Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest - Part 1

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  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Raskolnikov brings us this weeks freebie. He challenges all of us and makes a claim to where he would quit coaching if unsuccessful!


Champions Stand Up series thematic video Theory Video

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy this weeks challenging freebie!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • dragonste


    go on, see if you can make me a winner an get me off micro stakes
  • DemonRax


    I'm in. Yes, I'm sick and tired of playing NL25 and taking shots at NL50 with no result. But I have dedication, I have motivation, I've never gave up facing a challange, and I'm sure I will make it to the top eventually with or without help from others.

    But I'm a strong believer in what you've said: nothing is there that can't be done. All excuses and lies about games being too tough, poker sites being rigged, player himself being unluckies, etc - it's all just laziness and dreaming instead of hard work and hours of study.

    Good luck with your idea!
  • awesomeo


    For some time I feel I might have come to a point where my own inteligence and intuition doesn't give me too much of an edge over opposition. I managed to progress to SH NL100 on my own, failed shooting NL200 so far and feel that i'm out of ideas what I should do to get better.

    It is not that I'm losing or anything but I lack this feeling of satisfaction for truly understanding and crushing the games. I lack the feeling of progress and I need new source of inspiration and knowledge for how to aproach my development as a player.

    With that being said I just discovered the video and now I'm really excited about this series.
  • flea1


    gl for me
  • Yordi85


    I want to join because I go for it :-D
  • PetChoveka


    I want to join, because i believe i can become a wining player
  • acceleration123


    I want to beat NL400 heads up one day. I want to join.
  • Nejc351


    im in, becouse i think that with my amount of bad luck(and bad knowlage and lazyness :) ) it's impossible to beat high limits in the long run :D
  • jaromma


    I'm in, it's my last hope. I'm tired and I had almost give up :(
  • technology66


    I'm tired of playing poker for nothing without a purpose and without any significant gains
  • wedkarzadi


    I'm all in becouse i want to be better then other regs, not only better then fish.
  • sandercvo


    I want to join, because I want to make big money with poker. I`am going to move up to 50 Nl 6 max. Iam pretty sure I can beat that, but my goal is to beat at least 400NL someday.
  • w34z3l


    Just don't post any junk on the forums because Gordon will find it!
  • taschendamenfalter


    i really like your vids,
    but you should change business - become a prayer and found some religious movement, where you suck out your followers finacially - you'll be a billionaire soon.
    5% for me for the advice please :)
  • IngridN


    Good luck everyone! What a video!!!
  • Kramnand


    I am in also ! I like yours videos very much and I really want to improve my game understanding :)
  • Raskolnikov



    Yes, YOU can. I can (only) help you. Start with the blog, track your progress and never give up.
  • Raskolnikov


    #4: Yessss, thats what i wanna hear man. Walk the extra mile, and ask questions when in doubt.

    There is no such thing as to many questions
  • Raskolnikov


    #5: Find your edge and make sure to find situations where you can use it best (type of game, site to play on etc).

    Also look at the leaks and look where they have the smallest expore.
  • Raskolnikov


    #6, #7: Go for it!

    #8: Yes Pet,its a life long game against our ourselves becoming complacent
  • Raskolnikov


    #9: You got the right name for it, accelerate the success!
  • Raskolnikov


    #10: Haha, with poker players its always hard to know where the "level" is. I hope i'm right in assuming YES this time-

    #11: If it's a "fu all, i'm gonna make it", then its the right attitude. Otherwise, watch out that you don't pitty yourself
  • Raskolnikov


    #12: There we go. Thank you for motivating others who might think the same of themselves
  • Raskolnikov


    #13: That's good that you're feeling sick of it. use the energy to change!

    #14: Wow,1 Mio hands tells me that no matter what you do wrong/right, you man, got work ethic.

    That's gonna bring you far. Now my tip for you is to play a bit more "conscious" or "awake".
  • Raskolnikov


    #15: You define your purpose. Maybe you didn't feel enough pain?
    Put yourself into a situation where you really have to fight. I don't know your personal situation, but in case you don't earn 100% of your income yourself, that's the first thing you should do.

    #16: Go for it

    #17: It's written, now walk the talk! Keep me updated
  • Raskolnikov


    #18: WINNAR !!!

    Already hired 5 full time anti-logic forum cops

    #19: Its more fun if you actually believe in what you're doing.

    On a serious note (because i hear this quite some times), many people who did this sorta thing (Madoff etc) said that they had their happiest time in jail.

    But thx for the compliment!
  • Raskolnikov


    #20 Thx colleague

    #21 Thx, and btw, Carlsen is better than both
  • luckyme44


    I'm in! I currently have been taking online poker more seriously than ever and have shown that I can climb the stakes.. However I do believe that my game needs some fine tuning to achieve an acceptable winrate at say 200nl+.

    Seems like a wonderful series.
  • vandixxx


    I'm in too, I want to crush micro at least and go up.
  • Yoyoyh


    I'm in. I would like to become the KING OF THE HILL in HS
  • pezack


    I will join in right now
  • dobermann123


    define winning... cause im already winning like 2k/month like the rakeback profish that i am :p

    In bc why not.
  • WillyD


    Count me in
  • Yoyoyh


    I read about Edison that he was used to steal others innovations to make dirty money.
  • ruuuic


    Im in, tired of being a rakeback whore, i want to make my oponnents cry :)
  • DrDunne


    im in because i want to win all the moneys!
  • Borisian


    I'm in because I want to rock PLO like Yasser Arafat!
  • pleno1



  • Absolution47


    I am in becouse i want to learn poker, have the power to grind some hours at once with my a game and get me to learn more than i play at the beginning
  • RuiBouquet


    I'm in cause I feel I can be more and more efective both playing and studying poker. I also feel the more I know about poker, the better I understand life and the human being, and the better I can live.
  • daanowntje


    have to learn every piece of poker,
    lets start now!
  • pezack


    I will join now. I play 10nl full ring break even.Tonight I have gone trough my resent played 500 hands and markd down all showdowns and betting patterns. I will make it!!
  • MisterAnand


    I'm in because I want to move up from the micro limits, and I know I can if I put in enough effort and dedication!
  • windar021


    Im in, im an mSS player but still wants to play BSS though
  • dotergoir


    I would like to join, cause I want to improve my life and my mind.
  • brbak


    I'm in
  • windar021


    I will join bec I want to give my family specially my 2 little angels a better life..
  • Behar90


    Im in because this I see this like one of the biggest competition to me. Im the guy who never wants to surrender, and the only thing is that is bad is that im tilting to much.

    My english isnt the greatest but I understand the most of it.
  • Behar90


    *challenge ofcourse, not competition haha.
  • Musher1993


    I'm in because i'm sick of skipping between types of poker staying around break even in them all, its time to focus on one style, become better and stop not following up with commitments.
  • jules97


    I'm in. I like Rasks videos and coaching style. Worked from NL2 to NL25 and not seen much improvement the last couple of months. My goal is to be >5bb winrate at >= NL200 within 6 months from now.

    I've always had an uncanny confidence (that usually exceeds my ability haha) but it's taken me a long time to realize that talent, confidence and ability is secondary to hard work, dedication and persistence. I'll be upping that part.
  • Scoob101


    Im in because I want to show that all the others who postet comments are LOOSERS AND I AM A CHAMPION!
  • xmiammiamx


    I'm in because "I want to believe", like Fox Mulder. I'm an apathetic person and I don't like that. It is too depressing.

    I can accomplish things because I'm smart and I believe I am very honest about myself and my flaws. I got a PhD in science one year ago. But believe it or not, I somehow got there by inertia. I can "follow a path" pretty easily. Studying Science ? Yeah why not it's cool, better than something else. Doing that piece of homework ? OK, sure, I don't mind. I have to learn all that book by tomorrow ? Oh well... ok.

