Midstakes Thinking With Oblioo

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Dustin reviews hands with stakes ranging from 400NL to 5KNL he discusses about taking none-standard lines and 'out the box' thinking.


Contibet flop hand history review midstakes postflop preflop

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Oblioo as he gives his analysis on some mid-stakes hands!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.
  • imfromsweden007


    Very very good video imo
  • Pumper247


    simply perfect video; length, explanations and various hands/opponents. hope to see a second part :)
  • G1wave


    like it!
  • instaflip


    another very nice vid. thumbs up for your hand selection, pretty interesting spots even tho its kinda nice to everywhere have fish in the blinds :D

    29:40 AJo vs obv small stealraise: that hand was pretty standard imo. if villain was fullstacked with which line would you continue then? float flop/cr turn to get another bet out of villain or 3b right away to not let him pick up some EQ? what sizings would you choose?

    KJo was vwp, got me to think twice about it, thx for that. pls more vids of that kind :)
  • mbml


    great video with suitable length (30-40 min seems optimal). I agree with most of your analyses but I have a question here:

    Nut flush As5s on TXX monotone vs fish who minbets every street: I kind of disagree here for a few reasons.

    1) Based on my own experience, the min-bet could be strength some of the time, as shown here by the fish who had QQ
    2) I think raising earlier still gives you a higher chance of earning more money as opposed to him reading your line as BS and hero-calling 2 streets of overbet. I don't think the fish would think at that level, and he would think more in absolute terms.
  • oblioo


    Thanks for the feedback so far guys,

    instaflip- If villain were fullstacked, it would depend more on what I thought villain's tendencies are, but generally I would call the flop raise--not as a float, but because we probably have the best hand, and try to get to showdown. If villain bets again on the turn then we could call down if it's a card we think he'll bluff, or just fold if we don't think he bluffs a lot. Sorry I can't be more specific but hopefully that answers your question.

    mbml- I'm not sure what your question is, but I stand by what I said in the video about that hand. Fish are not maniacs who randomly click buttons (as much as it may seem like that sometimes); they still have brains and read hands on some level. And I actually think part of the reason the fish shoved over my huge raise on the river is because of the fact that since I did not raise the flop, he didn't put me on a flush. Raising the flop and then overbetting turn and/or river looks too strong here imo, even against a fish.
  • pleno1


    bravo mon ami!
  • YsoSerious


    really liked it, but:

    # hearing you breathing is a bit anoying

    # please tell us at least the most important stats oft your hud

    # A5ss hand: why dont you beginn to raise turn? dont know if i am right, but i think you are playing vs an 45/8 fish who has a pretty strong range imo, when he min3bets preflop
    i dont understand why you are waiting untill turn to raise

    # 19:30 why dont just bet quite small, about half pot to keep initiative and check back unimproved on river. you will sometimes win the hand vs draws. and he probably folds some pocketpairs higher than your pair
    and if you hit on river the pot is already bigger and you can bet big for value

    btw, ist you opponent a 60/13 fish? i dont like to try to get him off a J, i think you get bluffcatched to often
  • Bierbube


    I also don't like your flat call with A5s on the flop. These kînd of players will never fold to your flop raise (remember: he reraised preflop). What are you doing if a spade comes on the turn? I think he would fold all hands without a spade (even this player). So you miss value. Against these kind of opponent I always play aggresiv because they can't fold big hands. I guess this opponent would even call the flop and the turn with AKo (without a spade) if a nonspade card comes at the turn.
  • BrainBug


    Hey oblioo, can you share youre HUD? Would be nice :)
  • oblioo


    Yso- I didn't discuss the HUD in this video because HUD stats didn't happen to be important in the decisions I made in these hands, but the first two stats are vpip/pfr and the very last stat is number of hands. About that 65hh hand, this is actually the one hand where I don't love my river play; looking back on it I prefer calling; you are right, he may not fold Qx.

