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In Dustin debut video for, he makes a review of a recent session he played on PokerStars at $500 No-Limit Zoom. During the video dustin will offer his thoughts & analysis on the opponents and plays made.


PokerStars series Session Review Zoom

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  • EuanM


    Please give a warm welcome to Dustin & leave your questions & feedback about the video, for the coach to answer!

    As always, we look forward to your thoughts about the production!
  • Qwertz321


    I like the video and especially the thought process on planning the hand ahead - good explanations during the later streets as well.
    Hope to see more vids from you and i am curious what kind of videos that will be since you announced in the video that you will stop playing Zoom 'cause you switch to a different site for highstakes.
  • Dublimax


    Welcome Dustin!
  • wrng



    at the begining, you call a shove w/ KQs and the opponent shows 88
    Would you call w/ any suited broadways knowing that you were pretty sure that he was going to show a pocket pair <10 ?

    thanks for the video.
  • goldfishoo


    You sir have a hud.
  • oblioo


    Thanks for the feedback and welcome so far y'all :)

    Qwertz- I look forward to making more videos in the future, and while they probably won't be zoom videos, they will likely include theme-based HH reviews, session reviews like this one, and possibly more theory-based videos focused on specific spots. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see?

    wrng- Yes, I would have called with any suited broadway hand here. We are called about $473 to win a pot of about $1046, which means we need more than about 45% equity for a call to be +EV. If we give villain a range of 66-99, then suited broadways have about 48% equity, so we have to call. Off-suit broadways are closer to a fold but I'd still call with the better ones (vs villain's range) like JTo and QJo.
  • oblioo


    ^ sorry, by "we are called about $473" I meant "we have to call about $473."
  • yomatiyo


    Min 31, whit J9, if we dont bet turn, how do we balance the time that we float whit 89s the flop? is not a good hand to bet, like Jx and 89s, and chbh whit 77 88 99.
    WE will be then polarizing our bet in the turn.. and when he is so much polarized, I think that is a good gameplan.
  • yomatiyo


    Btw, that is PT4?
  • yomatiyo


    is so sick, why u have all the tipes of hands that he use in every situation? is like notecaddy?
  • yomatiyo


    I really like it, but why IN HELL do u bet and check and fold SO DAMN FAST?
    U play like that as std? or it was for the vid and have more hands?. Dont really like that at all.. but well, it is your timings and not mine xD

    Nice vid, yes.
  • Iwantunow


    its zoom bro, its faster
  • oblioo


    yomatito- In response to your question about the J9s hand, I probably do not float the flop with 98s vs a check-raise here, especially since he made it so big and I expect him to barrel a handful of turns and we're not really going to be able to bluff-raise turns because villain will have all those nutted combos I mentioned--sets and overpairs. Vs. this player on this flop I am probably going to be bet/folding air, bet/calling top pair or better, and checking back with showdown value. Since this is obviously an exploitative strategy against this opponent, we don't need to be too concerned with balance, just with the most +ev line. Betting the turn for value very well may be more profitable here than checking back (maybe villain picked up a flush draw or was c/ring with a hand like 88 that will now call), but not for the sake of balance.

    Yes, this is PT4 with custom pop-ups.

    And about the timings... I agree I should probably take a bit more time and balance my timings. I get into the habit of just moving very quickly in zoom (especially since I have often played 4 zoom/rush tables at once), and when you see similar situations come up enough times, you get familiar with the best play to make and already have a solid understanding of why. But again, I agree I should take more time and think more critically about plenty of decisions; thanks for the tip ;)
  • circoflax


    Are those ranges that we see in the popups based on showdowns? Cause that is pretty cool if so.

    About 4bet bluffing, do you ever do it against people who fold to 4bet around 50 or lower? What's your stack-off range if a guy with fold to 4bet 40% shoves on you BTN vs CO?
  • Talent2


    Thx for the video, I really enjoyed it.
    Min 13, you decided to call the min5bet oop with 43s. I just want to know what your play is on certain textures, so as you decided to donkshove a flushdraw you probably donkshove an oesd aswell, right?
    And you probably c/broke two pair and better!?
    So whats your play on lets say 2s6cJd or QQ4, I know these are very specific floptextures, but I think without any particular good reads about his min5betting range its hard to show a profit in this spot, even getting these absurd odds pre!?
    As I said, great video and keep it up! :)
  • Rafai


    Good video, thanks.
  • BC1989RF


    V. good video.
    And would like to have some insights on this 43s hands as well. basically how do you work out the ev of calling vs min/small 4bets/5bets? Like Talent says this is prolly one of the best flops. as odds to flop 2p+ ~ 20:1, a flush draw ~ 9:1 and you get 5:1 you seem to need v high IOs.
  • backspin55


    hey oblioo, nice vid.

    would you share that hand range popup?
  • oblioo


    circoflax-- Yes the popups show ranges that have been seen at showdown. Occasionally I'll 4bet bluff someone who folds around 50%, but the spot has to be good (right dynamics, blockers, etc.). And your last question is too general for me to answer well. It depends on dynamics/history, villain's 3betting range, bet sizes, stack sizes, how often villain flats 4bets, etc. etc. Generally in that spot I'd say it's okay to get it in with TT+ and AQ+, but again it's very dependent and flexible.

