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  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Paul also known as lnternet continues from where his first & second video left off at the anonymous tables at Microgaming - cracking on with the NL200 livesession while offering his thoughts & commentary for the plays made throughout the video.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second installment of the Microgaming series with Paul "lnternet" Otto.

    Your thoughts & feedback for the coach are welcomed as always!
  • mnl1337


    part 3? where is part 2? :)
  • RasTweet


    Hi mnl
    Part 2 is in the first part as well.
  • EuanM


    Hey folks,

    We cut parts together in this series.

    "One Free Internet" = 1 & 2
    lnternet @ Microgaming = 3 & 4
  • Falber


    01:00 wondering why you clic on autofold with 56s otb, if Co flat, isn't it a good spot for a squeeze or an overcall?
    23:20 Why not raise the rivebet? only call by QJ ?
  • Verum


    general thing about your 3betting sizes. I size mine bigger OOP, so I do not give them good odds. for example I would 3bet 24/6 where you do 20/6 and 18/4 where you make it 14/4. Could you explain why you prefer making it small? Do you want to keep ranges wide to outmanoever post-flop?

    0:51 bl

    would you squeeze if it were suited?
  • mbml


    1. K2 on AAK Flop BU vs BB (fish)
    You bet 3 into 8.60 on the Flop.
    a) Do you think you get more value by betting Flop rather than checking Flop and then betting later streets? What if he starts bluffing (since he's a fish and views checks as weakness).
    b) Is AK5 any different as opposed to AAK for you? Would you be more inclined to check back or still betting vs the fish by default? My guess is that you think fishes like to bluff raise paired boards more often esp when you bet small?

    2. BU vs CO with 66 on AAJr board. Villain bets 9 into 12 and you mentioned that you would call against a half pot bet.

    Do you think we have enough equity especially when the board can pair and counterfeit our pair? What runouts are we bluffing at (besides another Jack?) A King or Queen or Ten?
  • lnternet


    #5 Falber
    01:00 no I am almost never playing 65s against a UTG raise it is simply too weak.

    23:30 not sure what you mean sorry
  • lnternet


    #6 Verum. I think my sizing is big enough to deny them calling with a lot of hands. If someone rarely folds to your 3bets you should size bigger, if they do fold a lot you should size smaller. I don't think there exists a best general size, anything from 3x to 4x the original open is fine. 18/4 strikes me as too big, you risk too much for too little.

    0:51 QTs I might squeeze in that spot but not very often. You just have to play tight vs UT raises.
  • lnternet


    #7 mbnl
    1a) up to debate. I prefer betting small over checking, but check is fine.
    1b) on AK5 there is more draws (5x can be considered one, and low gut shots are available. Also Kx has outs vs Ax) Also Kx kicker will play often. So there I am more likely to cbet for thinner value, KT I would bet. K2 not.

    2. Our equity is weak indeed. I feel like he will give up a lot though once we call a bet, as our range has a lot of Ax. So we get to showdown and win sometimes, we start bluffing sometimes, and we spike a 6 sometimes. In total that is probably enough to make call>fold.
  • IMGameOver


    Nice video! Thank you very much!
  • Kingsurprise


    in 16:52
    because of his betsizing on turn and checking river iam mostly discounting sets and 2pair. If we shove here I think he is folding almost ever. What do you think about betting 1/3 pot? Imo he would call every q and maybee weaker hands and perhaps he is jamming his air...his sets would he also shove, so we lose no value by not shoving ourselves. we only could loose value vs his 2pairs. But sets and 2pairs are hardly discounted. If it were no anonymous table and we have some loose/bluffy image shoving is maybe better but here I would split my range, bluffs i would shove and nuts i would gaybet. What do you think about betting small? nice video =)
  • lnternet


    #12 If your assumptions are that he folds a lot to a jam and calls some bluffcatchers (or even bluff raises) against a small size, then yes, your strategy is perfect.

    However, my usual assessment is that you can not know these things. Maybe he believes small bets are strong and overbets are always bluffs? What then? So what I do is I try to not assume too much about what my opponents do and play a well designed strategy against anything.
  • pKay


    minute 2:30

    bottom left table

    CO opens 3bb

    56s in the BU

    Why did you fold?

    When do you consider calling or 3betting?

    For me this is fairly standard "play it" where I either call or 3b.

  • Strangelet87


    TT vs fish. we 3bet and then check\fold monotonous flop. I think that cbetting is immediately more profitable here with any hand. He is afraid of a board like that. And he rarely has a hand overall, since his range is wide. So he will be folding more often than continuing.