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PokerStrategy.com Coach & No-Limit expert "Siete777" and psychology expert Robin welcome you to their long awaited series on Tilt in the game of Poker and related topics on tilt recognition & control. A short feature interview with Black member "liafu" gives us some insight into how a professional player copes with emotionally challenging situations at the table.


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  • EuanM


    Check out the short teaser for the first episode of Tilt no More, coming to an English community near you very shortly - feedback is always welcome!
  • jpinczinger


    thanks from Argentina :)
  • cristianitoKK


    creo que cuando hicierais videos en ingles estaria bien que subtitularais en español tmb para poder verlos y enterarse de algo
  • JonikoP


    "also generated during orgasms or digestion" - my favourite line from any video.
  • Ghidush


    awesome, thanks guys :D
  • erick222


  • ezeoli


    #3 learn english cristianito!!!
  • sneigel


    #7 no need to be rude ezeoli :)
  • doubleJay


    warum werden die übersetzungen nicht von natives gemacht? denglisch :/
  • ConteCaly