Beating the 45 man - Early Stages

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11 - $16
  • Fullring
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Collin kicks-off his mini-series on how to beat the 45-man Sit & Go, with the first part looking at the early stages of the tournament.


early stages hand history review ICM

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the first part of the 45-man review with Collin - your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • mdinis21


    really like your videos and the way you explain your tought process.
    just have one question:
    4:28min - why the opening range
    so loose early?
  • AceBully


    Nice video! This really came in handy because i had no clue how to play the 45 man. Can you please give a resonable range to open raise with 20-BB to 30BB and 15BB to 12BB from the hijack, CO and BTN? Thanks in advance Mr.Moshman :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Mdinis21: At 4:28, we're effective MP1 with two players sitting out, so you wouldn't want to open much tighter than 77/AJ or so. And thanks for the nice words.

    #3 AceBully: Glad you enjoyed the vid! The ranges you bring up depend a lot on the remaining players to act and other factors, but for one like CO 20bb deep, I'd tend to open roughly: 22, A2s, A7o, any broadway hand, 87s+. If you have more detailed range questions feel free to post them in the SNG forum and I'm happy to take a look.
  • AceBully


    Thanks Mr.Moshman. Looking forward to see the next videos.
  • pedro76pt


    09:54 ... shove 10,5 bbs UTG with KJo ... you said it was a bit looser ... with ante´s it´s a "no brain" shove?

    Can you please give a resonable range to open shove 10 bbs UTG with ante´s?

    Excellent videos Collin!
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 AceBully: Thanks, hope you enjoy part 2.

    #6 Pedro76pt: At a full table, 10bb stack with antes (e.g. 2k stack at 100-200-25), I would shove pretty wide far from the money in an MTTSNG, roughly any pair, any suited ace, mid-high offsuit aces, suited broadway hands, T9s... Glad you enjoyed the video!
  • Barlin63


    Thanks Collin. Great vid again but way too short :-))
  • Agosfc


    Nice one man , thanks.
  • roopopper


    Thanks colin great video.
  • CollinMoshman


    #8 Barlin63: Thanks! Two more parts coming to fill the gap :)

    #9 Agosfc: Tyty

    #10 Roopopper: Thanks very glad you enjoyed the video.
  • deckner


    First English video I really enjoyed! Thanks and regards from Munich
  • laubold2


    Great Video Collin.

    08:00 the ATo spot, I am not using stats atm, so what would you do?

    Would you shove saying, players with a bigger stack tend to play loose or would you fold against unknown. Or would it even be a shove against unknown?
  • CollinMoshman


    #12 Deckner: Thanks!

    #13 Laubold2: Ty ... 8:00 is a close spot, I'd often just make a tightish fold in a marginal situation like that.
  • Laci24


    Thanks for the video! Great stuff as usual.
  • aafrancis


    thanks !

    great video :)

    we want more 45 men videos :)
  • LetsGambleBaby


    he collinmoshman,

    I try to loosing up my game a bit in the 3.50 and 7$ 45 mans sng's. What kind of range can i open utg when blinds are 10/20. I was thinking about opening sc's on a tight table, or is that to loose? I tried it one day and i worked for me. because i think a have postflop edge on the people, because i played cashgames to NL25/NL50. :)

    Great video! Thanks
  • fortuna2o1o


    thank you man
    you kill my leaks!!!
  • LiverpoolForever


    A10o and I off this video