    About the 43s hand-- Yes I'd also be donk shoving with an OESD, and possibly a middle pair with a bdfd on a non-ace-high board. But the boards you mentioned I would most likely c/f on. And yes if I flop 2pair+ I am checking and obviously trying to get it in.

    I'm honestly not sure about the preflop call; it might just be a fold. My reasoning was that I only need to realize about 18% equity and I should be able to donk bluff certain flops and villain doesn't cbet a ton so I'll get to see some free turns as well. But I am open to disagreements.

    I do not feel comfortable sharing the hand range popup; I bought it for PT3 from

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments :)
  • Tenebrus


    min 26:35 with 98s hand what is your plan of your oponent raises your flop cbet. He shouldn't often have a flop raising value raising range but call the raise would be also ugly with the SPR and the fact we are OOP and can easy bet turn and river or even shove river.
  • oblioo


    Tenebrus- Good question. I don't expect to get raised super often, and I agree that that would be a gross spot. Generally, without reads, when I face any kind of raise post-flop, I tend to give villain credit for a strong hand. I could understand why villain might want to raise a set or straight on this board to get value from overpairs, because if he doesn't get value right away then action killers could come on later streets (i.e. 7, 9, T). SO, I think just folding would probably be best, as nitty as that sounds.
  • baaamoida


    I just can´t imagine that the 45s flat is profitable.
    I would like to see a video of a bad session, when u´re not running godlike. So in this video your dicisions were not that tough.
    Looking forward for some nice new diamondvideos :) Thanks
  • instaflip


    very nice vid. looking forward to see more! so thx and welcome dustin!
  • Heinz021


    AWESOME vid!

    Table 2 17:30
    K8 in diamond
    you cbet F, you get called by reg IP. then you c/r the turn with nothing but an overcard to a half-pot stab. I found that very interesting. Unfortunately you didn't say anything concerning that spot.
    why do you think c/r is better than bet or c/f?
  • Heinz021


    Table 2 30:00
    J8 in cross
    you donk out the Q66 with BDFD. Unfortunately you didn't say anything concerning that spot.
    obviously you don't want to c/f and c/r is also not really possible.
    what is your plan and your range in that spot?
  • oblioo


    Heinz- K8dd: Honestly against this player I think c/f is probably better and my bluff with K8 was perhaps a bit too thin. BUT, here was my reasoning: On this board texture, villain can't have any 2 pair. So his range for calling the flop is sets, Jx, and 88-TT. On the turn, I would expect villain to bet bigger with sets (because he should expect my calling range to be Jx), so when he bets half pot I think he has Jx, 88, 99, TT (betting small for protection). I expect pretty much all these hands to fold to a raise, especially since with a 3x raise to $150, it looks like we are never folding and probably planning to get the rest of the money in on the river. Plus, it only needs to work more than ~50% of the time to be profitable. Make sense?

    J8cc: Villain doesn't cbet a lot (only 46%, so I don't want to a) let villain check back and see a free card IP, or b) have to c/f to his cbet (because if he did cbet I would have to fold since he doesn't cbet often), so I choose to donk as a bluff. If called, I will usually give up on later streets but maybe continue firing on a club or a king. I don't think a non-club T or 9 would be good to barrel on because it connects well with his flop calling range (Qx, 77-JJ). In terms of my actual flop donking range in that spot, I'm probably donking with my entire range vs. that player on such a dry flop.
  • Heinz021


    thanks alot for your long answer :-)
    will recommend keeping you as a vid producer

    how can you assume that he bets 88-TT or weak Jx on turn? read or stat related?
    do you think its good to bet/f these hands if you were villain?
    concernig my calculation it only has to work ~33% of the time.
    same situation as if you would bet out 100$ in a 200$ pot (200$ because of 100$ initial pot + 50$ stab + your fictive 50$ from the raise)
    or am I too tired to do the math correctly at the moment?
  • Heinz021


    sry, was wrong in my post above. a half pot bluff has to work in 50% of the time. silly me...
  • Heinz021


    ok, both of my assumptions in #27 and #28 are wrong. half pot bet would be 33% but this spot above is not compareable to half pot bet. cannot edit the posts, sry again
  • Kermaine


    Can you upload that Hud for me or give me a link if you got it from somewhere?

