Hot $22 Turbo MTT: Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $22
  • Fullring
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Collin reviews the hand history of a turbo MTT played on Pokerstars. He looks at playing pots against weak players to accumulate chips during the early stages. Calling shoves, openshoving, 3bet shoving, countering wide openers and optimal play vs a reg who has openshoved.


3bet Equity hand history review PokerStars turbo

Comments (30)

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  • fitzinator18


    The latest MTT hand history review from Collin, enjoy!.

    As always please leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!
  • geoelt


    very nice and solid work, nothing new for me but i really like your explaining approach, its obvious that you have quite a bit of coaching experience... once again, nice work!
  • beebeeboy


    My english isn;t so good so want to clarify:

    9:33 are u telling: "I must admit the fact.."
  • fitzinator18


    @#3 Beebeeboy: "I must have missed the fact that..."

    great vid Collin!
  • Rzeczpospolita


    Nice vid! Your explanations are very good
    , and they have a clear link to strategy.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 geoelt: Thanks!

    #4 Fitzinator18: Thanks for the clarification and glad you enjoyed the video :)

    #5 Rzeczpospolita: Thanks!
  • 4Oribe


    Not good video!
    Weak play!Ya,we suckout many.many times ,but most of the time we was on the loosing side!
    2.Push every hand and risk very big part of the stack!Raise will be the same ,just we can fold when somebody push,when we raise not for value!When we push risky too many and only the best hand will call us in most of the time! not played very well,many leaks.
    Nothing personal,just mi opinion!
  • ASDA7


    30:14 - What is the programme?
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 4Oribe: Thanks for your feedback, and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the video. Would you let me know a specific spot you would prefer raising small to openshoving, and I'd be happy to take a look and talk more about that decision?

    #8 ASDAZ: It's the Holdem Resources downloadable calculator, 30 day free trial available.
  • ILuvBeachVB


    I've never heard the term "overlay". Is it the same as "dead money?"
  • roqallo


    Collin what soft you use hire ???
    ps its very good movie ;]
  • Kraterspalter


    5:53 the shove with kjo is not that clear.
    I rebuild the hand with holdem resources (i hope without making any mistakes) and its very boarderline depending on utgs range. I already made the overcalling ranges behind you tighter then nash.
  • Kraterspalter


    18:08 stop and go makes no sense for me with aqo.
    When we shove the flop we nearly always only have fe vs worse hands, as he will very rarely fold a pair. 22 on tj8 might be an exeption^^
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 ILuvBeachVB: Yes, extra money in the pot.

    #11 Rogallo: Thanks! The software is the Holdem Resources downloadable calculator.
  • CollinMoshman


    #12/#13 Kraterspalter:

    In the KJ hand, it looks to me like you have the button on a stack of $12k instead of $1200? That tightens our range since he would then cover us when he wakes up with a hand.

    At 18:08 it won't have much impact since he starts the hand off with only about 4bb. A stop 'n go would be reasonable though since if he ever folded even a 6-out draw that would be a good outcome for us given the pot odds he'd be getting offered.
  • Kraterspalter


    you are right, that was my mistake.
    With the right BU-Stacksize it is a shove.
  • LooserSR


    good vid, keep'em comin
  • CollinMoshman


    #17 LooserSR: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
  • Agosfc


    Nice vid, Thank you very much.
  • CollinMoshman


    #19 Agosfc: Great, glad you enjoyed it :)
  • mandaniz


    ive watched your video, and shipped turbo mtt. thanks for inspiration! :D
  • Farmarchist


    Hey Collin, good vid ;). My question is wheter we need to shove looser are call shoves looser in those turbo-mtt's because blinds increase quickly and we get less spots. So it's that an extra argument for calling AT 6:40
  • endreKKKK


    min 12:00 with 88, i would push them too if i know uwanti is a fish... but if i think if he is a good player...argh...
    will he ever fold?? What's the range you would assing to him? Cause i'm suprised he can fold doing such a big OR... If he'd minOR i could think i have FE...

    I dont understand how the uwanti85 can fold doing a OR x3.... with 14BB..

    really enjoy your videos!really cool stuff! dunno why someone can complain...
  • Pr0teus


    nice vid, keep up the good work
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, Collin! Here is a question from russian community:

    As we know, you play with stats druing your regular sessions. Why you almost do not use it in videos? A lot of decisions, most likely, depend on opponent's stats.

  • danutz123


    I love your videos but for a guy with such a staid, genteel voice, you sure do say "shove it" alot.
  • vidrata


    Hi Collin, I watch your videos with great pleasure and interest so please keep on posting them!:) I have a question about this one: you advocate to move in a lot when there is sufficient overlay on the table, but how many dead money can be considered as being sufficient, compared to (y)our stack? A third? A quarter? Even a fifth maybe?
  • thenatural


    Awesome Stuff as always Colin!! You are one of the best pokercoaches out there!
    Keep up the good work!!

  • riouzaki


    I really enjoyed the video, but i must say that winning 2 key times with dominated hand, only makes me think that pokerstars card generator is a bingo one. I will not make any other comment since i dont consider my self pro, i am glad i still dont own an account at that site. Happy bingo to all.
  • Riverdiver


    Where can I find those Nash ranges? I could only find some ranges for HU somehow, or did I misunderstand the concept of Nash Ranges?