Mental Game - Goal Setting Part 5

  • Psychology
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Bogdan brings us a psychological video about goal planning and discusses an example of how to construct your goals.


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Bogdan!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • w4terman


    great video :D
  • dzikson999


    Is it realistic to have same win rate in higher limits (as we move up) or our win rate will fold on higher limits cause we will play against tougher opponents. so for exemple my win rate on nl 25 is around 4 bb but on nl 50 is 0.5-1 bb only and i can make assuption that on nl 100 i may be losing player ,so can our game progress quick as our bankroll. Whats your opinion on win rate and moving up ( should we consider moving up if we win only 1 bb / 100 lets say ??)
  • BogdanPS


    @2: Thank you

    @3: Realistically speaking you shouldn't expect your winrate to stay the same as you move up in the limits, especially not at the beginning.

    That doesn't mean that if you beat nl25 for 4bb/100 you can't beat nl50 for 4bb/100. If you keep working hard and put in the volume it's possible but as you saw in my previous videos your overall winrate is heavily influenced by variance (in the shorter term).

    So if your 1bb/100 winrate at the lower limit is over a really big sample then I would say that moving up may not be such a good idea as your initial edge would be smaller and thus you are most likely going to be around break even or worse (until you get used to the new limit, build up some information on opponents, etc.) so I would concentrate on improving my game at the current limit by reducing number of tables, adding more study sessions, etc. And once we have done that and even though we may not have played another big sample we can attempt the new limit.