    Especially the popus with the Ranges are very Intresting, didn't even knew PT4 can do that.
  • oblioo


    Heinz- If I remember correctly we are risking $150 to win about $150, which means it should have to work more than 50%.

    Kermaine- I have spent years refining my HUD, so I don't really feel comfortable just handing it out to anyone for free. Also I bought the popups from PM me and we can discuss this further.
  • PhilHellmuth4321


    It's nice that you are making videos and all but is there anywhere where we could read some info about you or maybe show some recent graphs?
  • Tim64


    excellent - many thanks!
  • GreedIsGo0d


    +1 to 32,

    stopped watching after 5minutes:

    you 3bet J9s vs a minsteal vs a guy who 4bets to much ("i prefer flatting, but 3bet/jamming is ok"). 3bet jamming isnt even close to being a viable solution, it is turning a hand which will show profit in flatting to a minsteal (provided you have a OOP game) into a complete bluff. if you do that, take a hand which you can not call profitable and do it. range construction is horrible!

    then, blinds again, while the SQ should be pretty standard, the argument is silly "KQs doesnt play to well". srsly? you will have 2 overs, BDFD, BDSD like 80% of the time which allows you to be aggressive, and you will have other draws dominated like always. or you might even have TPGK, which i consider the nuts in this position.
  • oblioo


    Greed- About the J9s hand, I said out loud in the video that I prefer flatting, so it seems we agree about that. Your argument, though, that "because flatting will show a profit we should not 3b/5b" does not make any sense. I cannot think of a single hand that would NOT be +ev to flat here vs. a minraise that I would want to 3b/5b, given stack sizes. Can you? Just because one line is +ev doesn't mean another line isn't more +ev (i.e. getting a lot of money when villain 4b/folds).

    And, I don't think I said that about KQ. I may have said I don't love playing high cards multi-way OOP (when we make a pair we often either win a small pot or lose a big pot), and again I said it's a +EV flat, but better to squeeze.

    And about recent results, I have been changing sites and skins a lot recently so I don't have a recent large sample graph, but if you want to PM me I'd be happy to show you graphs per month for the last few months. My EV for October for example was about +$26k plus about 4k in RB (actual results a bit lower). If you want to see a graph of all my 400NL Rush hands up to Black Friday, it's here:

  • GreedIsGo0d


    not sure a 100% range does show profit defending vs a minsteal, but close to it. provided you dont play fit or fold.

    your argument regarding the EV of J9s of flatting vs 3betting is exactly the thing which is the issue.

    when you make videos for midstakes, you should not talk about the EV of a single holding when it comes to a preflop decision. vs this guy maybe it is even +EV to 3bet/shove every single hand. that doesnt make its a viable option to that with the hand you are holding.

    you need to create ranges that maximize the EV of your whole range. 3bet/jamming J9s doesnt do that.

    take for example Q7s and J9s, given that you have an OOP game, you can play J9s much more aggressively than Q7s, so the EV of calling J9s is higher than Q7s. contrary, the EV difference of 3bet/jamming J9s vs Q7s will be marginal.

    in the end that means, 3bet/jamming J9s is not a viable option if you want to optimize the EV of your whole range, and that is something i expect a midstakes video producer to do.

    or maybe i expect to much from a midstakes coach and this thinking starts when you play higher, don't know.
  • oblioo


    First of all, I have said multiple times that I would prefer flatting with J9s, so I agree with you on that point.

    Secondly, though, You seem to be quite concerned with playing a GTO style vs. an overtly exploitable opponent (just because it's midstakes?), which is not optimal. When I am in a spot where my opponent is quite exploitable, I prefer to take what I think is the most +EV line with that specific hand, and not worry about optimizing my range. The stakes don't matter; it's just about adjusting to opponents' tendencies. (FWIW I play up to 25/50.) Obviously vs. someone who seems more solid and less exploitable, what you wrote begins to make sense.

