The Secret of Simplicity

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Raskolnikov delivers to us his secret with regards to a simplistic attitude, at and away from the Poker table, how this benefits us and his reasoning as to why this is an effective mindset to employ overall.


simplicity Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest from Raskolnikov - please leave your thoughts about the video and any questions you may have can be posted here for the coach to answer!
  • JustgAMblin


    YEs! Finally vid from Gordon again!

    MOAR! Bitte! Finde deine vids so nice.
  • cassiusclay22


    bullshit ;-)
  • jaceface1


    Meh this was tooooo simple xD
    @ Gordon you dont need the
    WWW. to get to
    Just try it its that simple :)
    Very good vid once again.
    Sad think is i know it but im still full of it.
    Hope to get over it until next year.
  • Raskolnikov


    #2 Thx, always appreciated!


    In addition to the famous pee-bottle of leatherass, you can get yourself also this for a SIMPLE office ;)
  • Raskolnikov


    #4 yeah, i listened to way to much radio advertisement in the States and South America, where they always spell out the WWW ;)

    and thx as well for the nice words.
  • Rainy2010


    Mach mehr deutsche Videos!!!!!!! ;-p
  • JustgAMblin


    Again, after watching the video:

    Please make moar so called mindset videos like that. I think that helps people alot. And obv i think my mind responds very well to your videos, because you are not talking around special topics, you are concrete in your statements and i like that.

    [x] cleaned my working space

    now grabbing a garbage bag....

    lookingt forward to your next video! Dont find an excuse not doing a video the next 4 weeks!! :P

  • Tahigwa


    bet its bullshit as well, you never heared a girl telling she has got a terrible headache and therefore ...
  • jbpatzer


    I'm off to trade my children in for a pen. That'll teach the little buggers to distract me!
  • DeMarcohsp


    Nice video coach, I think it is clear that these videos are what we want more of, so please make more of them.

    Btw the human genome has been decoded for some time :).
  • w4terman


    wow great video :)

    waiting for the next one!
  • Bzzz2906


  • allbusiness


    such a great video as ussual, keep up the good work!
  • SpiderZorro


    Nice video, i like!

    I think many people are afraid if things are too simple, they like it sophisticated! The problem is that EVERYONE could be (more or less) sucessfull in many things (like poker) if he concetrates/focusses on them. Many people are looking für experts and special tricks or guidelines instead of changing there on life / behaviours.

    Back to the roots is a perfect idea and macking life easier would heal many depression syndroms. I´m a physician and experience this every day.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Keep on with the idea "simple is right"
  • JustgAMblin


    Hey Gordon,

    next video could be about "how to achieve those goals in the long run".

    I mean, what can we do to remind ourselves every day/week/month to do the things we wrote down.

    Or even more simple:

    How can we stay focused in the long run?
  • Nejc351


    nice one! As ussual! :)
  • BDog


    very nice. i like
  • Joris1973


    Great video,Thx!
  • DannyJQ


    Great vidoe, thanks! Hope there will be more videos like this one from you.
  • Mondkeks


    great video, keep going ;)

    another question:
    whats your perspective on tilt, how do you deal with it and do you recommend any articles or books for that toppic?
  • hulk86


    about min 11:00 have you read Erich Fromm - Haben oder Sein ?
  • hulk86


    realy awesome video!
  • lilxam


    Awesome video ! You give really good advices !
    I think it could be very interesting that you develop this point : "What skills should I learn to go up to the next limit" and give some examples maybe.

    Anyway, thanks a lot ! I'm waiting for the next videos :)
  • DrDunne


    great video :D
  • Kana54


    Shortcut to reality, life is very complex.
  • Raskolnikov


    #7 Thx. Wird gemacht. In der Regel immer ein Englische + ein Deutsches.

    Afaik there are more producers in German, but i could be wrong.

    #8 Danke! Its great that you've enjoyed it so much. As said, i read every comment and based on that create new videos. In the last vids people commented and asked for a mindset video!

    => Everybody , make your voice heard
  • Raskolnikov


    #9 / I've probably heard the weirdest bs, but no, the most famous one, NEVER;)

    #10 Good idea! I think this has happened on Ebay before ;)))

    #11 Oh well, embrassing ;( . Ehm yeah, i'm figuring out an advanced excuse, but can't find it. Lucky for me, there is poker ;).
  • Raskolnikov


    #12 Thanks

    #13 WRONG!!!

    #14 Thanks

    #15 Good insight sir, people probably want magic medicine from you instead of the truth (eat less sugar).
    With poker it's often similar
  • Raskolnikov


    #16 Noted. The short answer is:

    1) "knowing what you want". Whenever i knew what i wanted (play nl5k, be independant, travel etc), the rest came automatically.

