Playing with the pros

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Dustin offers his thoughts while commentating on the match played among experienced coaches of This series offers the thoughts from each coaches perspective throughout the game.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the freebie this week and please do leave your thoughts & feedback for the coach!
  • gadget51


    Er, tough game! Lol
  • imfromsweden007


    gg wp, should have included the last hand though :p
  • yomatiyo


    U use pt4 or HM2?
  • oblioo


    PT4 (made my own HUD though obviously) :)
  • yomatiyo


    ty, and he popups whit all the hands are made it by you? or is std to have all that hands? is so sick.
  • yomatiyo


    great vid btw ^^
  • oblioo


    i got it from a PT3 hud sold on
  • Dublimax


    Good video with very clear explanations as usual!

    min 29 table 1 w JJ
    Do you have a Cbet bluffing range on this board? Am I correct in saying that your CBet range is sets, KK+, KQ, AQ?
  • yomatiyo


    min 35, AJo2, table 2, why u dont cbet for value/proteccion/backdoors the flop? if we dont bet that flop whit that hand, is not preety obvious our range?
  • oblioo


    Max- I don't necessarily cbet Qx; I might c/c down. So far this player has bet IP 100% vs a missed cbet, so I don't expect to be missing a ton of value by not cbetting with KQ/AQ. And in terms of a bluff cbetting range, this player also folds a lot to turn and river bets so far, so I could see myself cbetting and barreling with straight draws/gutshots. It's really not great to be folding every time we check OOP. Honestly I rarely cbet with middle set but this player was so rarely folding to cbets I just went for it. In hindsight it was probably a mistake.

    yoma- I don't cbet for value or any of those other reasons you mentioned because this player so far is very very aggressive, and I don't want to float a c/r and then stack off with AJ-high. I would rather check back with SDV and bluff-catch. Hopefully that answers your question?
  • hulk86


    why do you min raise at 17:15 with KQo on the upper left table?
  • hulk86


    lol ok, i have no idea what is going on in these games :(
  • Talent2


    Thx Oblioo, for the fun & interesting video. I think the format is absolutly great! :)
    To me it looks like you`re almost always cbetting in 3bet pots, is that accurate?
    For example min 34, you mentioned that you would single (halfpot) barrel this board and I think against an aggressiv and competent player this has to be -ev, I would prefer c/f such a texture with your holding.
    I would like to hear your take on that!? :)
    Take care!
  • Dublimax


    min57 table 4 w AQ in 3B pot:
    Is checking back an option on the turn?
    Not sure about his stats but I guess you called flop expecting him to CBet a lot and have the best hand often enough which makes me think that we could try to go to SD?
  • oblioo


    hulk- I am minraising my entire opening range from the BTN in these games because I want to have better options vs. 3bets (folding, calling, and 4betting are all better after minraising than after 3xing or whatever).

    Talent- I do not always cbet in 3bet pots. I usually do though, because cbets in 3bet pots are usually just going to be half pot, so they only need to work more than 33% of the time to be profitable, which they usually do. I like cbetting on monotone flops because people are unlikely to pure float you (i.e. even with a gutshot but no FD), which means they fold plenty more than a third of the time.

    Max- You could check back, but I had never ever seen him c/r the turn before AND he folds a lot on the river, so I think given those reads it's more profitable to go bet bet, hoping he calls turn and folds river with a weak made hand, or just folds turn with broadways.
  • Chob


    Hello Dustin,

    Thank you for the video.
    Could you please tell me what is the pokerstrategy nickname of Intemet?

    Thanks ;) !
  • pleno1


    Hey chob

    It's lnternet with a l not an i.
  • Chob


    Thanks =)
  • pleno1


    No problemo
  • djpj1111


    I shut down the video when you said "on table 1 we flop a set"

    Shows nut straight.

  • oblioo


    ^ yeah I noticed that, obv I meant "straight," sorry!
  • Becks777


    Hi Dustin,

    nice Vid. Like the way you explain things. Minute 17. You call 88 in MP vs. UTG, call the Flop cbet and raise his bet on the Turn. Is this an exploit vs. this particular player or vs. the generell betsizing which will be weighted towards thin value as you say in the vid. What do you do on a blank river if called? Is there any River you are firing again?

    Minute 25. You raise AKs UTG and CO calls. Flop is QQ6 and you said you can opt to c/r cause our opponent is not going to know how to react and will give us credit. So if he calls how are you continuing on blanks? I guess you´re betting bd diamonds and Ace, King Turns? Are you going to try to rep spades? Is this a generell exploit, cause people will be betting almost their whole range and folding too much to the c/r?

    Thanks in advance.
  • oblioo


    Becks- This is more of a general betsizing and board texture thing. It's important that we can represent every single set on the board by flatting pre and calling flop. Of course there are some opponents I wouldn't make this raise against, but I think given the action and the board raising as a "standard" is fine. We can't really get here with that much air so villain will often be forced to fold Jx and overpairs. If I'm called, firing the river is very opponent specific--history, how often does villain fold to turn raises, how often does villain fold to river barrels, wtsd, etc.

    Yes we can continue on diamonds, K, A, sometimes J or T depending on opponent. And yes, generally people will be betting almost their whole range here when you check (including PPs for protection), so it's a general exploit vs. that tendency.
  • smokinnurse


    nice vid
  • Tim64


    really nice vid. thanks!
  • navystars


    great vid
  • fortuna2o1o



    very nice vid!!

    would u send me ure cfg file(hud)??
  • instaflip


    nice vid also. always pretty cool to see the whole thing from different perceptions
  • JOYS3R


    Hehe,u almost called with 66 on the river against Internet's 80$ C/R,next time make the call! ^^

    Ofc he had air(AQo)... :P

    It was pretty nice to see the vid from your pos as well,gg!
  • astiastiasti


    gg wp
  • gamas824


    OMG!!! this pros made fishy moves like me! xD Min 13:40 BU vs CO 3betlight/push with J8s.

    4bet TT, 3 barrels bluff Kx77K.
    I really think you guys are great, thats why you are playing NL200+, but i think in this video were lots of leveling moves.