    Perhaps this will illustrate my point: let's assume hypothetically that every single time villain opens from the button, he will 4bet/fold over our 3bet. This means we should most likely 3-bet our ENTIRE range, with the intention of 5betting with bluffs/to collect dead money, and possibly flatting villain's 4bet with monsters (i.e. AA) to make more postflop. It doesn't matter whether J9s plays well OOP in a single-raised pot, it will still be better to 3b/5b since we're guaranteed to win a big pot taking that line. Obviously no spots are that cut-and-dry, but hopefully that helps you understand where I'm coming from?
  • GreedIsGo0d


    "I prefer to take what I think is the most +EV line with that specific hand, and not worry about optimizing my range"

    then you are leaving money on the table.

    also, gonna end this now, gl.
  • oblioo


    ^ I'd just like to point out that your quote is out of context and you left out the most important part of the sentence. I'll repost the entire sentence: "[i]When I am in a spot where my opponent is quite exploitable,[/i] I prefer to take what I think is the most +EV line with that specific hand, and not worry about optimizing my range."

    anyway gl to you too
  • e1rene


    Hi Dustin! Please share your popups plz!!!!!! I like PT4, but I can't make good popups.....Plzzzzz
  • eslchr1s


    would u be so kind telling me your colorcoding for all your stats? :D i use hem 2 and wanna copy your hud, its pretty useful.
  • oblioo


    eslchr, I don't use this exact HUD anymore, but most of my stats are the same color no matter what the value is. I find it helpful to do this for an easy visual clue/connection to remember what each stat means.
  • NewwWorld


    15min, KK top set hand, turn action

    A: Couldn't we check OTT instead of 2b ? Like you said, if villian has a set, the money will go in anyway. Villian hardly has TP obv because of combos. (we would miss value against than hand by checking OTT)

    B: And wouldn't FD's bet OTT if checked too? If villian sees you checking OTT on such a wet board (and also, your flopcbet wast that big despite the board being semi-wet) ? Then after we could ch ship ott? We stack sets anyway and get mx value from draws.

    C:i dont think we can bet turn and ch/bluffcatch otr vs busted draws because it would be to obvious that we are bluffcatching, imo

    Downside, obv, is giving free cards to FD's ,but he doenst have 9 outs to flush but only 7 because of blockers (and we could then get max value againt on 4s and 8s river by ch/shipping
    (fwiw, despite 4s river gives quads to flopped btm set, it doenst matter obv since he would bet 44 OTT vs missed turn cbet)

    D: Because of point C, i dont think we can get 3 streets of value from Busted draws., but only two.
    So, Even if we ch ott,and give away a free rivercard to villian, then i think we can still get value OTR 3/4 times by c/c'ing when draws misses (I mean, I think it would be very tempting for vilian to bluff otr even if the FD misses if you check to him TWICE)

    Really liked the vid so far! Gonna continue watching now, Hope to hear back from you. CHeers

    fwiw, i dont think he has many bdfd becuase of 1 PF action, 2: FLop action (flatting with so many people left to act with only a bdfd
    Only maybe 1 combo JTcc or QTcc, maybe
  • NewwWorld


    J9s in BB vs SB Open
    Really liked your analysis so far, i have a question though regarding to the river

    How does the back door heart flush getting there affect your riverplay?

    1: Would you fold if villian leads? Does it depend on sizing?

    2:If villian c/'res , whould you call? He could have BD flush, although he might be overrepping his hand a bit by c/r'ing because you could have a FH as well. So he can't really go for value there i guues.

    Would you consider betting very small OTR to induce a c/r bluff?

    Would you do that more frequent if the BD flush missed OTR?

    Would you do that more frequent if river was a very low card, so 3x for example (and def not an A/K/Q) ?

    4: if irver was a Tx or 9x (hands that u thought were in his pf range ), would you then bet river a bit smaller like 30-40% to get calls form river paired T's / 9s ?
  • NewwWorld


    edit: 4: hands that u though were in his C/R FLOP RANGE , srry
  • NewwWorld


    we 3bet KK in SB vs BTN open and cbet on KQxr.
    U bet because he checks back before in similiar spots where u ch as IR,
    but also beacuse u said he is capable of floating, andh as broadways such as AT/AJ that we can get value from.

    My question: if we bet and villian calls, turn blancs, would you check or bet again, vs someone that is relatively unkown

    I still play micros, 25NL, 50NL, Against an unkown i doubt people will float without at least a gutshot or AQ or smthg,. Those gutshots, AJ , AT, do have some SDV, so im not sure they would bluffbet OTT vs missed turn cbet, instead they go just play Ace high for SDV right? I think some will go for SDV with like AJ and maybe bluff w/ AT, but not sure

    Would you go for a check regardless OTT hoping they will bet those ? Or bet with JTs for example

    Or 2barrel to get value from AQ, maybe QJ (i think kAQ can call because he blocks AK, KQ,, ) and to not let him see a free rivercard to his gutshot ?
  • NewwWorld


    Edit: around line 18:
    Or bet TO GET VALUE FROM JTs for example
  • Maarteen


    Very good video, Dustin, incl. the reasoning which, I believe, would still be mostly applicable nowadays, compared to some other videos from 2012 here on Psgy.

    HUD is nice as well, properly structured similaly to hero's thought process:) Experienced guy indeed, hope you are doing well and already crushing high stakes at present.