Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest - Part 3

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Raskolnikov gives us more to think about as he brings us part 3 of "Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest", yet again adjusting our mindset and following up with giving us some practical in-game instruction.


Champions Stand Up series thematic video Theory Video

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  • fitzinator18


    enjoy as Raskolnikov continues to embark his wisdom on us in part 3 of his popular series!

    As always feedback and suggestions in the comments section below are much appreciated!
  • barbeysize


    such a motivating videos. i'll start tomorrow *trollface*
  • Matziano


    the next 30 days
    -i post five hands ervery day
    -i do the home-workout
  • Matziano


    super video, hard and fair.
    now i realy have to make a timeplan =)
  • SpiderZorro


    Here is my personal goals / commitments:

    - play and focus on playing value-poker NL10 SH (no gambling)

    - start a blog "DocSnyder-NL10-challenge" with daily update / graph

    - post at least every second day 1 or 2 hands in the Handbewerter-Forum

    That´s it, i hope i keep up!

    Once again: DANKE Gordon!
  • Matziano


    18:30 in wich vid can i find the "filter system" that i should use to analyse my opponents in hm2?
    do you mean the 5logic steps?
  • jules97


    Go Speedfanatic! Like a boss :)
  • jules97


    I really liked the opponent analysis/hand review part.

    Never really thought much about how when an opponent does something, it limits his options later on.

    Like how if he check raises top pair + on the flop, his range is capped (I think I finally understand this term haaha) and is a good candidate to triple barrel.
  • sirilidion


    ok, I only did 3 opponent analyses everyday geuss I have to step it up a notch :(.

    What I did for note taking I put in the specific handanalyses that is different from what I would expect and put in qeustions. If I find this is something that he does often I replace those handanalyses with a specific read.

    I play SnG's but I still think I learned a lot with the way you make use of the stats, make notes and use those reads.

    I am spending already quite a bit of time though with the opponent analyses and push/fold analyses and also do a focus drill once a week, some other trainings like tweaking hud, pop-up other sofware so I can use it with much better effectiveness. That I don't think I have time to do 10 equity analyses and 10 inventing scenarios everyday but I at least can do it once a week as I think I would have a hard time coming up with intresting senario's and thus would take a ling time. Maybe once I get better at it I can do it more often

    As for habits:
    -get better sleeppatarn:
    get to bed before 1:00
    - do some exercise
    after breakfast

    About always doing the habits on a strict timeframe sometimes things come up in life that prefends you from doing so.

    As for finding an accountabillitypartner. I don't really have many people around me with that ( I am not much of a social person ^^). would be willing to help with that, but if your intrested in your intrested in that role just say so ^^.
  • sirilidion


    oh and ofcourse posting hands and think about coach response and ask qeustions if I don't understand the explanation. :)
  • SPeedFANat1c


    thanks for nice words, but probably you will not tell them again, I don't feel I can make everything you say in the videos. I really believe that you can be a champion if you do everything like you instruct. I remember part - there is not - I can't do it. It is I don't want. And probably the case is I don't want after hearing how much have I do. I believe 80% of the vievers will not do everything you said to do in the videos. And those who do everything - they deserve to be the champions.
    But I am not saying I quit poker now. I still do some of the things I heard in the videos. So it still will be better.
    Why? Because its damn exausting :( I have full time job, so when I get tired I don't do serious things. I rest for next day. If next day I feel not so exausted, then I study/play poker.
  • Raskolnikov


    #2 Thx

    #3: Thx

    #4: thx as well ;)
  • Raskolnikov


    #5 Bitteschoen. Jetzt hau rein und gib der Sache ne chance
  • Raskolnikov



    yeah, that's what you have to do. Now after you've done that for a month, your brain will be SO well trained that you will know how to spot those things in less than a second
  • Raskolnikov



    Thx for posting some more details. The more detailed and structured, the better

    (my south american friends would tell me now that there is to much German inside lol)
  • Raskolnikov



    You're welcome. Look, you made a fair assessment and figured that's not what you wanna do.

    It's fine. It's still the most important thing to enjoy what you do.

