HU Championship: Internet vs Insyder - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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Internet continues to review his HU championship match with Insyder


3bet 4bet headsup HU championship internet Live Video Multicoach review

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  • fitzinator18


    Internet continues to share his wisdom as he brings us part 2 of his match between himself and Insyder. Enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • ciachooooo


    6:20 why not having 2 bet sizes here?
  • cadhucat


    Nice as always
  • instaflip


    ya very nice! didnt expect sth else. motivates me to play more HU, it looks so easy with a gameplan structured that awesome. at least one more part....
  • krendipont


    Could you please elaborate why you only minraise when check/raising. I get that your range is rather bluffheavy (esp. on the flop), but don't you think that such a small size will lead to light peels or 3b bluffs which you do not really want.

    Thanks and great videos btw. Please keep up the good work.
  • yomatiyo


    I love how u stop BEFORE the action, and sometimes u dont agree whit yourself =)

    just perfect video, really waiting for 3rd part.

    Plz do more 6max videos.. u are SO intresting (as insyder) to hear!.
  • serverm07


    at 31:00,bottom right table, you are bb with Q7o on 736 two tone you say that you want to be x/r a lot in this spot. Could you elaborate a bit about your plan if he 3bets/cib and also a plan for turns?

    It's just to me I feel like I can 3bet cib here quite wide because I can rep way more value combos than you can since I can have every 45o 73o 63o etc and your value is like sets/76/some fds that you can 4bet with. So yea just curious what your plan is for this spot and then how do you readjust vs players 3betting the flop often. Hopefully this question makes sense and you understand what I'm saying. If not let me know and I will try to elaborate.
  • serverm07


    Oh sweet 45:49 kind of illustrates my point about my previous post. Which is probably even a "better"/harder spot to play oop. I know I personally wouldn't have 94s or 42s in my defending range, idk if you do or not, but going with the idea of c/r a polarized range here, it's just one of those spots that again you have such a few # of combos for value given you are likely to 3bet 99 pre. Also would love to hear your plan for turns and rivers if he did call.

    Also personally I would want to x/c hands like A9/K9/Q9 against opponents like insyder because in my opinion we are going to see triple barrels here quite often when the turn comes Q/K/A maybe not so much on the A but Q/K probably fairly likely and obviously that's a reason why we want to x/c with QcT for example or K high so we can x/c again but to me it just makes more sense to x/c and seems more +EV. Especially when I'm playing weaker regulars that just have ridiculous barreling frequencies.

    So yea really having a hard time with this spot, would love to hear some explanations/tips. Any advice on what programs you use to calculate/run spots like this would also be great. I think I need to work a lot on this spot cus I honestly have no idea where a lot of my hands stand in terms of my range.

    Anyway just wanted to say awesome video and thanks.
  • lnternet


    RE #7 There is a lot of things that can happen after the check raise.. we have to see what we do. Q7 will be high enough in our check raise range that we certainly don't fold to a flop 3bet or check/fold any turn except the worst ones.

    You don't really have more nut hands than me on the flop. Even if you do, this does not mean that you can 3bet the flop super often. I will defend with my XR range to a 3bet in a way that doesn't allow to 3bet bluff with a hand that shouldn't be doing so. (I try anyway)
  • lnternet


    RE #8 polarized only means I don't XR with a gutshot, it in no way says how wide my value side is. (No middle hand strength is raising)

    I would XR that flop with some NFD and some 9x+ for value. When he 3bets I defend that value side and a few of the bluff side.

    I XC overcards like QT so turned overcards are not a problem for my rance. Of course K9 is good for both XC and XR, but I tend to XR it.