    2) No compromises. Have talked about this quickly in the vid. Most people are to nice/weak to follow their goals NO MATTER WHAT.
    I've gotten a lot of shit for playing poker (relatives/family), the way i teach (no offense haters) etc... and lots of other things.
    You have to listen to real feedback and ignore the rest, which is easier said than done.

    I'm passionate about this topic, so will forward it to the PS team.

    3) "Do it and say sorry later"

    #17,18,19,20: Thanks
  • Raskolnikov


    One very old book i like is "The Psychology of poker" (Schoonmaker). Tommy Angelo is always a nice read.

    What's missing though (imo) is real practical advice. Concrete things.

    I have material, but this is not a advertising platform for me, so pls email me (

    Other than that, the obvious resource is to check out PS videos. I'm sure there are at least some on tilt.

    Again, everybody has a different way of learning and understanding this topic (tilt).
  • Raskolnikov


    #22 As deMarcohsp (#11) has pointed out, my education seems to be lacking lol ;
    I do know the guy though/ have read about him.
  • Raskolnikov


    #23 Thx

    #24 Good idea, although this would be a bigger project, will keep it in mind and probably implement concepts in future vids.

    #25 Thx

    #26 Have heard that one
  • PetChoveka


    Awesome video! So inspiring
  • vengeance77


    Amazing video! Thank you a lot!
    Keep on helping us!
  • jules97


    Hi Rav, ty for the video.

    This coaching wasn't as valuable to me personally, but I think that's largely because I already share the same philosophy regarding simplicity. I also have a fairly decent education in the mental aspects of poker from a previous profession.

    I am more interested in practical applications to improving my poker play. I am probably far below your target market poker skill wise, playing NL10, but I think my problems would most likely apply to others.

    Namely, simplicity is something that comes with expertise. I'd like help to get that so I can comfortably make simple decisions. I think that's why I've found your other videos so beneficial. They do that very, very well.
  • jules97


    PS, if people enjoyed this video, they may like De Bono's book, Simplicity.
  • meepwn


    so sick video, I really appreciate your insights.
  • Raskolnikov


    #34 Thx Pet!

    #35 Gracias

    #36 Thx for the nice comment!
  • kriko92


    Great video, thank you very much :)
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Very Very nice content. But please get a better microphone/ headset ;-)
  • Raskolnikov


    #40 Thx

    #41 Thx for being honest.
    Since i do a lot of video for PS, private courses and students etc, I've bought one for more than 200 Euro. Got the highest quality mic / headset from Sennheiser. (with noise cancelling and all that other fance BS)

    Maybe i had the wrong angle and my nose blew into the mic. Maybe the problem is somewhere else (unlikely, but not sure what PS does on the tech side with vids, if they lower the size, loose some quality so you can view it faster etc), but i'll definitely look into it!

    Appreciate your feedback
  • eslchr1s


    #7 lern englisch! wer heutzutage kein englisch kann, ist selber schuld.
  • Benjen


    Great Video.
    You covered some of the basic principles on how to be successful in poker or life in general.

    #36 If you are really good at the mental aspect of poker you have mastered the more difficult part.
    I would recommend to you to discuss poker hands with others in the forums or via skype and to get the experience on the tables.
    Don't consume too much passively with videos etc.

    I think experience is underrated in poker.
  • Tim64


    I was going to say how much I loved this vid, then I realised I couldn't type cos I threw out the keyboard with the rest of the junk :)

    Seriously, keep it up. Would love to see a live session review from you sometime, please!
  • Raskolnikov


    #45 Lol ;)
  • Partyboy


    Thx for the vid. Im not a messy person but you made me to clean up my room and I mean REALLY clean up for ages. Cant believe how much stuff I had in my room that I didnt touched for years.

    Looking forward to see more of your videos. Keep on the good work you do dude!
  • Lucker9200


    hey Gordon, amazing vid, really helpful! now I am actively working on simplifying my life xD but I need an advice about note taking both while playing and out of the table when watching vids, reading articles etc - theres so much to take notes about in game like betsizing,specific hands,tells,strategy against etc and while working on my game - general strategies,mental game,brm,mindset,tricks,statistics etc etc and it really gets chaotic if I try to implement all of it in 1 notebook so I have 4 which is bs imo :) and in game notes unless I make conclusions its total chaos aswell even if I write shortened
  • super1


    nice nice
  • Sjors777


    My mother is quite proud of you i suppose, my room has never been this clean
  • SealP


    Good video.
  • Raskolnikov



    Your problem sounds what i see a lot in "society" and also in poker.