    Perhaps you can get there with 80 or 90% of what i recommend, but then there is no guarantee ;)))

    In any case, gl on the tables
  • SPeedFANat1c


    and about the blog. Its interestig, yeah, I was thinking about it much earlier. But the problem is - at the same time I don't want to get too much attention.
    Hmm, I could maybe still start a blog, but quit blogging when I reach my decent limit.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    @16, yeah, I understand, I will not have right to complain when I will strugle. Maybe one day I will get bored of strugling and rewatch your videos and start push myself more :)
  • TheLegend142



    Great videos and great input (Good summary of all the good stuff that is out there). Still the hard part is actually doing the necessary work with persistence and creating the habits.

    But nevertheless I am starting right now:

    So my questions:

    I tried to start with anaylsing my opponents. At least I got some more HHs to do that. But as you showed in the Video there is a lot information to get from every hand. When I try to analyse one opponent I can easily spent 2 houres on that. If I try to anaylse 5 (as requested) that adds up.

    So where do I start?
    What are the most important things to get from such an analyse?
    What are the things to look for?
    How much time should I devote to each opponent?
  • Raskolnikov


    Also @9 :

    Accountability partner:

    First homework: Get a bit more social so you can at least find a mofo who will take your money ;)))

    Second: I'm sure there are people here on PS who will hold money and hold you accountable.
  • Raskolnikov



    Find important aspekts. Money makers, sick tells.

    Don't try to be a perfectionist. Spend half hour max on one opponent. Find something "sick" or find something tangible and figure out HOW EXACTLY you can do this.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    A question - is doing all those things, having fulltime job and having not time for other fun stuff - can a person still enjoy what he is doing? Or this is not about fun, this is about just being a chapion nad thats it?
  • sirilidion


    the reason I couldn't do all this daily is that I think this all would take me about 3 to 4 hours of training and I can spend like 4 to 5 hours a day on poker which would give me almost no time to play. have a bit more time in the weekends though so I could spend a bit more time on training then
  • Raskolnikov



    I guess you need a bit of a masochistic sense of "fun". I mean is it "fun" lying around the beach doing nothing the whole day?

    I thought "retiring" in the early was the goal, never having to work again. How wrong (and stupid) i was. I've tried it for half a year after quitting full time poker and i couldn't even enjoy relaxing. Why? Because i had nothing to relax from.

    Imo relaxing and "fun" becomes fun when you have been productive. Then it feels good. And being productive itself is fun as well.

    Ok, you got a full time job, so i understand that you're not looking to "learn" poker many more hours a day.

    That's fine. Keep it as a nice hobby. The only thing i say is of course that you can't expect to move up in one year to NL1k or any of that sort.

    Seems not like you want this, but you can still watch the videos as in terms of "what to do" when you got some free time/energy.
  • Raskolnikov



    No, you don't need 4-5hours. The type of homework i ask for is 1-2 hours daily max.

    I never did more myself, unless i was very desperate ;). But try to really put in those 1-2 hours daily of FOCUSED work.
  • sirilidion



    Well, only going through 5 reg showdown hands took me a bit less then 2 hours and that was just like 50 hand max per reg.

    I am already putting in 1 a 2 hours of training daily. I have thought of apllied some other trainings as well and like to vary my training a bit so training stays fun and I get to go over different things in my game.

    About the scenarios do you have to think up the hands on your own or can you look into your database and take intresting hands and think of how to play them against different opponents and think of how to play against different plays etc. . As I think if I would need to come up with scenario's on my own it would take me a lot of time to come up with 10 a day.
  • b0gd4n3l


    My goals for the next 30 days:
    -analyze 10 opponents per day
    -play at least 3k hands per day
    -continue to post in my blog even though it lacks of attention and feedback
  • SPeedFANat1c


    "I mean is it "fun" lying around the beach doing nothing the whole day"
    Sometimes it is but rarely, I would get bored of course if doing that constantly :) I was not meanning such extreme examples. But I mean - I already watch movies and tv shows rarely, becasue I put time on poker, and girlfiren searchnig.
    And when I will have GF, I believe it will become even worse than not having it when talking about freetime. Because GFs as we now like to spend time doing nothing together, lie lieing in the beach fits perfectly :D
    but yeah, I agree, part of fun is when you are productive and can see the results.
    And I am not aiming at beating NL1K in one year :) I would be so happy if I would crush NL20 by the end of the year and next your try to crush nl50 :)

    I can dedicate about one hour for poeker a day (playing and studying), maximum 2 if I don't have much to do.
    Because also I need to let my eyes to rest.
    On weekends its a bit different story, it really depends on if I am meeting with friends or girls, and on weekends I probalby can do those things which you tell in the videos, but I still don't want to give someone money, thats too hardcore :)
  • SPeedFANat1c


    Also the thing is - if you put so much pressure on yourself, you can also burn out. I think this should be considered. That is also one of the reasons I don't put too much pressure on reaching very high goals.
  • wlcKeD


    I cannot find that blog, you recommended to view. Could you please post the link ?
  • MaxBarbaruk


    Привет Raskolnikov, пожалуйста, прокомментируй поставленные цели.

