opposite? Maybe he always folds to pot bets as he thinks it makes no sense to bluff so big, but always calls small bets?

    If you think you can make exact reads how people play everywhere you are either fooling yourself or a crusher.

    I don't think it's possible to make sick reads all the time. Because of that, I try make plays that are sound in theory, meaning they are really good even if the opponent plays extremely well against them.
  • IronPumper


    @ the link (post 56):
    The tread only hsows that betting big in the vaccuum with a mosnter can be better - agree with this.
    But it is still not gameplan-wise the correct size - > your whole bluffrange will have a decreased EV.

    So still it seems better to be here fundamentally correct:
    And this is choosing smaller betsizes for your whle orange (not a certain vacuum-spot) when your range has less air and is very valueheavy and vice versa.

    I rly think you are very wrong on this one, tbh.
  • Verum


    hey paul,

    thanks for the explanation. I really hope I did not come across aggressive or condescending. I just thought there were many interesting spots to discuss.

    regarding you think you have enough info from the few hands you have to put him into this category? What specifically makes you think this?
  • lnternet


    #61 Verum. 99: I could be wrong of course but at the time I made the read that he was loose aggressive. Don't know what else to say :)
  • axeboy90


    Microstakes at NL200. Yeah, I think it's high stakes for me. lol
  • fortuna2o1o


    i could cry that im no platinum wanna see more:)
    very good ans interesting video!
  • drsmooth


    Almost everything I have read or seen in videos has claimed that when a range contains very few bluffs you should be betting larger, and when a range considers many bluffs should be betting larger. Obv you have a far greater grasp of theory than I do so I am surprised that you think it is the complete opposite :-S
  • drsmooth


    Sorry, I am not sure how to edit, but I meant few bluffs = smaller bet, many bluffs = larger bet.
  • Frietje1986


    Nice vid. I think you have the same twitch as many of us suffer from; clicking your mouse in 'mid-air' constantly when there's really nothing to click. It's called RSI.