Accumulating Chips in 18-Man SNGs

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  • $16
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Collin reviews a $15 18man sit & go played by an 18man regular. He focuses on playing a loose style in order to accumulate chips.


Equity hand history review ICM PokerStars push or fold

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  • fitzinator18


    The latest from Collin, enjoy!

    Please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below and Collin will be happy to answer.
  • Barlin63


    Thanks again for your thoughts. Loved it.
  • Agosfc


    Nice vid again, but shove with 53o or 45s ? Well, you are the Boss :)
  • Nejc351


    nice vid, very nice and usefull explanations. I like Collin videos a lot.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Barlin63: Thanks!

    #3 Agosfc: Thanks. If you list the time of a specific shove you're interested in, I'm happy to talk more about it.

    #4 Nejc351: Appreciate that!
  • madein1984


    03:00 I actually think this minraise could be anything, since a J is less probable when we ourselves have one I lean towards draws. Against draws I think the best play is to just shove after the minraise, giving him a bad price. call seems bad since there are so many bad turns (Q,K,A,hearts)
  • madein1984


    on the flop though
  • madein1984


    donkshoving the river in this spot seems superbad, since only Kings might call as worse hands and some twopairs, whereas hero could let him bluff with a lot of missed draws. He is kinda valuetowning ourselves there


    colin moshman is doing this no matter who the hero is,i also have some stox sng videos from colin

    i have a question for colin moshman tho
    what percentage of total tourneys come along as your chosen tourneys to comment?

    and a suggestion, try to see how a commnetary works were you
    a) make good moves but the boards runs agaisnt you like 3 or 4 times in a row
    b) make good moves but get cool hands from the software
    my fav here is i'm short, i push say a top 7% range and bb wakes up with aa and you lose
  • Maniac81


    Good Vid. The only problem i see with these replayer vids is, that we cant see any Stats from the opponents. I think it is the most important skill factor to adapt to the opponents so it might be good for future vids if Hero gives the relevant stats from the most important spots(Resteals) in the vid to the coach.
  • Bedni87


    thx for vid, finally a longer movie, than those 10mins... I didn't like those, when I sat comfortably on the couch with a bag of chips the video was over already.

    Solid advices as always.
    One suggestion from me, at hand 13:20 you told to bet 200 to pot 300 on any flop, when vil. checks. I prefer to bet there half_pot+epsilon :P in this case 160 works the same, and we lose less when he c/raises. I play hypers 6max right now so I have that kind of situations all the time.

    Greetings Collin and keep going ;)
  • cassiusclay22


    hi collin, nice vid.

    12:10 is an openlimp ever better than a minraise there? why?

    had to laugh about the 'trick' from unam. in fact that was the first thing i've learned when i started using sngwiz ;-)

    lol at the T8o hand.

    don't like several play from hero

  • DrPepper


    Very interesting video as always. Of course it doesn't hurt the video but hero is definetely a fish. There might be a profitable loose style in SnG play but especially the A9 and the QTo 3bet shoves are just HORRIBLE against 95% of opponents. Some other hands were pretty misplayed either, so hero should definitely watch the video:)
  • DrPepper


    and that JTs push made me scream out loud...
  • nekrikstas


    PT4 has the ability to replay HH with the stats that hero saw at the moment. the problem is that the one who is reviewing has to have hero's HH database. but when on coaching sessions is it very nice feature for hero to go trough his HH with HUD so the coach sees the stats.

    and very chaotic play by the hero, lots of bad pushes -- DrPepper pointed some of them ;-)
  • Dexter17


  • CollinMoshman


    Sorry for the delay replying to recent comments, I've been travelling to see my family in Maryland for the past week.

    #7 Madein: Against certain players we don't want to stack off there, but against others (such a loose player who rarely folds), I definitely agree that just shoving will be our best option.

    #10 Maniac81: I agree that stats are super-important, the benefit to a statless replayer though is it allows us to talk about how we would act against players with a wide variety of different stats, instead of just the HUD showing up on the screen. I will try to incorporate more actual stats though in the vids, thank you for your feedback.
  • CollinMoshman


    #11 Bedni87: Nice suggestion, thanks!

    #12 Cassiusclay: A huge part of our profit in playing the hand is taking down the blinds uncontested, so I would never open-limp. And yes, the "trick" was one I should have known for sure :)

    #13 DrPepper: Thanks for your comments/feedback!
  • CollinMoshman


    #15 Nekrikstats: Cool, I'll definitely have to check out that feature with PT4, thanks.

    #16 Dexter17: Thanks :)
  • jimira


    20:15 te A9 hand - I def. thought you would suggest to 3bet to around 1100 and fold to a shove.
    I think a 3bet looks much stronger, and if BTN shoves over, we are way behind. = Much cheaper solution.