    Очень мотивируют твои видео. Спасибо.
  • Raskolnikov


    #26 To keep it simple, if you do 1-2 hours of focused training each day, it's enough.

    If you can't complete all tasks, then just do 3 instead of 5 opponents. You know, i swear that the issue is doing it for many days and not just one week and then giving up. That's the REAL issue. Not wheter its 8 or 10 scenarios.

    Who the fck cares, those are only numbers. Do 6 scenarios each day, as long as you do it every day.

    => HABITS !!!
  • Raskolnikov



    If you want more feedback, write it in a more interesting way.

    Be proactive about it. But more important than that is to just develope the habit!

    So i'm rooting for you!
  • Raskolnikov



    In the end you have to make up your priorities.

    I was just surprised how beautiful your reads were in the post. So it is kind of a shocker that you don't beat NL20. The way you think should easily beat NL50. At least the way you present the Hand history.

    Perhaps your poker leaks are elsewhere. But most NL400 players post worse hands than you.


    You're just looking for excuses. That's a bunch of bullshit. Burnout happens, but it never happens when you are motivated.

    At times i've studied 6-8hours chess daily before a competition. Afterwards i didn't do anything for 2 weeks, because of being exhausted.

    But yeah, there is a LOT of psycho babble bullshit that people invented as excuses.

    If you have "burnout" that simply means that you did to much of something without enjoying. Obv, then it's time to do somth else.

    But discussing it beforehand is like saying "i shouldn't do this, because in 2 years it could become boring"
  • Raskolnikov



    Большое спасибо Max! Я буду читать
  • zoty79


    verry good Video!
    My new Habbits for 30 Days:
    10 Equity Analysis
    10 Inventing Scenarios
    5 opponent Analysis
    Post Hands

    I am IN :-)
  • SPeedFANat1c


    yeah, I believe I have other leaks, and bogdan coach also pointed out as very important is that I am agro on flop and passive on the turn. So they bluff me out probably, and now I am focusing on this area. Also on the river I have wtsd 20 so its too low, so again I am probably too nit on the river and they bluff me. My f3bet 70 or higher so also nitty - they bluff a lot, but I try to find more spots to fight back.
    These are whch I know, but there might be others which I don't know.
    I know also I am not choosign the best tables because my aim currently is not to make most money but improve most. So I only change table when I don't see any fish. But nl20 is not that high limit, so if I learn, I should beat all tables which have at least one fish. ANd once I reach nl100 maybe or I should say if I reach, then become more picky because of course the game is much thougher.

    About burn out - I think I was experiencing this earlier when I was in secondary school 12th year, so studied a lot, like you said "No matter what" I have to go to the best university in my country. But I don't want same same shitty feelings anymore :)
  • Raskolnikov



    Perhaps your burn out happened because you didn't do this for yourself.

    The goal also was not tangible. For example you could have said:

    I want to become a lawyer at xxx. This is my live dream. In order to become a lawyer there i need summa con laude from yyy university.
    In order to get into yyy university i need to study hardcore.

    Now i don't know what motivated you or if it was just an ego thing.
    Ego can motivate btw and is nothing "bad", but there's no deeper meaning involved which can "burn" the motivation quickly.

    In any case good feedback from you and nice convo.
  • Raskolnikov


    #37, Awesome! Welcome "in" ;)
  • SPeedFANat1c


    #39 - np, was also interesting to talk :)

    btw I made some goals also, but maybe I should adjust them. BUt they are not so hardcore ones, I just made having in mind how much free time I do have.

