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Basic pre-flop Math presented by lnternet with PokerStrategy.com. Paul explores the importance of pre-flop math to offer us a solid foundation of knowledge when entering the pot or attacking a raiser before the flop. Specifically, risk/reward ratios and required fold equity are explored for a few examples.


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Comments (25)

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  • MisterSnS


    Thank you sir!!
    Hope you wouldnt mind uploading the tables. If they aren't already available in some article..
  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest from lnternet focusing on basic pre-flop math.

    Please leave your thoughts & feedback here!
  • EuanM


    Reduced to Gold! :)
  • flakk


    #3 well done
  • worldanizer


    clear and to the point. no bullshit. I like it.
  • w4terman


    nice and simple!
  • pleno1


    Great video mate, really good to know all of the basics and better, remind yourself of them.
  • DrDunne


  • Tynatu


    Wonderful video ! very well explained and so so so so useful ! thank you !
  • DragotoiuRobert


    simple, but very useful stuff indeed.
    #1 +1
  • cordoba78


  • habeichja


    nothing new for me, sry but thx for wasting 25min :/
  • gadget51


    11:47 Hero can't be dealt XhXh it needs to be XhYh.

    !2:45 F-6.5/10-65% I think should read

    F=6.5/10 = 65%

    Sry to be picky but then it is a math lesson. :)

    Very much enjoyed the no nonesense approach, can we have more please? :)
  • jules97


    Helpful video and made fairly painless for a maths lesson :)

    Now if I only knew how to not lose my arse in 3bet pots postflop!
  • mnl1337


    nice, 6 same charts fills one video, as only one would be enough to understand
  • holmeboy


    More like this please, excellent video!

    Really well explained. Looking forward to the next in the series
  • TetraQuark


    Great video, good for renewing the basics. 25min log is perfect for these kind of vids. TY!
  • IMGameOver


    Great video! Thx a lot!
  • lnternet


    RE #13
    11:47 Alright I will make it XX next time just as a placeholder for face down cards.

    12:45 When I full screen it reads correctly. Maybe a render issue for some resolutions.

    Please be as nit picky as you can :)
  • lnternet


    RE #1
    Add me as a friend and I can send you the data in whatever form you like.
  • goxie


    Very nice one!
    I would appreciate it too, if you could send me the charts.
  • bmfbpi


    awesome !
  • Exitium


    Nice video.

    I also would like the charts,I sent you a friend req.
  • xmiammiamx


    Thanks for the video; I have a question on the calculations.

    I don't understand why we always compare the EV of our play to 0. If I'm in the small blind and make a 3bet with a sizing and success rate so that it's making me lose -0.25BB in average, it's still better than folding. Same story with the 4bets.
  • lnternet


    RE #25

    It's a baseline definition. Consider we are BB and want to 3bet a minraise open.

    1) I say folding BB is -1bb. Then reraising and winning the pot is +2.5bb.

    2) I say folding BB is 0bb. Then reraising and winning the pot is +3.5bb.

    Whether you calculate 1) or 2), in the end you always risk the same to the same reward of 3.5bb.