    We've all become intellectual pussies. Sounding smart and being "nice" to everybody.

    I am shocked how many concepts NL25 players know. I shouldn't say this, but sometimes it seems they know even more than I do ;).

    The problem is, knowledge doesn't make you rich. Knowledge alone doesn't get you anywhere. There is the knowledge trap that "first u gotta know everything" and THEN you will rock the world.

    Why not rock the world right now? What we all need is more practise. We need to DO more instead of creating comitees of discussing what other people discuss what other people say.

    (Fwiw, knowledge is VERY important. But knowledge without taking action is like having sex without a partner)

    Same in poker. Fuck all books, videos etc. Here is what you should do:

    1) PICK ONE COACH (even if its not me haha).

    2) Listen what that fucker has to say about poker & life

    3) Implement all you can. TAKE ACTION. Try out the things, give it a fair shot.

    4) Say thank you (or fuck you) and move on to the next level / next coach. I think a lot of coaches suck, but truth to be told, you can learn from anybody, even if it means to exactly NOT do what this person tells you to do.


    What to NOT do:

    1) Watch everything from everybody

    2) Mix everything you know

    3) Discuss theoretical concepts in length, but without playing and trying out new things

    4) After the obvious failure, complaining "OMG those coaches are soooo bad" .
    It's like mixing coke, fruit juices, whisky all together and complaining that it tastes like shit.

    Reality is: Coke, fruit juices and whisky make some nice drinks if you don't mix them with each other.

    KK, hope that helped my friend!
  • Raskolnikov


    #49 , #51 : Thx again!
  • Raskolnikov



    Finally a mom that will like me ;)))
  • Lucker9200


  • Dougles



    I shouldn't say this, but...
  • atllas20


    Great Video. I Really like the way how you teach things. Just awesome!! :)
  • NicaMarius92


  • LuciusFortega


    cleaned up my desk - went to all my stuff and got rid of a ton of shit.
    everything else is done!

    time to get started.
  • pokah567


    thank you
  • DaineMudda


    Make a certain amount of money this year to pay rent and food and other expenses.

    Where am I now?
    7 weeks have passed and I'm not much further than Break Even

    Skills I need:
    - Disciplne
    - Stay Focussed
    - Tilt Resistance
    There are more but I think those are the ones that I need to get the most.

    What needs improvement? (and how to get there?)
    - Time management (make a fixed time window each day when I'm just not available for the outside world, and use that time to reach my goal -> improve health/improve play/improve mindset)
    - Rivercalls (Stop tiltcalls when I'm stuck and find out more about Riverranges of opponents -> Do they ever Bluff, if yes, in what situations?)
    - Rivervaluebets (get a better picture about opponent's calling ranges. Connect the WTSD % with actual ranges by making more notes about their rivercalls and relate them to their WTSD %)
    - Riverbluffs (make a theory of how/when to use them by making some calculations for different situations and testing it out. Get a better picture about opponents rivercall ranges, by making notes and finding out more about the concrete meaning of WTSD %)
    - Predraw 3bets (get a better picture of opponent 3bet ranges by putting the 3bet PD % into my HUD, improve own 3betting to adjust better to the given situation, by making notes)
    - Note efficiency (make then shorter but not less precise, make a note-template where I just need to put in the ranges for the important situations)

    How to improve, kinda overall?
    - Post hands, and participate in hand evaluation
    - Review hands alone or with my learning buddy

    I hope I'm not going at in a wrong way. The skills I want to get are rather general but the things I want to improve are more specific, and they aren't really directly connected. Which kinda bothers me.

    Btw. I watched a few of your videos now and I like them because they are motivating, easy to understand and most important they are not just theoretical. You give us pratical things to do. After I watch a video I often have this "Ok, that was nice but what shall I do with it?" thought. I didn't have that thought with one of your videos yet.
  • mst32ro


    i'm proud that i don't achived the level to listen this guy to the end.This guy is full of (sheets),he maybe sell some underwear or something like that......with an real succes!.....or un-real .........
  • bulldozzer7


    Hey Gordon. I wanted to ask whether it is possible to have a coaching session with you. I know that the most important thing is to figure out what you are good in and what you are bad in. Therefore i would love a qualified opinion on my play.
    So could you take a look at my databank and tell me what my biggest weakness is?
    how cann we connect to talk about this?
  • Inv1ctus83


    Another awesome video indeed!
  • Taker22


    am i the only one who can't see it?
  • Taker22


    gold status, nevermind