    Watch 1 video a week.
    Read 1 articl a week
    1 sweat session a week (depends on if I easiyly find partner so we both like doing those sessions)
    watch 1 live coaching a week
    post 14-20 hands a week
    10 equilab equity trainings a week
    make excel sheet to track those goals
  • SPeedFANat1c


    I also think that making realistic goals makes sense - depending on you time, and how fast you want to reach X limit.
    So if you make some goals, not necesarily hardcore ones and you reach them, youfeel happy, make another ones. ALso if your goals are too easy too reach and you notice that, then you can adjust them.
    Also studying time has to have some ration to playing. For example I have played I think about 300 hrs last year according to HEM. So it does not make too much sense study 400 hrs - more than play I guess. So what do you think would be perfect ratio on average during the year?
  • Raskolnikov


    No idea on a perfect ratio. Personally i also learnt most when i faced a downswing. Motivation was highest then. Why would you learn if you beat everybody ;) ?

    What I recommend is Learning vs playing 1:4, whereas 2 hours max learning per day.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    1 hours tudy, 4 hours play. Then its really not much since I don't play much :)
    last uear I summed up and I was having 2 hours study for 3 hours play :) but of course its so lot because I am breaking even. (I put in excell the hours when I study, so thats how I know how much I did per year).
  • Revelry


    Hello, Raskolnikov! Your videos is amazing, you tell us to comment more, but did you read comments on russian? As far as i know you can speak russian, so it was not hard for you.
  • Revelry


    For example, for that video?
    Or we can leave comments on russian here?
  • Raskolnikov



    Spassibo bolshoe!

    I didn't even know the vids got translated into Russian.

    I talk some Russian, but not as fluent as i used to be. Have to refresh ;)

    I will look over and comment some these days!
  • MaxBarbaruk


    Hi Gordon, please tell me, can I use your homework(10 Eq analysise,5scenario...,5 opp analysis) as my new habbits, because if Ill define 1 more habbit it will be 4 new or it's ok?
  • MaxBarbaruk


    Sorry for my Eng )
  • thisrockz


    Goals for the next 30 days:

    -still split praxis/theory into 70/30

    -update my blog daily

    -review my session every next day

    -post and analyze hands daily

    -work out every second day
  • Raskolnikov



    of course use them as habits. just make 100% sure u do it 30 days.
  • MaxBarbaruk


    TY, next month Ill add some one ore few more.
  • tomzyb


    Hey, question abt analyzong opponents: What is the best way t odo it? Atm i go trough SD hands of my opponents (starting from those whom i have played most hands with), and write down basically more or less whole hand. And plan for afterwards is to go through these notes and generalize them. But it's really time consumig for opponents i have 1,5k+ hands on, takes me like 1/2hr to go through just SD hands where final pot is 10bb+, not to mention how much time it would take if i wanted to go trough all the little pots aswell. Any sugestions? (I guess it will get easyer with opponents i have less hands on..)
  • AwinningReg


    Didnt watch 2 previous vids, should probably find them

    What concerns my goals here they are:

    - have 4 coaching sessions(1\week)
    - produce 80 000 hands(3200\day during 25 days)
  • AwinningReg


    One more thing I want to do now after wachting video deeper and that I think is very helpfull for getting better is:

    -get good at finding and exploiting different players' tendencies
    Doing 1 half work everyday on analysing boards, ranges, tendencies in my DB will help to achieve this goal
  • Avatars91


    First of all – you are by far the best video producer I've seen and you have actually restored my faith in poker videos as a useful and productive (!) learning material. I am impressed!

    Secondly – I'll dare to ask a million questions since you are so generous and seem to enjoy them anyway.

    1) You mentioned that we shouldn't bother thinking about the spot anymore when we're considering 3Betting light vs someone once we check and see that he has a fold to 3Bet stat of 30%.
    Is that really the case? Shouldn't the next thing we check be his fold to cBet stat and whether we have any notes/other indicators that may lead us to believe we have sufficient fold equity postflop for a light 3Bet?

    I understand your point and we should try to save up those "energy points"
    as you've cleverly stated before, but thinking a bit more at least in this example might prove to be worth the input ITLR.

    2) Regarding hand #1:
    Does our opponent's flop raise % not contribute to the making of our decision of whether to cBet the flop or not?
    What I mean by this is – we check and see that he folds >50% to flop cBets and we basically cBet almost our whole range with no additional info even OOP, right?
    But how does it change according to our opponent's raise flop % if hypothetically these 2 stats is all we know about his postflop play?

    The reason I ask this is that after watching this video I got the impression that his flop raise % is of no importance here because if we do know that he raises a lot a good standard approach is to cBet/3Bet to see if he folds OTF and possibly to barrel him off on many turns and rivers. It doesn't sound completely insane but it also does not seem like something what most regs would consider doing @ these limits, me including. Wanted you to reaffirm that.

