$15 9-Man SNG Ranges

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Collin reviews a $15 9man sng, with themes of bet-folding, countering overbets, exploitive heads-up play and dissecting ranges.


Equity hand history review ICM PokerStars push or fold

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  • fitzinator18


    The latest from Collin, Enjoy! as always please leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!
  • vidrata


    Very nice vid Collin, as always!
  • SMler1


    Collins Videos are always outstanding, so this one!!! Ty! One desire for the new year: Can you produce a video with the theme of reshoving as a midstack over an aggressive bigstack stealer in the bubble or near the bubble. Because I play mostly the regular speed SNG´s, I am faced very often such minraise steals from the bigstack, and I guess, my reactions are too tight because there are 1 or 2 shorter stacks at the table. Often I feel quite helpeless in this situation. Happy new year, Collin and please many Videos from you in 2013!
  • julito23


    Hi Collin, very good vid. I have a question:

    on the JJ hand at min 1:10, after Villain only flatted, after 1 raise and 1 call, can't we always asume he is never on a premium poket pair? I would just stack off on the flop or river, since I never put him on QQ+ and the set is unlikely.

    What is the reason that makes you say that you wouldn't stack off? Thank!
  • cassiusclay22


    32:00, i almost never gonna c/r toppair on a dry flop like this. we wonna keep his bluffrange inside. of course min c/r is an option when we assume he has mid/bottom pair, but most of the times he gonna have nothing.

    nice vid
  • Jakoebchen


    I gotta say, I liked the content I was able to see, but I had the feeling that somebody was constantly turning the volume slightly up and down, which was rather annoying :(
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Vidrata: Thanks!

    #3 SMler1: Appreciate that! I would definitely recommend using SNGWiz (and Nash) to look at profitable 3bet shoving ranges in the situations you describe. I'll try to make a specific video on this and in the meanwhile, maybe post a thread in the Pokerstrategy SNG forum -- if for any reason I miss it, just PM me and I'll make sure to reply and comment :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #4 Julito23: I agree that I made it sound too much as if stacking off there would be a mistake, but like you point out, there are many opponents against whom we can definitely get it in profitably. So, thank you for mentioning that!

    #5 Cassiusclay: Looked at another way, would you always bluff c/r instead of folding if you missed? The pot is already large relative to the effective remaining stack, and he can stay in with 3X hands, 4X, back draw with single overcard, bluffs, etc. So I tend to prefer c/r, but for sure if you know your opponent usually fires turn in those spots, then c/c c/r is the better line. Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for the comments.

    #6 Jakoebchen: Really sorry to hear that, did others have the same issue?
  • SMler1


    Ty, Collin, for your recommendation. Off course I use SNGWIZ and Nash, but a video from you will be helpfull more:)) By the way, how can I get the Nashtool, that you used in your last "bountyvideo", in order to find correct reshoving ranges?
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 SMler1: Sounds good :) And here's the link for downloadable Nash: http://www.holdemresources.net/h/products/hrc.html?source=teammoshman
  • FourSigns


    Thx for this video:) really helpful.