    And about the A5s hand: The reason I flat the flop is because it allows us to make massive overbets later on. Bierbube, I disagree that villain will call flop and turn with AKo (no spade) if we were to raise flop and bet huge on the turn. If I had a non-nut flush then I agree with raising the flop, but perhaps we can agree to disagree on this spot :)

    and BrainBug- My HUD is often changing a little bit; PM me if you'd like to discuss it.
  • oblioo


    Oops and Ysoserious, I forgot to answer your question about betting the turn with 65s. "To keep initiative" is not a good reason to bet, especially when we can see a free river if we check back. I don't necessarily think villain calls the flop with 66-77 (plus there aren't many combos of those anyway especially since we have a 6), so the only reason I would bet the turn would be if I wanted to overbet the river to get my opponent to fold Qx, which may not be a great idea against a relatively unknown fish.
  • cadhucat


    very nice video
  • vladd20


    Aj hand, if u think he s bluffing isnt calling better than shoving, because you for sure get the last 108 from his stack?
  • oblioo



    1. I don't agree that we get the last $108 from his stack if we flat (how often do people bluff $108 into a $540 pot?).

    2. There's sooo much dead money in the pot in relation to the effective stack size that I'd rather just get villain to fold his equity and not give him a free card with 6 outs.
  • bencb


    min 12:00 so you`re betting half pot because of balancing against a fish ???????????????????????????????????
  • oblioo


    naw bencb, sorry I didn't make it more clear in the video, but the reason I bet half pot there is because of what we're trying to get value from. We block top pair and nut flush draw, so we're mostly trying to get value from weak pairs and/or weak flush draws.
  • pKay


    To the 56s hand where you raise 9 river:

    Isnt 56s too good, rangewise, to turn it into a bluff?

    I mean, dont we wanna call as many hands as we think will be profitably?
    Basically I'm trying to say: If you think raising here is profitable: Don't you think you have enough worse hands to be raising with?
  • BC1989RF


    i liked the vid a lot.
    specially your bluff minraise lines vs fishy leads - u got me in the 65hh hand i have to say ^^.
    plays vs regs would be more interesting though.
    the KJo spot BTN vs SB in a 3bet pot is v interesting imo. Could you elaborate more? I think this is deffo fine as a pure exploit; should you play this reg >2k hands i think were gonna have a lot of problems gameplan-wise.
    Also, I think u need a really good read on the nature of villain's 3betting range.
  • Sjors777


    Nice vid!
  • babel92


    Hi man!

    It`s absolutely awesome video, I very very like it!

    I understand almost everything, but instead of that have some question for u:

    3:30 do u want to ch/c 3 times? which cards will makes u more likely to calldown and which won`t?

    14:42 don`t u think that it`s better to make 100$ bet in this hand? I would total agree if it was regular, but this player look fishy, so I think that ur thinking level (I mean that he would consider ur overbet as a bluff because he nows that u know that he couldn`t good hand ;) ) is way too high

    24:10 what would u do on this or similar turn (5s, 7s, 8s) if villain had checked here? how u percieved his range and what`s ur plan on the turn & river?

    30:20 I think it`s great, but have some questions:
    - what did u do if CO ship AI nad SB folds? do u consider calling here good?
    - do u think it`s possible that he could play A7s or 88-TT this way?
    - what do u think about CBetting 260$ here (just curious)?
    - do u think it`s OK to bet 260$ here if there would be only HU (I mean CO folded pre-flop)?

    That`s all, I`m looking forward for your answers.

    Cya! :)
  • oblioo


    #19: I mentioned in a previous comment that I do prefer flatting the river, not to balance vs. a fish (which I generally don't care about), but because I think it's more profitable.

    #20: Thanks! Why do you think we will have problems gameplan-wise down the road after raising the flop with KJ here? Raising flops IP in 3bet pots are one area where I like to develop a dynamic and adjust and re-adjust, etc., instead of having static, balanced ranges.

    #21: thanks!

    #22: thanks!

    Q9: Yes, my plan is to generally c/c 3 times. A king turn and ace river might make me reconsider.

    AQ: I think even some fish realize that by taking weak lines, they realize that their perceived range is weak, even though they probably don't use the term "perceived range." Also, they may just say "I have a flush I call" even when I bet huge. So for those reasons I still like my overbet.

    KJ: I would just shove for value/protection vs. draws.

