W34z3l's W0rksh0p: Profiling Opponents

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New coach W34z3l brings us his first video in which he shows us all the weird and wonderful types of 'unknown' opponents at the microstakes and shows us how we can be profiling them with a very limited sample size.


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  • fitzinator18


    Welcome new coach W34z3l as he brings us this weeks freebie on opponent profiling!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • DrDunne


    nice video - i like how you're talking about situations like min 3bets. most videos just brush over these things but it happens so much and it's obviously important. looking forward to more content!
  • pleno1


    Great video for small stakes No Limit guys. Welcome to the team!
  • crodady


    great video
  • nefarious26


    this stuff is obvious but sooo overlooked, its a great foundation to build a thinking process from, very nice vid
  • InTheZ0ne


    Good stuff bro
  • MMPokerNab


    This is very very good. Well done w34z3l, can't wait for more!
  • boum98


    I like the clear voice and slow speed. It helps to absorb the info faster.
    Basic info presented in a new fresh way.
    Great vid. Give me more...
  • DavidDorky


    Wow! Great video!
    Thank you very much! :)
  • w34z3l


    Thanks a lot guys =)
  • Sinnology


    REally good video and as mentioned before, clear, calm voice and normal speed - IDeal for absorbing and understaning ino.
    Looking forward for your future videos.

    Thx a lot
  • ninjakalz


    great video! thanks!
  • nvaz


    Very good video. Keep them coming. Congratz.
  • muel294


    excellent, more please :)
  • staselu


    great video man ! looking forward to apply this info
  • w4terman


    looks really promising!

    very nice vid
    clear sound
    keep them coming!!!!

    these series will be only for 6max or fullring as well?
  • w34z3l


    @16 - They will mainly be based around 6max, but hopefully a lot of the concepts are applicable to FR too.
  • Johniiicek


    Very basic. Very logical. Very nice voice. Great examples. Very good video! Keep it up!
  • EnterG


    NICE !
  • borrov1


    altough good theory explanations, grinding at microstakes wont be profitable.
  • beebeeboy


    4:58 are u telling: "to avoid high variance decisiion"?
  • Xendor1


    Thanks for that great video!

    Will there be a video dealing with how to adapt to certain types of opponents, especially weak regulars and recreational players?

    My opponents often make weird plays like checkraising a dry board. I know he's a weak player by then. But I'm not sure how to handle this. Is it correct to just fold weak hands to such kind of moves even though I know my opponent's play doesn't make much sense?
  • w34z3l


    #21 Not that you should avoid all high variance decisions, but that you should avoid unnecessary ones. There will be a lot more about this in part 3.

    #22 So far there is no such video planned. The length of this series will depend largely on how well it is received. If the series is popular I will certainly think about incorporating something like this into later vids. Thanks for the suggestion.

    The answer to your question is of-course villain dependent. Sometimes you should just give players credit in such spots, but certainly not always.
  • coogan


    Excellent video and I did appreciate the clean accent. I'm still taking my first steps but I feel this advice on profiling has already helped me. Identifying the recreational players and the differences in how they play and bet compared to regular players has helped me recover my losses from cash games last month!
  • beebeeboy


    Very usefull video.

    w34s4l, thanks a lot.

    Keep it up!
  • Barlin63


    Very good video and I hope there will be more. I agree with 22 that it would be nice to have your thoughts on how to adapt to the weird plays the villains make.
  • Erevos


    w34z3l always made excellent videos. Just a sidenote: sound is loud and a bit annoying...
  • tatisan


    Haha! It took you 27 minutes to say "fish"...
    Nice videoa!
  • w34z3l


    #27 Turn the volume down? I figured too loud is better than too quiet. In case people want to listen on laptops and things with quiet speakers.

    #28 Lol yeah. I try to be politically correct and avoid using the term "fish". Sometimes I get carried away and forget.
  • Resilence


    Thx for a nice video, theres alot of things to considder, some of them I already use, but I have a hard time focusing on the game and marking players sometimes :) usually I only mark green for fishes, still need to work on marking players for sure :)
  • supernacho2000


  • sleep99


    Cheers for this. Nice vid.
  • Laci24


    Really good video! Thank you!
  • luizsilveira


    Very nice video. In terms of feedback, the pace started a bit too slow but caught up in the end. Keep it up!