Mid-stage Micro Heads-up Sit & Go

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $5
  • Heads-up
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Collin continues the mini-series on beating the low stakes heads-up sit & go, while offering his thoughts & comments regarding the plays made throughout the tournament itself. This is the second of a short, three-part series.


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Comments (11)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the continuation with Collin, on how to best approach the low-stakes heads-up Sit & Go - leave your thoughts & feedback about the video!
  • andosalado


    Great Video!
  • ghaleon


    When villain starts to 3bet shove with such frequency I would tend to use limping more. Not big deal though when blinds are still so small.

    I have just noticed that some of these villains might be surprisingly passive versus limping even though they are shoving often versus minraise.
  • laubold2


    min 13: what would be our postflop game plan if we just small 3 bet our pp7 in this spot? Isnt the shove against that loose tilty player better? Because my thoughts are, we just getting ourselves in a pretty nasty spots sometimes if he flats the light 3 bets, especially on boards with 2 or even 3 overcards. And we know he will calling loose. Do we cbet shove any flop? ch/f seems to be weak.

    One reason more would be probably we get some more value for example out of A4 thus he ll may tend to play fit or fold in 3 bet pot.

    I dont know, still beginner in Heads up
  • laubold2


    Sorry for no feedback. Very like your videos, they are helping me a lot to improve my game. I ve red your book as well.

    Very well done Sir!!
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Ghaleon: You make a good point that one way to counter very aggro 3betting is to begin limping, the only downside is that we're then playing smaller pots in position and give him free flops with weak hands. The other solution is to narrow our opening range and widen our range for defending vs 3bet, which I tend to prefer although there is definitely room for different styles in HU play.

    #4 Laubold2: As I said in the video, even though 3bet shoving is an overbet, there's nothing wrong with that line -- it's a profitable play. But the small 3bet allows him to 4bet shove a number of hands that we're a 70/30 or 2:1 favorite against. If he flats, we'll decide on best line as a function of the flop, and he'll face awkward decisions just like we will as positional advantage decreases with SPR.
  • antstruk


    Lol punts off stack
  • SealP


    Like the simplicity and clear cut explanations.Very nice video.
  • Kraese


    nice video, but for people, who dont talk english perfektly, its difcult to understand some spots. For example: collin says why hero has to bet and hero checks ;)
  • Gerbmaster


    collin rocks!
  • misspookie


    you show a lot of easy situations. I would like to see what you do when people are check raising and donk leading the river knowing your 2 barreling to check river. Those are the players I usually play.