Learning To Learn - Thought Process

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Schnitzelfisch helps us to think about our thought processes during hands. Topics include thinking in ranges, narrowing ranges, how to use your own perceived range and how to improve hand reading skills using simple exercises.


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  • fitzinator18


    enjoy the latest from Schnitzelfisch!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated, please leave them in the comments section below!
  • Wolfske


    Again a very nice video thanks !
  • Matziano


    thx a lot. very good work
  • MuradPirat


  • Kony76


    great video series.
  • barbeysize


    hi schnitzel.

    i once heard in some video about book with very similar with your videos title, something just like learning to learn or how to learn etc. anfortunately i forgot both author's and book's name and can't find now.

    so i wonder if you use that exact book yourself on know somehow what am i talking about and can help me.

    thx for vod anyway.
  • Schnitzelfisch



    I didn't use any book for the production of these videos ;).

    There are of course books about learning out there, but they have different contents, such as learning by metaphores, visualizations, using mind maps, etc.

    I wouldn't know which book you are looking for exactly though.

    If you are referring to the title of the video series, I thought of the title when someone mentioned that I am teaching people how to learn with my videos ;). So I took it and here the series is :).

  • Kingsurprise


    nice video
    it reminds me about lots of things i have forgotten thx
  • sirilidion


    tha, for the vid I was looking for more and better ways to study, analyse and improve my game now I have found some ways I can :). Although I won't have enough time to do these trainings every day. Is that ok and if so how often would you do these trainings of going over WTSD hands, improving thought proces with vids and from the last vid Focus drills?
  • Schnitzelfisch



    of course you needn't do these drills daily if you don't invest that much time into poker ;). Once a week would be a general answer, but I will talk more in depth about how often you should drill in the last video of the series :).

  • Schnitzelfisch


    Link to the focus video: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/27186/
  • apprendist


    Very nice!!!
  • Durwal


    Awesome! I like the concreteness of the advices. It's not just "you have to work on your play"
  • jleonra


    Really awesome video, the drills are definetly something I'll start doing, such a great idea.
  • FlipFlop123


    Nice video,made me think about those drills and how they can actually help me improve.Keep going,you are helping many people.
  • Pilks7


    Been trying to come up with drills to isolate and improve areas of my game for a while now, top work schnitzelfisch, lots of good stuff here