    3) Do you agree with a good standard flop 3Bet size of a bit less than 2/3 here in hand #1?

    4) If we 3Bet and he calls, do you really assume that a) his range mostly consists of weak - medium hands and b) a good general hypothesis would be that he folds by the river so often that we can bet almost any turn and river?
  • Avatars91


    5) If we cBet OTF and he calls we form a general hypothesis that people with such a flop raise % most often have a weak calling range AND that we should be able to make him fold most of that range by the river (thus we 3barrel), right?
    And if we do end up seeing him making a light calldown, we just sigh and make a note, immediately adjust and start vBetting very thin OTR + don't bluff 3barrel, right?
    AND, maybe we also make a smart guess that 3Betting vs his flop raises and trying to barrel him off might no longer be as good either?

    6)Say we cBet OTF, he calls and the FD completes OTT. We bet again and he calls. Do we consider bluffing the river? One could make the argument that there is a decent possibility that he doesn't have FDs in his flop calling range because he raises so often and thus his turn calling range is pretty capped anyway. But if he calls OTT with something that is not a flush, should we not be already suspecting him of being capable of making lighter calls overall? Or do we assume that he may still have a weak pair + FD OTT or that he'd have to be rather insane to call us down again OTR with anything that is not the nuts or close to the nuts? The general hypothesis here being, of course, that such insanity is not as common nowadays at these stakes.
  • Avatars91


    A few questions about your comments on those notes:

    7) After seeing that he doesn't stab a single time with that Q5 hand from BB vs us being in the SB, what would be the note you'd take if you would actually see him betting, for simplicity's sake, this very same hand on the very same flop vs another opponent @ a different table?

    It is probably not that common, but in the off-chance it would happen, how would you react and would it confuse you?

    8)Does seeing our opponent not betting IP a weak 2nd pair with T9 on KTx 3way (especially 3way) tell us that much?
    It, of course, does tell us something, but I would argue that we could expect most regs not to bet such a hand 3way anyway as there is close to 0 value in betting and if we bet then only to take it down + avoid getting bluffed OTT.
    OK, if we discover that, we get some information. But is there a significant connection to the situation with Q5 on a dry paired flop? I would argue that the difference between the two spots is too big because in the T9 example he has significantly more showdown value in a spot where vBetting is at best questionable + is facing two opponents.

    Is it also not very hasty to assume that he has a tendency not to vBet thin from this T9 example? It's not like a clear vBet spot and even if he were to bet it for value it would be an extremely thin vBet (thus likely not applicable to most "is he vBetting light?" problemspots).

    9) You pointed out that we could really consider checking our A6 on a 456s flop vs him once we know that he frequently just checks down IP without bluffing, judging from the Q5 example.
    Would bet/3betting for blockers vs a set of 66 not be more +EV? Especially because, as you also later stated, 456s is a different spot than that Q5 situation. Mainly because checking on 456s generally seems to be more often a check/fold than on a dry paired flop (there are some people who are in love with their A highs or weak pairs in those spots).
  • Avatars91


    10) You also pointed out that KJo should be a reraise BBvsSB (I hope I didn't mishear it?), which makes me very confused.
    Of course, it is not impossible vs some real fish as a value-3Bet, but why would it be a good standard vs anyone who looks like a reg?
    Not only are OOP calls getting rarer starting from NL25+, but our hand is also good enough to just play IP vs his opening range?
    Why not 3Bet weaker Kx that have less playability and keep the good ones in our calling range?
    Besides, it is so opponent-specific. If we're up against a maniac, 3Bet-bluffing is suicide anyway.

    11) You said that we should never allow our opponents to see showdowns with 55.

    Maybe this last one may seem like a culmination of me being a pain-in-the-ass, but vs calling stations we just don't have a choice. The minute you said that I started to feel sad because my opponents can't always get away from not seeing showdowns with 55 :( needed to defend myself!

    Now, this is quite the essay.
    This may be a lot to ask for, but if anything, even short and straightforward answers would satisfy my crave for some quality information
  • Raskolnikov


    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Last question: The point is that MOST people will fold those 55 at some point if you bet.

    Once you've figured out that Villain is a super monkey station, of course, don't bluff.

    Don't let me state the obvious ;)
  • lilxam


    Very nice video !
    I really love this serie !

