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  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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lnternet continues his Microgaming live-play session at the $400 NL tables while offering his thoughts on the opponents and their plays as the game unfolds. Be sure to leave your comments for Paul to answer!


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Comments (14)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the $400 NL Live-session with lnternet - please leave any thoughts or questions about the video below! :)
  • circoflax


    Can I argue with the flop call OOP in the A5 hand? I mean yeah, it may be the best hand a lot of the time, but agg players will barrel you so much plus you may get value bet to death if you hit your ace... How about 3 betting pre and taking initiative?

    It's the same way I feel about a hand like 77 on a 28Q board, it's the best hand most of the time, but if i'm OOP and the guy likes to barrel a lot, then how are you hoping to get it to showdown profitably?
  • pleno1


    REALLY great video, I enjoyed it a lot.
  • xWoodayx


    sound gets worse after the introdcution which has good quality :/

    dont like the A7o call even though u are ip..i mean what do u want to flop..u have to fold a decent amount of the time on the flop, ur ace might be dominated and u cant even flop any backdoors cause ur offsuit..3bet or fold imo..
  • lnternet


    #4 I'm so sorry about the sound. Can only apoligize and say it will be better next time!
  • nekkx1


    Nice video, I like your approach to the game very much.
  • Tim64


    Loved this. More plse :)
  • YoungBuck311


    uah, unwatchable for me. sound is kind of tilting.
    however I like your videos, keep the work up.
  • instaflip


    content >>>>> sound! thx and pls keep it up!
  • W4lrusk4ne


    very good stuff! But I have some doubts about your brm ;-)
  • DrObst


    very nice vid! min 5 you say, that you c/c with trips to keep your c/calling-range strong, dont you think the more profitable play in a vacuum should bet the one youre choosing on anonymous tables and dont care to much about balancing?
  • lnternet



    Maybe betting is more profitable in a vacuum, but how do you know that? The fact that I don't the other player actually means I should play theoretically sound and not try to make strong reads like betting being better than checking.
  • double2


    min 16, K7o hand, you pot the turn. If you get called you barrel again blank river?

    Nice vid btw
  • uros19


    16 min K7 hand-does the same concept apply if we are IP?