    But I feel bored and tired of my lack of initiative. This is not getting me happy in my daily life. I feel that what I do is meaningless because I don't attach a meaning to it. I have worked hard without respect for the value of hard work. I need to chalenge myself. It goes beyond poker.
  • jachis


    I'm in, cause I'm sick of not being able to establish myself at NL100+
  • Gavron23


    I'm in, because I want to become the best poker player I can be
  • murzius


    Hello, i in too, becouse i want to improve my game. And try to remove my leaks, becouse i am loosing mostly of them.
    Good luck for all
  • murzius


    and i want to say i like to play omaha ;)
  • 50StepsAhead


    Let's do this. I know I can play NL200+ and become a good player.I've always improved fast when I was really dedicated. All that has kept me away from my goal is my lack of perserverance and discipline. I hope you will do a bit on these two qualities. Thanks Gordon
  • RMB


    I'm in!
  • Liiiva


    I want to join, because I want to learn from you. :)
  • Doriyan89


    Hello i want to join this challenge this experiment ,i am good poker player (atleast i think i am) but i lack something dunno what ... i want to grow up to being very successful poker player and my dream is to explore the whole world playing poker and win a bracelet!
  • crazyguy


    I want to join because i'm stuck at te small buy-in MTT's. i want to move up and become one of the big boys. I also would like to learn other formats besides NLH. like omaha or stud.
  • noulispa


    i love your power on your voice its really important for teachers cause you keep me 100% focus on what you say . I would really love to join ;D
  • MisterSnS


    I will join. My life currently lacks the money I need to lead the lifestyle I always wanted. Therefore I need the right poker skills to crush the lower limits.
  • Alan883


    That video is already changing mentality of playing poker. I like those 5 steps to poker logic so much. I look forward to see your next video. By then i have to update my blog on daily basis, to check, evaluate and THINK about different hands and different spots. Thanks for now i am in.
  • TeamBubbleT


    I dont wanna go the path i see in front of me. I dont want to accept my fate. i will do anything to change the rest of my life!
  • Nozzu


    Ok, why not, dude, why not.
  • Froststorm


    I join because I want to become a successful and winning poker player.
  • Jopotus


    Im in. I dont wanna spend my life working in normal boring job, like everybody expects from me.
  • ShadDoneWin


    I'll join. Taking shots at HU NL 100 with no result
  • ionasnorbert


    I will join because I want to be the best version of myself.
  • Nihuu


    I'll join becouse I need to change something in my life.
  • Natrilis


    I want to Join because i want to change my life a lot no only in poker but all parts of my life i think poker will help me to do this . im little winning player now I spending a lot time in poker playing and learning . but i want to improve more and make more profit $$ :)
  • mortal1ty


    I ll join because this is my chance to do things right this time!
  • Jmvv


    I'll join because I wanna move up limits and be better..!
  • marinkovicrobert


    I am ready to change me self and the way I play.
    I will do everything to achieve that.
  • Krimica


    I'll join because I wanna believe in your attitude towards poker and your learning methods. I'll join to prove people wrong. I'll join because I have a desire to be consistantly better!
  • Phgrinder


    im in because i want to have a better life and just be a better person overall
  • stevedtrm


    I'm sorry. There are things you can not do. And we are dependent. This video is just unsubstantiated pep talk. It is flawed, no matter how much the speaker beleives it.

    Beleiving you "can" even when you can't or, even when you might not be able to (sometimes the thing you CANT do is tell in advance with perfect certainty if something works) is just a recipe for being a bug spaltted on the windscreen of life.

    Nothing I have said in the comment above legitimised trying less than your best.
  • GSG777


    I'm in. I want to make a lot of $$$ from poker, because i love this game so much.

    Thanks for video!
  • stevedtrm


    The pep talk at the beginning may be horribly horribly flawed, but some of the statistical principles around the middle of this vid shows the speaker has some intellectual depth.
  • stevedtrm


    By the way- as an alternative to his "dont think like a victim" philosophy, I suggest a "we are all potential victims" strategy.

    Because its true.

    Truth is what matters. Not if you can imagine screaming them before you charge up a hill with a rifle in your hand.

    Truth matters because all of your conclusions subsequently rely on your earlier conclusions.
  • daveri7


    Im in because i wont to become beter
  • Jitroceler


    I´am in. I need money on christmas presents.
  • Hommsen


    I'm in! I just restarted to poker @ NL10 and i'm shotting NL25 right now. My winrate on 10 is awesome but i get crushed on 25 because i have several leaks that didn't matter that much on NL10. A big problem is that im not motivated to spend hours to do theorycrafting cause i'm more the "learning by doing" type of guy. And you can mirror that on my real life. I have the same poblem when it comes to studying/learning. I want to change that and i'm really motivated to become MOTIVTATED. ;)
  • gyurma1985


    Im in! I love poker and it is in an important place in my life, I want to improve my game. Thank you!
  • samulik


    I am in! I would like to take the next step in tournament poker.
  • delahoz76


    Hi, I'm in. Why ?, because I am tired of doing a lot of stuff and not doing what I wanted to do, I started playing poker like a month ago and I been expiriencing the fears that society moves into our minds so I am now dedicated to poker because I like it a lot, because I love poker and I am going to be at the top, I just need your help. Thanks.
  • jiffybag


    I'm in, I want to get better :)
  • JJWic3


    I'm in,because I want to move up to NL100 and be better at MTTs.I want to quit my stupid job and be free!
  • A1cho


    I am fking in! I'm already a winning player, but sometimes my mindset just isn't right. I KNOW I can win more, I just need the discipline and I hope this video series will help me with that.
  • Flatline21


    I'M IN! Because i have to prove myself that i can get better.
  • crpsyed


    i want too join because i want to..:)
  • autheking


    I am all in, did not take poker too seriously till now but now I have the time and the motivation to do so.
  • KowKain


    Nice video! Im in for a challenge
  • alphabeat


    I'm in! Because i wanna win
  • tomzyb


    I'm in. Because i want to progress alot harder than i do. I know i can but i need motivation t ostop being lazy when it comes to learning (in any way - watching vids ACTIVELY, reviewing hands, learn theory actively...)
  • Flatline21


    This Video is pure gold
  • nsavov


    Im commenting right now that I will join because I have nothing better to do and that sounds like fun.
  • affepaffe


    im in!
  • N3bojsa


    I am in and I want to join.
    There is no why. 6 months ago learned basic rules of this game, never ever played cards before.
    Now, six months later, I spent more time on poker than on anything else. I will play this game for rest of my life.
  • Bierb4ron


    hmpf... damn...english language ... but good luck to all you other guys ^^
  • michel2311


    I'm in because: I AM A WINNER!!!
  • Zygiszs


    I am in and ready for hard work!
  • wnbMG


    I'm in.
  • Luupainaja


  • esuohdla


    Im in, I know I can beat this if I get the know how.
  • PICIDAE999


    I´ll join
  • PICIDAE999


    After harving with my poker for 7 years, I think it is high time now to become thereal winner. I dunno if i have the time to do it....had a heart attack a month ago and I am rehabilitating just now, for 8 to 10 weeks. They operated me with three baloons right into my heart.
  • PICIDAE999


    at least I kicked out two pro.s from the poker 770 bounty last week, not the first time I did that
  • smittyno1


    I'm in cause i need some motivation boost ;)
  • Yordi85


    If I'm a 4,5bb winner @ NL2 I can be a 10bb winner @ NL500 ZOOM YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  • krys94


    I´m in. I want change my life . I want be better player!
  • Sikecious


    I am in. to be the best
  • Farmarchist


    I'm in! I want to get better and reach NL100
  • pokajocka


    interessante Challenge
  • pokajocka


    ich will auch mindestens NL200 schaffen
  • openendedagain


    i have to join i am tired of being a break even player in poker as well as in every aspect of my life want to be a 100$ sng reg
  • sirilidion


    I am in because I want to be really good at poker
  • Sailer85


    I would like to enter. I would love to be able to live of poker.
  • vyczn15


    I want to grow from fish that can bite into the shark that can rip regs apart, so count me in!
  • Sailer85


    Nice talk about being able to do something, and i agree with you to a point. People with a handicap (say missing limbs, or that are paralysed cannot walk, they CAN'T its not that they dont want to...
    I agree that healthy, intellegent people can achieve what they set out for, however there are really people that cannot do certain things. It would be wise to reflect on that aswell..
  • Bambochaa


    I'm in!
  • JohnyC1337


    I am in! I moved up from nl2 to nl100 in 1 year but I know I can be better, crush midstakes and show everyone that poker isn´t about luck!
  • sirilidion


    btw does it have to be in NLHE cash or can we do the challange with other games?
  • B0st0n


    I am in. Just because I want to be a better poker player.
  • kingpowl


    dont get me wrong, its always nice to fight and to stand up again and again.. and a lot of people are too satisfied with their life and dont do as much as they could or should do. also its nice to have specific goals and work for them.

    BUT: i really dislike your image of humanity.

    - it is not wrong to listen to other people.
    even if they cannot help you with your present specific goals its always good to be open minded for new/different views. you dont have to believe everything, but walking trough life with your attitude is just ignorant

    - speaking of ignorance: you are completly ignoring the fact, that there is a lot of variance in all aspects of life, especially poker.
    when you mentioned your 100k breakeven stretch as a big deal you probably dont even know what variance can do.

    - you are also ignoring that there are alot of things u cannot chance.
    we cannot change the setting we were born in, we are ruled by the time, our physical state etc.

    - therefore your black and white view on the world - losers, who blame others for their fault and winners, who just do what they want - is extremly result orientated and ignoring alot of the facts.

    if a random homeless person in brazil could hear how a rich kid from europe talks about losers and winners... its just as if you add insult to injury
  • SPeedFANat1c


    comment because of video beginnning: I want just to see what is this video :)
  • SPeedFANat1c


    about I CANT'T and I DON'T WANT THING:
    I can agree - there is no such thing as I cant' but the one condition must be met at least: - amount of work put to achieve somethin. Maybe I can beat NL5000 but not with such amount of work which I am putting now on poker. So still I can say I CAN'T beat NL5000 with the current amount of work to improve. I study poker 10-20 hrs per month. Or do you want to say stil that I can beat NL5K with the current amount of work? :P this would be very productive, and I would like it :)
  • Raskolnikov


    Oh wow, commenting will be lots of work! But thx, i love doing this kind of extra!!!

