Gap The Mind - Cold Calling 3-Bets Preflop in Application

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Now that we understand the theory behind cold-calling 3bets, it's time to look at scenarios in which to use it. Siete777 and Cornholio show some hands in which we can put the theory into practice.


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  • fitzinator18


    Siete777 and Cornholio bring us the more practical side of Cold Calling 3-Bets Preflop, giving some examples. Enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • ionutd


    Not a big fan of this series. I don't think you're close to what gold members want to see. I for one would rather watch a simple video on some creative flop lines. When do you donk or c/r, what's the plan when you get raised ip/oop, stats you look at... haven't seen anything like that on pokerstrategy.
  • WingoPoker


    @#6: this!

    not even 15min..... more, more more!!!
  • martijnde666


    More about OOP, thats a lot morre difficult :)
  • ThreeFour34


    The problem at first two hands is, when TT you are pretty screwed when he has a higher pair, what is very probable when 3Beting. And preflop 3bet will Cbet every flop... so with tens you really dont know where you stand...
  • Cornholio


    Hey ionutd,

    Thanks for the Feedback. I´m sorry if the concept didnt meet your expactations. But the Videos are for Gold to Black and we are adressing pretty much Midstakes-Players, for whom we want to give suggestions on several topics. The Content might not be that relevant if you play much smaller Limits, but we hope everyone can get at least suggestions.
  • iambanker


    You said at about 3 minutes, that on K87 we don't have any strong hands. Do you never cold call AK/KQ in that spot (or not you, but players in general)?
  • Siete777


    Hey iambanker.

    Thx for your question and sorry for the late reply. Usually we 4bet/fold KQ, dont we? And most players would 4bet AK. But I agree, we could add them to our coldcalling range, especially when they are suited.

    Regards Adil