Leakfinder with Sirlidion

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Collin takes to the re-player to make a review of PokerStrategy.com user & winner of Collin's sit & go strategy contest, "Sirlidion". During this $5.50 10-Max Sit & Go tournament review, Collin will meticulously go through each play made by Hero in at attempt to determine if those were most effective, while offering opponent analysis & general thoughts relating to the scenario at the table.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the leakfinder with Collin and user "Sirlidion" at the $5 Sit & Go on PokerStars.

    Please leave your thoughts & comments about the video below!
  • vajakub


    Perfect video, thank you very much Collin!
  • Luuk666


    good video :)
  • Barlin63


    Thanks Collin!
  • sirilidion


    @1 the game was played on William Hill

    Also it is Sirilidion not Sirlidion

    15:00 you would fold the KJs for 8.5 bb but earlier in a simular spot you would consider calling K3s for 6.5 bb?
    If we take nash here:
    BU: 33.6%, 22+ Ax+ K5s+ KTo+ Q7s+ QTo+ J7s+ JTo T7s+ T9o 97s+ 87s
    BB: 14.3%, 44+ A6s+ A8o+ KJs+ KQo
    do you have reason to suspect he is shoving tighter then nash here?
  • CollinMoshman


    Vajakub, Kuuk666, and Barlin63: Thanks, very glad you guys enjoyed the video!

    #5 Sirilidion: Thanks very much for providing the hand history. Nice spot at 15:00 -- KJs is the very bottom of our Nash calling range, so while we may often make an exploitive fold vs opponents unlikely to be shoving over 33% of hands, we could certainly call there.
  • Zeezout


    What I like the most on your vids, is your respons to questions. Your follow-up is very good!
  • Virelis17


    Nice video. Thank you Collin!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Zeezout!

    Virelis, glad you enjoyed the video :)


    Very nice! Tyvm! =)


  • DrPepper


    Great video but I don't agree with some of these any 2 card shoves. Especially on 5 Dollar SnGs there are A LOT of players who will call very wide at bubble situations because they only look at their hand and like it. Against good opponents it's +EV of course but I lost a lot of buy ins when I played these stakes because some people got fancy with crappy hands in bubble spots.
  • roopopper


    great video colin :-)

  • ThreeFour34


    Nice video, still very sceptic about any two shows on lower limits, usually such aggresive play ends out of money eventualy.

    Q: Where is possible to get those tables shown in video, Nash equilibrium?
  • ThuNd3r


    Very nice video! Would love to have more of this kind! Especially ones where we are not the big stack most of the time.

    @14: http://www.holdemresources.net/h/poker-theory/hune.html
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, Collin. As always, great video! Here are some questions from russian community:

    1. 3:20, We are 4-betting opponent who is playing 38/4? Can you explain it somehow?
    2. 13:10, We are minraising А5s in CO which is fine, but are we going to call a push from BB with 9BB?
    3. 22:50, J6o on BU – is it a missed push?
    4. 27:45, on BU open-push Т8s. And we are about to push any two, as I understood. The opponents are quite tight for sure, but isn't it too much?
  • CollinMoshman


    #17 iNspiRe:


    1. 38/34, sorry if that was unclear :)

    2. Depends on his stats, would be close. Against a LAG reg, we can call this.

    3. Against tighter players, yes.

    4. No this is a must shove, mandatory ATC expect against incredibly loose callers! Happy to ship T8s here every time :)
  • PedroMiguelRP


    22:3, why would you call with 22 from the BB against the SB with 8BB? Isn't it a -EV$ call?

    I wouldn't call that, even if he is pushing too wide you will be flipping or dominated. I'd call if it was 44+. Is it a leak?
  • PedroMiguelRP


    Btw, great video! I am seeing all of your videos! Nice work and keep going ;)