    #33: Thx

    34: Be more specific with your goal, that will help

    35: More specific, which limit, at which time, and HOW ?

    36: welcome

    37: YOU define winning, not I

    38: I'm counting on you

    39: I don't wanna go into a historical battle, since i don't know. All i know is that many successful people "supposedly" have dead people in their basement.
    I don't agree with this POV in general, whether or not what you say is right in this case
  • Raskolnikov


    #40: Yesss, make them cry and go home to mom ;)

    41: how much?

    42: WINNARR, you made my day

    43: You are, gl with ur challenge

    44: good goal, thx for joining

    45: I 100% agree with you. Poker has been my best school of life. Sorry parents, but poker has taught me many many things i didn't learn at home

    46: Change your attiude. YOU have to help yourself. I can assist you. But don't look at me like i'm a good samaritan. Not the right attitude. But you good work ethic, thats awesome

    47: Start!

    48: The key is doing this EVERYDAY until you puke and don't wanna fcking play another hand in your life. then you know you have worked hard and deserve all the money that will flow to you

    49: To you as well, Carslen rocks ;)
  • Raskolnikov


    50: more precise !

    51: awesome, again, try to be specific

    52: welcome

    53: Respect, sir!

    54: Language doesn't matter as long as u keep up the attitude

    56: yep FOCUS

    57: Exactly! The sooner u learn, the better

    58: yesssss

    59: I think its the trap of many intellectuals like yourself. In a way the trap of many coach-type of people as well (like myself)
  • Raskolnikov


    60: Change it

    61: do your best, thesky is the limit

    62: gl to u as well

    64: Doing doing doing and less talking, thinking is the key here!

    65: good

    66: thx ;), you will

    67: make a specific goal. then work on it

    68: focus on one game at the time

    69; thx!
  • Raskolnikov


    70: go for it

    71: my promise stands. update every day and you got 100000% of my help

    72: good first step, now make a positive phrase out of it

    73: why not !!!

    74: perfekt

    75: love that one. I think many feel this way, but few have the balls to do something

    76: Try again, but be solid wiht BRM

    77: thats a good goal. You're being dealt a hand in life, do the best out of it

    78: Yes, hope its a good start

    79: We all have different reasons. Go for it
  • Raskolnikov


    80: Yes, you got the chance.

    81: do it

    82: everything? i hope so!

    83: please do so!

    84: lots of poker & life stuff here

    85: The problem is that "you have to try the impossible in order to achieve the doable".

    I thought i would not state the obvious that a 1,60m guy will probably not be the worlds best bodybuilder... so what?

    Life is like poker. You get dealt a hand (your genes, circumstances) and make the best out of it.

    86: You're welcome

    87: Oh well, we can be friends overall ;))). Seriously, no problem with people challenging me, i can see where you're coming from.

    88: Here we agree 100%. And keep in mind, in a 30min vid i can't lay out a philosophy with all pros and cons.
    Being complete and covering each scenario possible never is the intention of a video like this

    89: solid
  • Raskolnikov


    90: Hurrrry

    91: Same here. Learning by doing is a good idea,as long as you have a little good info to go with

    92: great, yw

    93: nooooo tourney no, well if you like it, go for it

    94: Thank you for your great comment

    95: good

    96: first one is good, second one just run better ;)

    97: discipline is a big thing (coming from a German )

    98: Prove it, i know you can

    99: solid logic ;)
  • Raskolnikov


    100: please continue to do

    101: gogog

    102: sounds like a plan

    103: make a detailed plan

    104: thx!

    105: i wish it were for another reason, but a "bad" reason is better than no reason

    106: great

    107: you're new, you got energy, go for it

    108: Lerne Englisch ffs!!!

    109: Nice
  • Raskolnikov


    110: good attitude

    111: welcome

    112: ok?

    113: you can

    114: do it

    115: 7 years, hard attack, man, that will be a sick story with you in rail heaven ;)

    116: make it many times

    117: search for motivation internally if possible. I'm happy to provide the rest

    118: yessssss

    119: good goal
  • Raskolnikov


    120: then start now

    121: when?

    122: so isses

    123: dann mal los

    124: get the right vids/coaches and start

    125: damn what are u waiting for

    126: its a dream, live it

    127: nice analogy ;)

    128: Well, of course! Like the one guy before, this is stating the obvious.

    I don't think it's wise to reflect on it though. Like i said before, you get dealt a hand in life (genes, circumstances, variance) so its not your job to say, OMG this guy got T-high only or "this guy has AA",

    no, ANY hand can win. they win in a different way though

    129: welcome
  • ludovici


    I want to join because i want to develop my game to a higher level.
  • Raskolnikov


    130: Repeat this and you'llbe in rail even very quickly

    131: i can only help with NL cash, but i'm sure every coach here would love to help if you got a question about your specific game

    132: good

    133: Thx for a critical comment.I love those. Gives both of us the chance to sharpen our views or adjust them.

    Ignorance: I shared your view and did a lot of things out of pitty. Then i realized that this is hidden arrogance. Its the worst form of it. Basically you're listening to others, although you don't value their opinion. Its better to tell them straight away or even better, not bother to listen the first time. You're hurting nobody, there are 6 billion people on the planet. Those others don't need you.
    Implying they do is arrogant at best imo.

    Variance: My breakeven stretch was not due to variance.

    And yes, read some earlier comments, there is a lot of variance, but practically it doesn't matter. think poker, if you get sucked out on, what are you gonna do?

    => Play the next hand as best as possible. That's all that is in your power.

    - Black & White: BLaming others has never helped anybody. What does it help? Watch the youtub video with all the "losers" like Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi... why can't this be you, me, and anybody else?

    - Homeless kids: Look, i play with the favela kids football on the beach and i treat them like i treat you or anybody else. I don't treat them with pitty, cuz many types of pitty are a hidden form of arrogance

    I don't take off my expensive watch or good looking clothes when going in those areas. I don't try to be like them, cuz i love how i am. I also let them be who they are and treat them like normal people who make their choices in life.

    Anyways, nothing personal, and i hope to receive more critical comments in the future.
  • Raskolnikov



    If you're not willing to invest 24hours a day, you're not doing the "maximum".

    So yeah, extreme case, but eating has a higher priority and in your case other parts of life.

    That's what i mean by "want". You might "wish" to play high, but you have other priorities as well, which is fine.

    #146: You're at the right place to do so
  • EmanuelC16


    People tell others 'You can't!' because they think that would decrease the chances of the other's success, therefore their inability of succeeding seems normal, or closer to it.

    I like your ideas about poker and life in general. Next year I'm trying my most serious grind. Care to catch up with my blog and then following? ;)
  • igika07


    i would really like to join as it will change my life !
  • IMGameOver


    I want to be free! I want to meet other peoples, and play with,learn with, who want to be the best! I want to see the world!
  • DjolusVicenus


    Ill win... cuase im natural winner... and i can do anything, if i want it :)
  • rob7250


    i want to learn because i would like to get off disability pension and earn a living in something i enjoy
  • KillBZ


    I'm in, tired of playing micro/small stakes
  • dankojonas


    i´m tired of endless playing without going up in level.
  • vandeuren


    i vant zu learn die poker
  • motanu89


    I want to join because I'm playing the same stakes for almost 2 years now (10nl-25nl-50nl 6max), I want to improve my life overall, I want to play better, move up and be really good at something and I'm willing to put in the time and effort to achieve this.
  • ZackBigPack


    i want to join because i want to play my a game all the time and not to tilt anymore. i also want to learn how to beat the midstakes nlhehu.
  • pyure


    I'm in. sick of building a roll and tilting it all away over and over again.
  • allbusiness


    Great pooposition, Gordon, more coaches should be as comitted as you are, thumbs up!

    I would love to get involved and learn from your perspective.

    I've been bouncing up and down from 25nl to 100nl. I have been winning in all those levels, but loosing too. I definetely have mental leaks.

    I fully commit to study, talk, post and whatever else it takes to make me a winning player. And as a proof of my commitement, once I become a winning player at some descent stake, I will start the process over, and teach what I have learned to someone else.

    Maybe you could form some kind of a group, so more of us would have this incredible chance.

    Like always, a very good video, and keep up the good work, as we surely need more guys like you.

    Thanks a lot!
  • Iveryyy


    i'm in because i have to prove to myself I can get to midstakes and crush.
  • AdasiekPS


    I want to join. I want to show myself that I can crush game.
  • maurasia


    i want to demonstrate to myself that in can do it..... i want freedom
  • Simschi


    I want to join because Poker is more than a game for me it became a part of my life.
    From the first 1 and a half Years only playing Play money till about 3 Years later i allways wanted to get better i dont cared that u can earn money with it, i just wanted to play poker, and raise the limits.
    Well then came the point where i cashed out the first time, and i enjoyed that, at first.
    Well i stopped learning, stopped enyojing Poker.
    Since i cashed out i didnt enyoj Poker anymore in the last 3 Years i Play in Autopilotmode, i get more and more worse, and i sit at the tables more often having no clue why i do something or should i do this or that anyway.
    Pls hlp me getting back the fun of POKER, i dont wanna have fun playing only when i win, i wanna get back loving poker for playing and learning Poker, not for winning Money.
  • kenthmp


    I want to join because I believe poker will help me escape my breakeven life.
  • jerryb0130


    I want to join because poker is my life and I want a better life.
  • RoyG85


    I'm in, sky is the limit.
  • mrvit3


    I am in. I want to be better than others and win money for living.
  • dobermann123


    "YOU define winning, not I"

    Implying that i can do whatever i want?