    AJ: If CO ships instead of raising small, I probably would just fold, because fish can do weird things like that with Kx or 7x. I don't like cbetting $260 just because we're risking much more than we have to and will be losing a lot of money when someone has Kx. If CO folded preflop, then I'd probably rather just try to get to showdown. By shoving it's true we get villain to fold his equity, but we definitely don't get better to fold or worse to call.

    hope that helps :)
  • BC1989RF


    @Oblioo: just assumed that if u raise KJ ure prolly raising KJ+ making ur flop calling rnage ridic weak. but if you play less than 6 tables/exploitive style its fine yeh. shud actually try to develop such dynamics ; must be fun.
    Just ran a sim for the 56hh call otr; its sooo close to be - think raising mite be best although i have doubts in our ability to make Jx and Qx b/fold that often ahaha.

    @all the guys: how do you refer to a spot of the vid in the comments?
    12:37 or w/e
  • BC1989RF


    ahah nevermind got it.
  • babel92


    #23 AJ: don`t u think that 1/4psb bet makes short stack more likely to ship anything and cause of thet we should bet/call with AJ-high?

    To sum up this hand: while beeing in HU with short u rather prefer to check and try get to SD by check/calling him and while beeeing in 3way u don`t consider short stack likely to get it in light vs ur 1/4psb bet and that`s why u bet 1/4psb and fold, all right?

    Last thing: what would u do if flop would be:
    a) KTx rainbow
    b) Q9x with flushdraw
    c) T74 with flushdraw

    Thx in advance! :)
  • bencb


    Min12 againg:

    Sorry your reasoning isnt that what i expected. There tons of hands with which the fish would call. And he does not care if you bet half pot , 3/4 pot or potsize. So in my opinion its a big mistake just betting half pot. If the board is 733 and you hold 33 than its fine.
    But in this case are to much combinations that villain would not fold against a bigger bet.
  • bencb


    hello ?
  • oblioo


    Sorry bencb, I've been in Cyprus playing live MTTs and not had much internet time. I understand your argument but I do think there are hands that he calls a 1/2 pot bet with but not a full pot bet, and also remember that a good portion of his continuing range is actually flushes, so the ratio of worse hands to better hands is perhaps not as great as you think. I respect your opinion though and am not convinced either way which sizing is better; I'd have to do a more in-depth range analysis.

    #24 - Yeah, it's mostly an exploitative/adjustment thing.

    #26 - For your first question, do you mean if I was heads-up with the short stack? Your summary sounds alright.

    I'd have to go over the hand again to be sure (which I can't do atm) but I'd probably take the same line on all those boards and just expect them to work with different frequencies. Betting 1/4pot is just such a cheap bluff. Maybe we could c/shove on KTx if the other players bet a lot IP.
  • marinero36


    Why do you think that in last hand he should have bet more w/ completed flush?

    Betting huge with set there doesn't make a sense for him too. Why would he?
  • babel92


    #29 yep, i asked about bet/call while HU

    i wrote 3 another board cause i wandered if he would be able to shove too often on a b or c board cause there could be ton of draws / pair+draw type hands which he definitely could raiseAI vs ur small bet I think

    that`s why i don`t like bet/fold or check/call here in HU, i`d rather choose check/ship or just overshove flop to combine my equity and FEq ;)
  • oblioo


    yeah, I think check/shove is fine if it were HU.
  • babel92


    thx coach :)
  • marinero36


    #30 waiting for an answear
  • oblioo


    #30/34, sorry, I didn't see this!

    With a strong flush here villain will mostly be going for value vs. AJ (two pair) and weaker flushes, so I would expect a shove at least some of the time.

    I would expect villain to bet bigger on the turn with a set because again he is mostly trying to get value from Jx and nut flush draws. It's true he could possibly have AA exactly, but I still thought there was enough I could get value from to shove.
  • ixdon


    Nice video, but it's very interesting to me, if opponents did mistakes in playing against us. The author didn't say about that.
  • Trommelboy


    Ofc villains made mistakes. But he put himself in the mind of the villains and made fully use of that. Great vid sir.
  • eetwidomayloh


    Very nicely put it out there sort of vid. Not over the top with explanations or going too deep with thought proces. Sticking to your plan and in very short explaining the plan.

    hat down to you