    I've started a blog two weeks ago :

    My homeworks are not as big as you suggest, but this is what I do each week :

    -Post more than 10hands
    -Do a session review
    -Watch a video and write down important points
    -Analyse a player (Is it as useful in heads up as in 6max ??)

    I think I'll add 10 inventing scenarios and 10 (maybe more) equity analysis.

    I really begin to see some mistakes in my plays and I'm sure I'll improve my game quickly.

    I'm looking forward to see next parts !

    Thanks !
  • PowerSnoopy


    Great video series! Really helpful to me.

    I've just started the blog and done the homework:

    As new habit I’ve chosen to study poker 1h/day – more is not realistic since I work about 10h/day. Today was an exception: 4 hours studying poker and writing the blog.

    Especially analyzing opponents takes me time +++. Could you give me some advice how to systematically analyze players, particularly if you have > 500 hands? What hands do you pick up for deeper analysis?

    Thank you for your teaching.
  • DaineMudda


    new goals/habits
    - eat breakfast within 1 hour after getting up, and get up at 4pm, or earlier.
    - watch 1 poker related video every day

    New goals/habits that will not be punished by giving monies to evil institutions:

    - Make 1+ post (post a hand, go through someone else's hand and reply or reply on a comment to one of your posts) in the Handbewertungsforum every day.
    - Make at least 1 post every week in my Pokerblog:

    Maybe it isn't that much, but some improvement is better than no improvement.

    Thanks for your videos Gorden, it is not only the motivation you give but you also give out the tools to do it. What I have to do now is not get lazy again.
  • DaineMudda


    Is it ok to think about the invented scenarios while being at the table? For example: "What would I have done if he hadn't checked the river to me?"
    Of course I should have known what to do before he checks to me, but thats not always possible if he is oop.

    I'm usually just 1 or 2 tabling (Badugi) so I normally do have the time to think about invented scenarios without starting to mess running hands up and it also helps me to stay focussed, at least i hope that.
  • tomzyb


    Allmost 2 months and still no part 4?
  • MisterSnS


    Habits for next 30 days:
    1) Do the handreading game for 10 hand histories a day. Time: 9a.m - 11a.m.

    2) I will always eat a good amount of food for lunch at 2pm, latest.

    Collaborating with the homework, I can combine the handreading game with the equity analysis.

    The rest of the homework probably also count as habits because they need to be done every single day. It's gonna be hard, but I will do this.
  • Workafrolic


    I'm definetely in! My goals are as follows:
    -posting at least 3 hands BEFORE EVERY session,
    -making equity analysis of 5-10 scenarios everyday,
    -playing simple poker, avoiding leveling myself,
    -never stackoff without minimum 5 seconds of thinking;)

    Gl everyone!
  • Grigo92


    I will do:
    -daily session reviews (HH evaluation)
    - watch at least 1 poker video
    - play at least 1 session
    - write down my thoughts after each session (was i playing my A game, or B,C, D, E game? Why?)
  • Grigo92


    Damn gr8 vid!
  • Renne01


    We are not a Kindergarden here! :D

    Nice Videos Sir. :)
  • AtrociousNightmare


    I worked previously to start having a precise scheduling (wake up x time, work for x time, go to bed at x time etc) and I succeeded.

    My next step is to improve what I'm doing in the theory part of my day.

    I don't want to just study these videos, I also need to:
    -keep up with the new blog every day by posting graph, small summary of what happened and why IMO, and some hands I need help with [more details in blog]
    -post in HH evaluation forum daily

    I'll add about studying villains when I stop playing only vs recreational players I'll never see again to recover my BR.
  • AtrociousNightmare


    But I'd say that counts for 1 habit.

    The 2nd I want to have is to first do the theory session, AND THEN after I finished, I check my updates [ya know emails and the like]. Which is the opposite of my current habit.
    This way, if theory requires more than 3 hours, then FINE I'll do some extraordinary work for the day.
    Work > Updates.

    My accountability partner will be my wife, the terms will be kept private.
  • Inv1ctus83


    Great video, I'm glad I've subscribed for gold status.

    I'm gonna do equity analysis each day and I'm gonna check showdown spots from the previous day.

    I'm also gonna start analysing my opponents.
  • Arcanis23


    Great video

    I am gonna play with a timetable 3h a day
    I am gonna do Equity Analysy. Inventing Scenarios and Oppenet Analysis