    As much as i like this romantic way of thinking...

    I've got to say i think it's bullshit.

    Wont stop me from trying, ever beccause mb i'm one of those who can :p
  • dobermann123


    ok nvm just watched the video again and it is kinda ur point.
  • cpa885


    I have played poker now for 2 years and I have tried many different games such HU, 6max, fullring, sng and mtts and nothing really worked out and I gave up.

    BUT now, right now I will change things and I will become one of the best poker players in the world and I will prove everybody that I can do it.

    I will do everything possible to improve and fullfil my goal.

    To show that I am not bullshiting, I have already signed up at the local gym.

    New life, here I come.
  • JimmyRare


    Anyone? Really??? Bullshit!

    Well, first off I am lazy. I don't like to put in hands. I just want the profits of course.

    Second, I'm really scared of losing! So... I better not play.

    Third, I am so stubborn I will argue that my play is always correct. My opponent was just not smart enough!

    You should choose me, but I don't want to be known as the one who proved them right...
  • ZackBigPack


    I started a HU Blog now. It would be awsome if you could find the time to sometimes read it and post something to the hands.

  • Matziano


    hey gordon.hey guys

    the reason why i´ll join is i really want to get a professionell poker player!

    I make it in 2013 and i will do everything to get me there.
    Probably i will take a coach to learn faster and more efficient.

    I truly believe that everyone should have a lifetime goal wich is worth to live/die for.

    I´m very excited and respect everybody who goes his own choosen way.

    merry christmas @ all

  • Raskolnikov


    #150: I can't follow every single blog, but after 60 days i will see the really committed ones and follow

    151: Great

    152: Awesome, there is a strategy. Just go into a place where many poker players are (find out the hotspots), then just be a nice guy, join the dinners, organize them and you will get free poker advice all day long

    153: thats a good attiude

    154: uhhh, why not. Not knowing your circumstances, but you sound motivated so go for it.

    155: who isn't!!!

    156: another one, yes, go for it

    157: i hopez u vil achiv ;)

    158: Then i am willing to work with u

    159: No more tilt. You should bet "Tilt Free Today"
  • Raskolnikov


    160: damn sick, you should curse and finally end this bullshit behaviour!

    161: Thx man, i love what i read. Comments like these keep me going and motivated myself to put in a lot of time

    162: Yes you can!

    163: Prove it to yourself

    164: freedom is very important, i agree. good goal

    165: Yes man, WAKE UP. Others you end up "sleeping" the best years of your life

    166: Do something crazy, extraordinary man. Do something ridiculous. I'm serious. Do something absolutely CRAZY (outside of poker). Then use poker to finance this crazyness....

    167: poker is the school of life

    168: the universe is the limit ;)

    169: gogogo
  • Raskolnikov


    170: It's not. We all have different circumstances. For somebody poor in Rio, getting to your current standard of living is a HUGE win.

    For somebody not sooooo talented, making 5k is a huuuuuge win and should be celebrated like for somebody else making a million.

    When i say define winning, i mean look what in YOUR situation winning means. I can't say winning means to beat xy limit.

    Hope that makes things clear.
  • Raskolnikov


    171: ok ;), all good

    172: Great man, ACTION >>>>>>>> Words. I'm glad you walked your talk

    173: You can, yes you can

    174: hahah;)

    175: Will do after 60 days. Let me know if you're still in there and i'll come, read and comment.
  • Raskolnikov


    176: Great Matziano, i think the same and highly respect you for saying so
  • neocry


    I'm in. Need to change the way how I look at certain things in life and poker is definitely among them. Want to get back my motivation and be a better player.
  • NarcoCop


    I'm in, basically want to move up in stakes from 100 to 200nl.
  • SneakyhanD


    Why would you check only after 60 days :-) ?

    30days make a habit, you want those consistent and determined.

    btw- love the video :)
  • Remedytogo


    I'm tired to fail at NL 50 again and again!

    I'm tired to say that everything is against me and I can`t do anything...

    Today is the day on which it is changed!!

    I'm in Mr. Gordon!
  • Fitas


    I'm in because I want to be rich ;)
  • tommy9985


    I want to be part of this because if I get it right you say this is not only about improving in poker but also in life!?
  • OZSA


    For 1.5half years I'm trying to give meaning to my life, so far I just can't do it, living from poker for 3years, never moved above NL25. I'm sure I could play NL100, but mentally I'm just too fucked up. Would love to talk with you once.. so I'm in.
  • KambiuM


    I am not going to join because ultimately I am the only one who can make myself successful. I love to be part of something and appreciate the support, but no one is going to do it for me. Poker has turned my life upside down and then back down again, and I will not bury it while it is still live within myself. I am not here to become rich or crush highstakes, but to prove the doubting part in me wrong and embrace what I am capable of achieving and building. Everything else is just an appreciate byproduct. Got a New Years Resolution about Poker? Great, but I am one week ahead, I started yesterday ;)
  • hl50


    Hi Gordon,

    im in, becouse i want finally beat this Game and make Money after trying many many times
  • double2


    Hi Gordon,

    I want to join because I want to prove myself that with 2 hours of play every day I can make per month twice the amount I'm making as a doctor. I really think that in the last few months I got in the right track mentally to do so and I am in the right direction, but more help is never enough. Now off to watch the rest of the video.
  • CichyGrzmot


    I want to join to becouse i want to play high stakes HU
  • clawindsouza


    I'm in because I've been stuck at nl25 for wayy too long. I think its time i move up. :) gl me :)
  • nacl


    Hi Gordon,

    I like to join but I can't spend so much time because of wife, job and kid. So I give your more time then 90 days because I love to improve my play and I love to discuss new way of thinking
  • TetraQuark



    I want to be able to live of poker winnings. That is all. =)
  • StabiBossa


    I want to join because i want make my dream come true-become a professonal successful poker player and be a part of such an amazing project.
    Best wishes
  • brunomp


    I´ll join, why? because I know I can be one of the best, Iam tired to play micro limites and not win what I want to win.

    So my dedication now is 101% on this fu#$% game!!!! I wont stop ultil ill become HUGE WINNER!!!

    lets do it
  • Nortug


    I want to join, because its a great chance to improve my poker skill
  • Bettikapitany


    I want to join because I want to show up with very good results and need a good mentor to guide me through the way.
  • dotergoir


    I think that it was bad bet at river with 55. 2 pairs opp would bet be himself, if we check. Only KQ wont, and sometimes we will get extra value by beting 55. But thats all. No other hands that we can get value by betting. And by bet we dont let opp to make bleff. U said that we need to bet, cause we can bet more and get more value from 2 pairs. But also we will lost more, if he had straight. Also if we check, mby he will bet smaller with straight, 2/3 for example. Also by checking we will also get more information. We would see how opp plays with all of his hands.
  • rounder1


    I take a part, because I want to improve my skill, move up to good, serious stakes and, in general, I find poker much more interesting, than just hobby and the way to gain money. Poker has its reflections into different parts of life and understanding of its concepts may help in a lot of activities.

    And right now I really need to know what i need to do, to learn to make my game move forward. I know that I can beat my limit and I did it, but last couple of months I play break even and a little in minus and this sucks me. May be it's lack of learning, may be a bit of psychology. So, I need some tips and I'm ready to work hard.
  • bloked


    i want to be better, cause i need it to live, i want to play poker at it's best
  • meepwn


    I'm in. You can either crush the game or lose, there is no middle ground longterm.
  • Sattelite1


    I would be interested your coaching and a training plan in order to get rid of this problem in my head finding the fold button. Its somehow paranoia or a knot in my brain knowing better but doing the opposite. Its somehow very true for my play what you are saying and presenting but ´ll see if i can trnasfer it in my head. Hard enough and any help would be very welcome
  • suni98


    i play 7-15$ sngs basicly like a robot and i arrived at a point where its really borring and unsatisfying, i would like to move to cash and i will start in january because you inspired me
  • skullqueen


    I'm in. I play poker for several years and face it like a hobby, i never lose and i was happy for that. Now i want to improve, make some money :) and climb the stakes. Thanks for the oportunity, i really enjoy this video.
  • BDog


    I join because I want to improve my game and my mindset
  • BDog


    I join because i wanna immprove my game and mindset
  • CataMury


    I'm in because:
    - I want to live from poker!
    - I want to make 100k in 2013, now I`m playing NL50 with 4 bb/100
    - I want to prove to friends and family that poker is not gamble (not blackjack, roulette or smth like this)
    - And.. I want to change my car in 2013 (Audi A4 into A6 :)) :D )

    P.S. Post this before seeing the vid!
  • Endurx


    amazing video one of the best i've ever watched, thanks
  • RandomGenerator


    Hi, I'd like to join because I love improving myself in poker and have success in it.

