lnternet's View of the All-Star Game

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The All-Star Game brings the best of Pokerstrategy together at the tables and they are ready to give you their opinions on the games. In this video our star coach lnternet will lead you through his side of the story


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  • Boomer2k10


    Internet Provides his insights on the Pokerstrategy.com All-Stars Game

    Please leave any questions for Paul in the thread and enjoy
  • smokinnurse


  • mbml


    great video! would like to ask about some hands

    1) J57hh and you have Qh4s and made a minraise BvB: You mentioned that you call all your gutshots on this board. Any reason why you are not raising them, especially in games where people just barrel too often?

    2) KQ7r board with K5 BvB and you made a 35% pot size bet vs me: You mentioned that you like to bet small on boards where people have a lot of air and cannot play back. Are you just betting 100% of air here and all pairs <QX ?

    3) K89s board and you had AXs with the nut flush draw in a 4b pot - Does it make sense to check/shove KQ for balance? I don't think you are ever folding it anyway once you flop TP
  • cadhucat


    On the 985s board with QTo bb vs btn (37:10) dont you like donking? Its a board where he is not going to Cbet that much... you donk strong hands here right?
  • Guennilicous


    16:35 Table 1 and 44:05 Table 1: You did check/minraise the flop without talking about why you chose this sizing. Could you talk about this a bit more ?
  • luca02


    Nice video! Always looking forward to new Internet video's :).
  • lnternet


    RE #4 I don't have a donking game, neither air nor strong hands. If you do have one I think QT is alright to donk with.

    RE #5, at 16:35 I'm being a bit silly, but it's alright. At 44:05 it is a very thin raise so I need to get action from floats/rebluffs, so I can only do a small size.
  • lnternet


    RE #3
    1) I believe I can call my gutshots profitably, so there is no need to raise them, I instead raise more polarized. If you think you can't call a gutshot then by all means raise it and fold Q4o

    2) I try to have my betting range somewhat well constructed and that would mean that not every air hand is bluffing there. Unless I try to use a read.

    3) We can jam KQ sure. If he bet/calls Ahi/bottom pair otherwise it's good to have it.
  • Sneijder1091


    Great, great vid!
    Ty Internet
    Best newcomer at PokerStrategy ;D
  • pastisa


    #5 guennilicous what would you have done?
  • babaar


    Hey Internet! 10/10 for this video.

    Just one question. In the very last hand with QT on the T34r4 board you debate what turn betsize to use, what do you think of having 2 different betsizes for your range?


  • instaflip


    very very nice. there´s always A LOT of value to get out of your vids. gotta love this and your style. thx paul and pls keep it up! cheers!
  • matusko


  • instaflip


    29:50 table 4: overbet turn with AA on TK65. could you pls give your thoughts on this a little bit more in detail?
    dont u want to price him in with worse hands and at the same time dont valuecut yourself against hands that beat you?
    accordingly dont u get more value by betting more standard like 60-80% or so as he isn´t calling that big bet too often i guess?
    what do you think his calling-range looks like in this spot as he is agressive and knows you are too. how do you respond to a turnraise because you are deep and he won´t go crazy with a hand like KQ here... and finally, if you get called what rivers do you check back? thx a lot
  • MMPokerNab


    ^^ awesome play and explanations. way above my head at moments.. for now. :) really good watch.
  • Tim64


    One (likely silly) question: often in the video you talk about doing something "some of the time". e.g. raising suited wheel aces utg some (but not all) of the time. I understand why this is, but I'm wondering how you determine - in practice - if this particular occasion will be 'one of those times'. Is it instinct? Do you keep a tally in your head? Or do you mentally flip a coin and then just act? Thanks.
  • chrisal


  • limpinbarney


    too funny. We now have 3 vids from coaches playing the same tables. Internet, mbml and onlioo.
  • limpinbarney


  • lnternet


    RE #14
    There is a very long answer to this, but the short answer is just this. AA is the best hand very often, (I think stronger hands raise flop very often), so I can make a big value bet. I would balance with bluffs as well, of course, so if he folds too much I don't mind at all for my range EV.

    If he raises turn I would be a big confused, as I don't think he should raise anything as my huge bet polarizes my range to the point where raising is just silly. I would not get away from AA if he did raise.

    If he calls turn I jam most rivers for value still. Maybe not a QJ as those hit my semi bluffs (so AA drop down in my range) and hits some 2pair for him. (And not on a K of course, on a T maybe 1/2 pot or so).
  • lnternet


    RE #16

    Honestly this is just filling void or myself not being sure. While there is truth to the statement "Raise some A2s-A9s UTG, but not all", I certainly say it more often than is necessary. I basically use it to describe my inability to play perfectly.

    In order to play perfectly with regards to preflop open raises you only need to keep track of the preflop stats of the other players. Which is unfeasible even 1tabling, but theoretically you can figure out how many fold-throughs, calls and 3bets you will get, and then you can see if you can "steal" UTG with A2s or not.

    Assuming we actually do have a decision point where we need to randomize, I would say the prime focus should be that the method is simple. We can sacrifice some randomness for simplicity. Maybe look at the VPIP of the opponent. If you want to do something 50:50, do it iff the VPIP is an even number. If you want to take an action 33% of the time, do it if and only if his VPIP is divisible by 3. Or #hands in the session, or anything that is easily accessible and pseudo random.
  • JohnyC1337


  • DimnjacarGogi


    Re#7 Can you elaborate this a little?
  • wdracing


    @59:20 you fold 78s. Why?
  • nervermore


    nice video!
    min 19 JJ vs UTG: I don't see how this could be a valueshove vs a reasonable villain, given how strong our perceived range is in this spot. While I agree that he is shoving his strong hands very often, I don't think that's a sufficient reason for us valueshoving JJ. We could have very well flated QQ-AA to his 3-bet, some of our midpairs made sets. there are really not any draws out that we'd need to bluff plus it's pretty unlikely that we'd doublefloat light vs his UTG 3-betting range. Overall, I think JJ is in the lower part of our get-to-the-river range and thus too weak to shove.
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, Paul!

    There is one question from a russian community user:

    43:15 Bottom-left table. You bet half-pot on turn, but before you already showed a line "half-bet flop then pot-bet or even overbet turn". Actually, that is what I was expecting there. Why did you decide to use a smaller bet?
  • Farmarchist


    Still one of the best vids (if not the best) on strategy :) Always enjoy it