    Thank you for your videos, by the way
  • Fiskantes


    Sounds fun. I am in :)
  • Raskolnikov


    Happy New Years!

    Thx for all good and constructive criticism.

    Thx for all the awesome feedback. You're fucking awesome!!! I have to say, it's really fun to work when your time and effort is appreciated.

    So for 2013, let's rock that year together. Let's be better than ever before. Let's reach for the impossible to achieve the possible.

  • SpiderZorro


    Hi Gordon,
    i want to congraduilate you for your nice and important video
    wish you the best for the year 2013!
    (first comment in 2013)

    I´m 50 years old and therefore an old man for poker-players and just try to crush NL10 (SH), which is really hard for me.
    As an physician (doctor) with much experience i can tell you:

    Lots of people with depressions and other chronical illnesses feel theirselves as victims (of life) and that is definitly a looser strategy!

    You can´t change anything in your live as long as you don´t realize that YOU have to change!

    I try right now to believe in my own poker-skills and give my best to get a better winning-player, although i dont have much time to spend in poker. I like to play poker very much bur its hard quitting to gamble around!

    THANKS for your good ideas, i will get better with this mindset!
  • Robbracing


    You sounded so sure and you convinced me. I'm joining.

    Happy New Year.
  • InezMuchez


    I would like to join also, because i'd like to play the highest limits possible.
  • hooni


    i will join, because i want to earn money by playing poker
  • wlcKeD


    Definitely joining, cause life just gave me so many lessons recently, which were unfortunately the unpleasant ones, both in personal life, and also in poker, SO in these 2013 I want to become a better, more interesting, and a self-confident person, and probably the most of all - I want to take poker very seriously, for the first and the last time. I want to become a better poker player, as well as I want some drastic changes, as You just mentioned in the beginning of this video. So, YES, I am definitely IN, and let's see what else do You have prepared for us in this vid.
  • bashpepe89


    I`m in cuz I love your vids and want to maximize my success!!
  • hooni


    great video!
  • zetec


    Im in because I need to get my lazy ass up and grind!
  • XeroHTLP


    I had enough of fixed limit!
  • ellamcc


    I need to stretch my horizons, and I don't know how to play poker, so if you can make ME -- a total beginner -- into a winning player (along with the beginner's course, so you don't have to teach me the hands etc.,) then you really do have something great going here. I'm an old dog ready to learn new tricks.
  • Arara


    1.) Instant comment: I am looking for a way to assess and improve my game. Technically and psychologicallyIt seems this video can give me some ideas.
  • Raskolnikov


    #216 Thank you sir!

    The topic of depression is a fascinating one
  • Ossieyeris


    i want to join the army! because to be a better palyer means to have a better life :P no joke !
  • schnukki007


    i will join the army, cause a normal working live is nothing i want to do my hole life
  • atllas20


    I also join, because Poker is the best game in the world and I realy want to be on of the best :)
  • awskEEt


    I'm ,because rithgt now I'm know i can be bether
  • imbahness


    I'm in , let's see how it turns out
  • wlcKeD


    Gordon (also @#228),

    Maybe you happened to have some interesting reading material to share on that topic?
  • SpiderZorro


    Gordon (answer also to #234)

    Look about this topic at

    Jens Corrsen is a very interesting german sort of mental-couch, i had 1 day studies with him, he is top!

    Especially the 4 audio-CDs are really interesting, i`m hearing this CDs on longer car trips.

    Gordon would be surprised how many ideas of Corrsen´s concept he already tells us in his videos!

    Also ernsthaft, wer sich für das Thema "Selbst-Entwicklung" interessiert, dem kann ich (als Arzt mit viel Lebenserfahrung) nur die Audio-CDs oder das Buch empfehlen!

    Sorry for beeing off-topic!
  • Simschi


    Hey its me again. I rly wanna get made:) So however if you choose me or not is there a possability too get a paid private coaching, wich comes close to that project, i rly want that, pls make me happy:)
  • DzovaniAA


    The strength of thinking the right thought! I am in!
  • mat2000


    Wanna get better.
  • xpravda


    im in. i know i can be better. all i need is to know the way
  • xpravda


    and i want be better than anyone else
  • Mistyboyo


    Hey man, just got through beginning and it just got me into it....

    I have been playing Nl20-50, but more likely Nl20 atm and I feel a real need to move up and start kicking some asses:)...

    Online poker: somehow i am struggling, maybe it is volume issue, maybe my mindset needs a little or a huge kick off!
    Live poker: I am really doing whats cracking yooo?

    Hit me back with any reply ....I DO WANT IT MAN!
  • Daruffy


    I want to join. Mostly because it has been my dream to become a professional player for a long time and i feel like my progress is too stagnant.
    Add to that there is too much life to live to spend 60h a week on normal work.

    I want to improve and be the best i can be.
  • orangenmann016


    I'm in. Finally I want to be a winning poker player
  • treyking


    I will join ,because my biggest dream is to be a professional poker player and to be satisfied with my life.
  • Zmienna


    I'm in. Never took life or anything that I did in life seriously (and it bite me in the ass for that), so now's the time for a change.
  • erikosy


    I had a mental failure with poker a few years back, I've recently started again from the bottom. Things started off great, but the familiar anxiety, failure and lack of confidence seems to be an increasing part of my day, and I'd like to get beyond it once and for all.
  • muumionu


    I want to join because I take poker very seriously and you said you would help me change my life and poker completely (in a good way ;]). And that's why I would like to be a part of this!
  • x3ndeDx


    I'm in, cause I treat poker as my business and I want to do it for my life.
  • malcolmlinco


    i will join because i want to quit being break even player and be winning one.
  • Olloquigui


    Im in because I wanna crush HU
  • bulldozzer7


    Ich bin dabei,weil ich glaube dass du einer der besten coaches bist die ich mir je anggehört habe. ich glaube du weißt sehr genau wie man menschen motivert und was bei poker und im leben wirklich wichtig ist. ich bin jetzt bei 2 jahren bei ps und du hast mich jetzt dazu gebracht mienen ersten Videokommentar zu schreiben obwohl ich aktiv am lernen bin bei PS.
    (ich spiele NL200 SH)
  • Bus1983


    Since i was a child i trained hours to become a professional tennis player, i played a lot of tournaments around the world (ITF - junior world torneys), i felt that i had a lot of energy that gave me the power to work realy hard ... BUT i failed, i didnt reach my goal: to become one of the best ... WHY? Cause i didnt BELEAVED in myself, i thought that i CAN NOT do it, i wasnt beleaving that i could make/made it...Years gone and i thought a lot of myself,what if i would "thought different", maybe i would travel arround the planet and play the majors, but its over ... cause i was unably to handle my emotions ... i was to young to handle my mental problems ...

    Years later i came with NLHE in contact, by a friend from the university and i felt, that there is a possibility to give myself a second chance, to show myself that i can do it, TO BRING THE BEST OUT OF MYSELF!!!

    Right know i am on a point, where i think a lot about my life, my goals, are there right or not.

    I have two more exams and then i will get my university degree. After my tennis career i thought: "be a normal guy, do what others do, study, get a job, and it will be good",i think it was the wrong decision, cause life is to short to hear to others, to do what other wants from you!!!

    Maybe this shit should happen to me, that i start to understand what i really want, and start to beleave in myself, beleave is the fundament of knowlegde, what every sucsessfull person need

    I feel like a tiger in a cage ... LET ME OUT!!!
  • cHaiNSawMasSacRe


    I dont want to tilt my winnings anymore :( Please help ^^

    I'm in.


    I want to be recommitted to the game and I want to feel a desire to learn/analyse my game.
  • StaticMoth


    I will join because I'll never give up and I want that commitment to finally pay off :)
  • ninjakalz


    I will join because I'm pretty much stuck were i am in life and poker.
    I could really use a challenge to take me somewere!
  • b0gd4n3l


    I will join because I'm tired of nl20 and I want to move up on the poker and life ledders. I will fully commited to this challenge.
  • Crokid


    I'm in because I want to do better and become the best poker player I can be.
  • teflontt


    I am in because I want become much more disciplineded.
  • caramelo8907


    I am IN , because I want to prove myself that I can be succesful player over long run!
  • rmn11


    I am In , because I want to be the best player I can be!
  • strixsr


    Im IN, stop whining, start winning!
  • LeTran


    luv it
  • Johniiicek


    I am in. Because... I KNOW I CAN!
  • Simschi


    btw when will we know whos in.
    My fingers r hurting so hard, because i crossed it till 2 weeks now :)
  • CountZero


    I'm surprised to hear the Thomas-Theorem at ~ 6:00 - it's far more valueable than GTO for Decision-making-processes at the table
  • MrTrocks


    i´m in because i want to go back to the limits i was. I want to beat omaha PL 1/2
  • yair86


    I'm In!
    I feel like stuck playing 25-50NL...
    I'm about break even through the last year, although I'm sure I can do a lot better.
    There is something I was doing wrong, and I don't know why... maybe you can figure it out...
    Good Luck! I like watching your videoes.
  • ApKaHyM


    sounds interesting, i'm in
  • confidant91


    i am in cause i wanna crush nl50 and NL100 sh and switch to HU.
  • LiFeThaWild


    I'M in! Because I want to finally get better and move up higher and higher! It don't want there to be any limit that I cannot reach!
  • Tackleberry


    I´m in because you got me in the first minute of that video. :D I´m professional poker player and I want to use my full potential and get the best out of that game that I can.
  • sanja200


    i am in cuz this year i gona restart from nl 25 to ... we will see :)
  • AggroNitt


    I´m in couse i`m tired of this unreflected breakevan game.
  • b0gd4n3l


    I think I'm going to win that free coaching.
  • KeinOhrSchwein


    I will join because I will get a better poker player. I'm tired of playing on micros. I want to the Midstacks!
  • ramon321


    I'm unmotivated to play poker, I wanna play and be a winner!
  • Pablo1337


    I´m in! I´m sick of looking good and living healthy... I want to combine my healthy lifestyle with the lifestyle of a poker player! I want to get everything!!! <3
  • deckner


    I'm in because I want to achieve my goals, financially, physically! I know I can and I want to!


    I'm in because ABC-lifestyle is sucked, and I'm looking for something better!
  • Chuckey


    Hahahaha Gordon,
    I like this project alot. It carries the extreme attitude which makes moments so full of life!

    So I am in, I want to improve in many aspects, I will listen to your thoughts and think about them. Thats what I can provide.

    Looking forward for those thoughts
  • Damlqv


    Im in to improve my game and reach the mid stakes
  • Regretsong


    Im in. Im tyred of being on a second role whyle all my friends whom we started playing poker with are so far away at the limits I dont even see them anymore.
    I tired of nl50, which i crush, but i always ALWAYS need to cashout all my profit to go somewhere fancy or do something that I think is very nessecary for me though trully its not. I want ot be a succesfull poker player and not the low stakes dumbass grinder.
  • nefarious26


    im in just because i can
  • Zemnieks11


    im in want to crush NL50
  • kennethjeu


    I"m in! I took the promise to myself at the beginning of this year that i wanted to improve my pokergame. Were 10 days later and i think i'm partly on the right way, but i feel i need some guidence on this way. My main goal was to be able to play NL50 at the end of this year and to learn as much as I can, about poker and about the mindset.
  • erlent


    im trying to build a solid bankroll to play the limit i used to play one year ago :-)
  • serbanbija


    Trying to became better in every aspect
  • Slowhim


    im in because i wanna be made
  • adragonro


    I will join!
    I love Poker! And I love to win, I wanna be a professional pokerplayer!
  • UrDrawlndead


    I<d give it a shot because I never been able to really touch the success I really deserved , Maybe I didnt put enough effort in it, But you know what , I might give you a shot Its more about the title that I give you credit for , I usualy would not trust people to change things around , but hey maybe your right maybe your wrong we will see ... Never heard about you , but you seem to have extreme self confidance in yourself , so that could make the diference.
  • qwertyzip


    Super training!!!
  • thisrockz


  • styx528


    im in. im to lazy
  • dan133


    I'm in with all my belif.
  • nvaz


    I'm in. I want to stop just "clicking buttons" and start to REALLY reviewing/studying my game. I want to improve and play vs the best players.
  • bakuncho


    I'm in, love this game but I know how difficult it will be.

    Currently unemployed an there arent jobs in my country so poker is one of the ways to avoid leaving my country otherwise I must leave my daughter..

    My goals are to be regular NL25 because I believe that is a level that may give stability for 2014. Next year my goals are completly different but never knows..

    So, I play for the fyn and for the need.

    I know that I can with hard word and hard study but I'm very realist, I can dream bt alwayswith my feet on the ground.

    Know lets see the rest of the video
  • wlcKeD


    @#235 - Thx Man, definitely going to check it out :)
  • wlcKeD


    Hey ! It's just in german .... :(
  • Sancau


    I'm in as I want to become a better man. I want to achive more and I am capable for this. I will work the lazy shit out of me.
  • naumuni


    I'm in as I am tired of micro-stakes and want to achieve medium stakes.p.s. love poker
  • KKNgroup


    I stopped video, because I want to join NOW!
  • sykoz


    Im in coz it looks hard and challenging!
  • Pumper247


    Im in because i wanna make money!
  • Gsheet


    So help me GOD, i want to be a better player !
  • flamtom


    I want to be the best in the world, I want people to be afraid of my skill and I for the very first time in my life want to give something my 100%. this is IT
  • fortunewheel


    Hello i'd like to join because i failed many of my past goals in life. I have had a turbulent past and i want to achieve something that i can be proud of. My life has recently stabilised and i have had alot of positive experiences lately and i even achieved some goals.

    In regards to poker i never had the motivation to seriously grind , i do have experience and i might have watched hundreds if not thousands of hours of pokervideos ( no exaggeration i'm addicted to them :) ). I'd love to prove the world wrong and show people that poker can have a positive impact on someone's life and can be a lifechanger. Thanks for your time. I hope you consider me to be part of your program.
  • ilidek


    I am in. I am tierd of shooting nl25 for the 9th time.
  • jigger1977


    I am commited anyway. But if you feel better when I post here. I will post! :-)
  • RovarTry


    I'm in coz i wanna be free of money pressure in life.
  • veiozuza


    I am in. I am tired of reading books(>20), signing for training sites (CR and DC) and still being a looser at NL25!!!Maybe is a mindset, maybe I suck at poker, that's my last shot!!
  • BenskyBucks


    thx for your video series. i am in to improve
  • 00471


    That sounded interesting. I'm obviously in. I started learning poker seriously about 9 months ago. Before that there was just a month-long fun at FTP just before Black Friday. I'm gradualy making progress but I feel that I can do definitely better and climb the limits quicker. Poker has already changed my life a lot for the better but I want more. At the moment I'm after my first aggressive unsuccessful shot at NL50. My aim is to become a professional and in my country you can earn a decent living even when making a decent profit at NL50 but I have a strong desire for more.

    As for now, I have seen only one of your films a few weeks ago and it made a huge impact on me - the "no BS" video here at PS. I really value your advice after seeing that, since I believe we have similar views on many things.

    And now let's see what you have in store for me, Gordon.
  • madnkl


    I want to join because your voice hypnotized me and I will do anything that you say, master!


    I'm in! I want to completely change my poker thinking, because dissatisfied with it.
  • Erdball


    I'm in.
    I'm sure, that i can be successful in poker, and i want to become successful as fast as possible.
  • cuore2010


    I'm in. I want to say: Poker is my life!
  • gsergiul


    I'm gonna join in because I'm tired of not putting in the work needed and playing 30 mins every few days because of tilt.
  • Spade


    I'm in because I need help to leave the micros!
  • Ickki


    I want to move up to NL50 and feel comfortable, never tilt.
  • kriko92


    I'm in! Enough of being average, time to see what I'm really capable of!
  • cordoba78


    I have the motivation to do it!
  • Waffelhaendler


    I will join I already did because i watched the 2ed part be4 I watched this one, althogh I did not write a comment jet:) The reason is I want enlightment and passion for what I do.
  • AwinningReg


    I need a quick and measurable improvement
  • traegsly99


    i join its time to mobve up
  • tjen1


    I join, because i want to do something myselfs.
  • mischl1234


    Nice video, it really movtivates me to go on.
    I join because I want to become less scared money and to improve my mindset.
  • Pkrpains


    I join too to maybe finally use my full potential at poker.
  • TheeMendez


    Even though the description say shorthanded,which i will probably never play , I am in!

    I want to stop being so lazy and just waiting for the success to come.
    I am willing to improve and I think professional help is the best help I can get. So let's go!
  • mihninho


    I need to improve myself, and to prove to myself that i cand do it so let's go.
  • Happa2


    Im in because I like it!
  • notabigdeal


    Because i want to become a better poker player!
  • Lukas89666


    1´m in because I always sucked at cashgame but would love to crush NL 6max :D
  • MacDaddy187


    I´m in! I need to get up out of my dark sad hole...
    In Poker and in Life. And it is going to start right now ^^
  • senfpflanze


    I'm in. I'm registered for 5 years. I was too lazy to do theory and so I'm back at NL5 right now. I want to get better at this game.
  • seanp6


    I want to tank you for this vid. learnd a lot. Thnx for your time and hope to see more of this.
  • Mennck


    I stopped the video just to say I accept the challenge. I play for about 5 years and I am a small winner trying to climbing the stakes
  • PowerSnoopy


    I would like to join, because my game needs serious improvements. I’m stuck at NL 50 despite lots of reading. It’s the application during the game which causes problems to me. I like your style with a more global approach to the game. Perhaps this will allow me to fix the leaks.
  • delragazzo


    I'm in because I want to beat finally NL10 and I need to improve my poker skills.
  • Vtec9k


    I think I have a confident outlook and pretty determined but everyone needs a kick up the ass sometimes! So here's my post :)
  • ursusmm


    Just started a blog:

    Goals are in there and I will update daily!
  • fortuna2o1o


    I want to join because, I play poker for 6 years and i want to get skilled right now, ive seen that i have to do more to beat the game. I believe u, u are the best teacher i could get..
  • fortuna2o1o


    and I will never give up
  • mardmo


    I'm fucking in!
    tired of feeling sorry for myself and tired of being fish!
  • lust1gerMolch


    [x] in, want to play nl100 soon!
  • aphis1


    there isn't any better way of proving how good your program is than making it succed on me!
  • fortuna2o1o


    sorry now i ve seen that this is Nl100 oO far away...but you motviated me thx, ure videos rock!
  • Mantelo


    I'm fucking in!
    tired of feeling sorry for myself and tired of being fish!
  • axeboy90


    OK, let's see where this goes us. I'm always in seek for more knowledge. And also i want to reach NL100 SH as soon as possible. I have more reasons anyway...
  • axeboy90


    So, i watched the video. I found that this is a great way for reviewing hands and sesions you played. But i can't see how we can apply this at the table, live. Because you don't have enough time to go through all the steps. Best regards.
  • Bugghy


    This is a unique opportunity so I`m IN ! I would love to become a winning poker player !
  • Blad3K


    I love poker and I want to become the very best version of poker player I can possibly be.
  • gs777777


    love poker and neeed 2 get better
  • MincheBG


    i wanna make money!
  • ValueBet


    I'm soooo in! I want to prove everyone that i am able to do this and become successful.
  • Atalol


    I will join because i wanna poker to be my way to earn money by gaming and I wanna play some live tournaments and win EPT or WPT
  • Atalol


    one day
  • DaineMudda


    Lost my motivation to really work to improve my Badugi game. But I hat that I'm too lazy to keep my mindset up straight and my pokerplay tiptop. I want to start crushing HU Badugi this year, but somehow I can't come up with a way to overcoeme my laziness.
    A friend of mine would also like to "join". He played mtts fot a while sucesfully and now tries to beat cashgame 6max NL 25 but is kinda stuck at NL 10. He's watching all the videos he can puts like 8 hours a day into it, but still he doesn't really got forward.
  • hendo2000


    I will join, I find it difficult to motivate myself to really think about my game and improve and I want to be able to do that.
  • nokifpp


    I will join to obtain the valuable knowladge to help me achieve my goal to play NL100.
  • FerlichL


    I'm in because im fish :)
  • betdraw


    I want in because I don't believe you.
  • stephanratjada


    I will join!!! Because I will BEAT nl100 this year!!!!
  • Adrian3694


    i will join because it look like great idea & i wana go up up up ...
  • GlitlrPS


    oooh i think you will like my videos when they come out. i challenge conventional wisdom all the time. nice vid
  • Guitman


    I want to crush higher stakes and stop busting my roll
  • Cuberyt


    I want to be in Malta for the year, so I'm in.
  • lolofon


    i am in, i just finally wanna move up from micros at least to small stakes and get used to playing there. competition and inability to accept a loss are my main motivatiors
  • andybandy008


    I want to beat the lowstakes 2013
  • DeMarcohsp


    I'm in. Will give it my all to understand the game better and better everyday and approach mastery step by step.

    Pain is temporary!
  • egotripMS


    i´m in - wann play more serious.
  • kessekasse


    i´m in, because i want to experience if this really could happen.
  • Walclol


    i'm in. its a good time to change some things in my life
  • S0N


    i'm in, i want to achieve my goals
  • tadcka


    I'm definately in! Feel a big passion for this game and I want to play it in the highest level and I know that I will achieve that!

    I will start studying this game more than anytime before, already have started doing things which I have never done so far!

    Thanks for such nice videos, waiting for 4th part :)
  • xxInspectorxx


    In to Win!
  • jeppann


    I'm a poker player from Sweden that really want to be a winner on the higher levels.
  • alcapone2000


  • joe0411xx


    I want to prove myself so badly.
  • Firestrike


    wanna join because i never want to work 40h/week in a fking job and get fking payment
  • joefraizer1


    I want to play NL20k profitably
  • Gantoris


  • Skojj


    I'm in! I want to prove to normally boring people that poker is a skillgame and not a game of luck!
  • champ44


    i m in because i m sick of this game i wanna prove that i m a good player and tn quit n enjoy my life..
  • Edvin30


    Down 10K this year. I´m in.
  • FullAK47


    Î'm in beacause your video realy changed my way of thinking ! so i'm in for more
  • soweaklol


    I'm in because i want to be a winning player and not anymore a whining player ! I love this game and i wish i can live with it one day
  • imhowned


    I'm in. I want to change my game and take it to the next level.
  • maaaxxx


    I join. Want to quit ludomania and start making good money.
  • NightShadePMC


    I am in because I am frustrated with myself for playing this game for 2 years and not getting above NL20 because of my lack of effort and I must succeed in this because otherwise it would have been just a waste of time and would prove all ppl who doubted me right.
  • luk19850210


    I'd like to turn into a winning poker player!
  • elliwzs


    I'm in because i want to learn how beat this other idiots
  • MisterSnS


    I am in again because I never made it to where I wanted to be. I went through many ups and downs in my poker career and ended up struggling with financial worries and consistent break-even periods. Let it work this time.
  • kbwinsagain


    Seems strange to commit to something before any real substance is provided. I'll bite, though, and commit because I'm a sucker for "you can do anything" sales pitches. Actually, I WAS a sucker and am now a lot more skeptical so my commitment is conditional commitment. I was once spiritual but am now an atheist as my critical and reasoning mind finally threw out the concept of "belief without proof" which 99% of religious and self-development movements rely upon. So, I'm in until I'm out. Over to you now (for some substance,, that is).
  • toateslafel


    i'm in because i wanna show all how good i can be
  • KillerFishes


    in .. coz it's the last chance for me :)
  • Matysek


    I want to join, because without challenge there is no improvement. And I didn´t mean it only in poker, but in whole life :) And also I can do it!
  • icesindri


    I want to join because I've never really committed myself to something!
  • VasiliZaitsev


    great video, i'm in
  • VasiliZaitsev


    i'm in cause i wanna improve as much as i can
  • Zeleznikkkk


    I want to join,because I am very competitive person and I like to win. I want to be better player and move up to NL100 and kick their damn ass!
  • Barlin63


    I am in. I play for two years now and expanded my bankroll to 300 dollar. Now I seems to be stuck.
  • xxxbullyxxx


    I am in because I want to prove I can beat a lot of poker players and adjust to each type of opponent I am facing in the best possible way. I want to beat $15 HU SNG over a large sample. I want to be one of the best on this Limit.
  • SZEBI18


    I'm in because I want to beat FL 0,5/1. I was struggling with this limit more than two years. Furthermore in last December I lost ton of money. Than I quitted poker.

    After I saw your video I decided to restart my poker career.

    I want to play at least 34000 hands in April. I want to win at least 340$. And I want to start playing on 1/2.

    Further details in my blog (which will be revived.)
  • Galskis23


    I am in cause want to get better life.
  • Starstrick


    I AM IN!, because i play nl 10 and i would like someday play highstakes.

    I AM IN!, because i want improve and start my life power! Dont waist time anymore!
  • jubi89


    I'm in cause I want to prove my dad the poker is not gamble...

    and you ordered me to coment :)
  • Lemros


    I am in because I want to be a winnig player. And I want to prove my self I can do it.
  • cashrules


    i´m in because i have to feed my family cause we went broke with our business. this is not a joke...
  • t33bo


    I want to show everyone who told me that I won't be able to succeed in poker that it is possible to reach the stars aslong as you belive in yourself and aslong as your willing to work hard for it. Even if noone belives in you.

    I want to give people I love something back, and make them happy and for that it would be nice if I have alooooot of money.
    Yea money can't buy happiness but it can buy crazyasshappines -eminem-

    I want to show people who droped me like shit that they can suck my d***

    peace. luv ya all
  • Zeffke


    I'm in because I'm tired of moving up and down all the time because I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've beaten NL100 a couple years ago and now I'm back, I'm strugling at the micros.

    And I'm in now because I believe you're the guy who will bring me back at those stakes!
  • domycia


    I'm in because ...
    I want to change my life and use poker as a tool to do it.
  • theproksa


    Im in because I want to move up and achieve my goals in poker and life.
  • hopeletron


    i am in...lets go
  • Lelland


    I want to stop playing disciplined for a month or two and than just lose it all cause i start playing hands/situations where I know i shouldnt.
  • staselu


    I'm in because I like playing poker, and I am sick of NL10 !!! I want to move up !!!!
  • ameisenmann


    Very good video with true valuable information. Glad that I incorporated already most of it. My biggest problem is lack of motivation. I simply don't play enough. I could find many excuses for that but truth is just laziness. Your input will bring me back on rail and I will report to you in 60 days what I achieved and also open a blog :) Thanks
  • pacanel


    i join to prove myself that i can be successful in this area no mater what other people say.
  • Piligram


    I'm in. I want to go out of micro and stop beeing results oriented.
  • mesisification


    I'm in. I've tired of being stuck at micro stakes because I know that I could be playing bigger games. I want to learn to be more patient, solid and steadily winning player.
  • mesisification


    I've only watched 20 minutes and I say allready that this is the best (poker)video I've seen this far. Second best was the secret of simplicity. Your videos are golden, keep doing what you do!
  • onese7en


    I'm in. I played micro stakes for over a year. I just want to move up and don't waste my time with donking micro stakes. I watched all of your german videos and i became a real fan of you. Hope to see another great video now. Thanks, Gordon!
  • xCASHx


    I´m in. You say you can make everybody to make a winning player, here I am show me what you can!
  • takeacard


  • mAlti


    I am in because I want to focus on something for the first time 4 real
  • boosti


    I'm in because I know it is the right way!!!
  • Alleen86


    I'm in because I don't want to be a break eaven at NL10 forever.. :P
  • QuickSilverrrr


    I'm in. I want to be a better poker player, a REAL poker player. Let's go up - one step at the time.
  • Jennifer83


    I really want to improve my game. I am tired of losing all the time on the small limits, and I KNOW I can do a lot better. And I want to prove it to myself and those people who think I can never succeed.
  • Witz84


    Im in because i have to improve my game and life!
  • LeTrac


    im in
    i want to stop being unmotivated after one fucking bad day
  • Schmeils


    I am in cause i am sick of getting broke and start from the beginning every fucking year!
  • zigdon7h


    IM JOIN :)
  • Nilbob


    I'm in too, i want to be a better poker player and move up to higher stakes than nl10..
  • Jumbleboy


    I JOIN because I want to prove that i'm not a piece of shit!! I will study and upper on cash limits!
  • McPro


    I join, because I want to move up to NL50 and higher and don't stuck at NL25.
  • Ohsovi


    I join, becaause I want to become a better poker player and improve my overall thinking process.
  • lalala1237


    i just wanna be the best
  • KobraTheUgly


    i wont to join because i principially have a strong mind but i need a mentor to concentrate all the mental power and unloud it in one specific point, in the game of poker
  • CichyKloszard


    I want to join becouse I hate to lose.
  • Ightlekyte


    I'm in , because I wanna become more successful, especially financial! And I want to beat NL SH to NL100 and even higher.
  • Oiad


    I'm in because poker is freedom
  • xorph


    I'm in, because i want to improve my poker play and mindset. Someday i want to play succesful in the highstakes.
  • freemoney85


    I want to join! why?? because i want to be a very good poker player!! i love playing poker!!
  • Drakon1988


    I will join, because i believe i can be a winning player and i think that poker can help me to achieve my other goals.
  • sik3s17


    i will join because i love poker and the idea that i can do what i love for a living
  • toateslafel


    i will join because i want to demonstrate that i can become a professional poker player
  • Peanutflush


    I want to move up to nl100! And want to play better poker!
  • roqallo


    i don know if you steel read this but im itrested of changing my live and i belive poker will do that... i play 5yrs like my oldest son and im all time loser. hope you will read that..all the best...
  • EricCurtman


    i join because i want to get autonomous.
  • philthad


    I Want to challange myself. Poker will help me 100% to achieve my other goals in life. I will make it!
  • Meiffert


    I want to improve my mindset.
  • IronHades


    I am in. I already started a blog on your page. I have tried to beat the limits 3 times on different game types and failed on NL25.

    I restarted at NL and tried to get rid of many leaks I have, and yes I have beaten NL 10 3 times, but now with a few of your vids and homework, I have doubled my winrate. And actually shot NL 25.

    Works good so far.

    I believe in m and what you say.
  • Grigo92


    I join because I want to move up and bring my poker to new level.
  • Grigo92


    fk this, I want to move my life to new level, higher, simplER level
  • quis


    I'm in, because I don't want to be an underarchiever anymore. I know there is so much more in me.
  • DeSade2378


    i join because i want play nl25+
  • Ales851


    I´m in. I want to work on my poker business every day step by step to move from micro stakes to midstakes in 3 years. I cannot spend 8 hours a day with poker but I want to do a small step every single day.
  • AmorPL


    Because I'm tired. I'm tired of beeing average. I don't wanna be average. I want to have bracelet. I want to be professional poker player. I want to be very good ambassador for this game. But firstable, I have to have results. I want to play poker
  • bysquit3


    i am going to join this
  • grindworks


    I just came across this video. I want to join because I want to improve on my HU game. I play HU cash at 25nl and 50nl, and will be looking to take shots at 100nl soon. I have found HU cash to be my favourite form of poker. I initially started play full ring, then moved to 6m. At no point during that period did I consider HU because I thought it would be too advanced for me. Then I watched the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge and decided to try out and play a few hands on HU. I came to discover that the action and strategy involved in HU is more suited to me than FR or 6m, and I have never looked back. At this stage, I have been playing and studying the game and consider myself a decent player, but I want to reach that next level skill-wise and crush the stakes. The endgame would be to realise my full potential as a HU player (I realise that I am unlikely to reach durrrr, jungleman or isildur level, but if I can reach a level where I can comfortably beat mid stakes and even play at high stakes, I will be happy!
  • ProActiveK


    I am going to join because I want to stop being mediocore or worse, I want to live the life I always wanted to and have the desire, the flame to become better everyday.
  • mattusko


    I am in. We will see, how far i can go. is the sky limit?
  • NinjaGir


    I've sent you an email, I REALLY want you to coach me. Let's do this challenge! #grinditup

    I will blog a lot, I will play a lot, I will learn a lot, I will study a lot..

  • lebobtartybogramwkarty


    i will join because i want to be better
  • Davelin


    I allready have a blogg at other site and im surely going for this!!

    Will start a 60-day"challage" there to motivate myself even more!
  • ghennt


    In. I feel I understand ho to implement the technical parts of the game but unable to control myself and tilt etc. Time to commit to real change!
  • UnknownJoseph


    I'm in. I want to be better player. I want to prove myself that I can.
  • maziukas


    I'm in! its time to beat crack out of micros and move on... its time to make some money... ship it!!!
  • geschmeid0


    I'm in. Just to prove you are right
  • mirked


    I'm in! I am break even player on nl10-50. Coming to NL50 just to go broke and start over again. I have the motivation but not the right tools to really improve.

    I doubt someone really can help me to beat nl100+ but if someone can it is probably you.
  • dryas


    Someone good at HU advise me to check your videos

    ant it's a will do^^
  • Mauzer77


    I am in! I reached NL100 sh on my own, but got stuck a bit. I am not satisfied with my volume, I know I am capable to do better and more, I want to reach the best I can.
  • frazz4


    Im in, Im a profitable player 35% o the time and 65% a big looser, I want to play my best all the time
  • AmorPL


    Because, I'm going to learn completly new game to me: Omaha. I start at PLO2, and I want to work hard. I want to start again, but now start correctly. With my new approach this should be my way to become better person. Not only poker, but also my life outside the computer.
  • disectorr


    I am joining because i had one heck of a ride and now it's time to do it for a 2nd GOLDEN TIME.
  • Inv1ctus83


    I want to join cause I really believe I can do this.
  • my5tyle


    I fucking suck at the most thins in my life. I am in. I will change my mind ans my discipline.
  • rutelmer


    I am in
  • AtrociousNightmare


    I will join because I want to become better at poker [not just a slight winner in NL25/50 HU] and make an easy living out of it.
  • protest84


    I will join because I want to make a new start with poker
  • Enkidu18


    I will join because i want to become better at this game and make real money and resolve all my problems about tilt
  • MrMardyBum


    I will join because my poker always starts great and then I become complacent and my game stagnates and I end up withdrawing and not playing poker for months at a time.
  • Affenpo10


    I will join because I want to beat NL100 SH Zoom!!!
  • roberteu93


    i will join because i wanna be a regular poker player
  • etobej


    lets go baby!
  • ittapiros


    I will join because I found my game finally and I wont stop before becoming one of the best at it.
  • Arcanis23


    i ll join to get back at the higher stakes
  • Sinamons


    Joining now, because I want my spirit to grow, and I want to wake up every morning with a feeling of desiring to live this life!
  • CMan1


    i'm joining to make breakthroughs in poker and not get lazu
  • Mardin


    I join now, I want to crush the midstakes!
  • Grigo92


    I'm in! I want to be good at poker.
  • Filter666


    I join, because I want to move up.
  • Fatality90


    I'm in!
    I want stop wasting time at micros and improve to midstackes!
  • kirasaki01


    i wanna be a nl50 reg and there is nothing that can stop me
  • LComputer


    i'll hoin, because a hate to be broken again and again
  • krys94


    I want to join because I want change my life
  • Pokercooper


    I'm in !
    I want the best that I can be!
  • jokerjens


    Do you do your coaching also in german?
  • RGerson


    IM in! I just want have lots of fun and lots of money with poker!
  • sicksloth


    I`m in, because its time to focus!
  • jawoftheox


    I'm IN! I want to say: I came, I saw, I conquered!
  • Erandiel


    I'm in! I'm winning reg at nl25 sh regular/zoom tables but i somehow lost my passion for game and becoming better player after a few failed shots at nl50.

    I want to stop wasting time on non-productive things and focus on poker. I want to become successful nl200 reg by end of 2014.

    It's time to really commit myself. I know i can reach any goal i set if i focus all my efforts on important things. This time I'm gonna be serious.
  • kokicar


    I'm in!! i want to be better poker player!