Learning To Learn: Avoiding Common Mistakes

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Schnitzelfisch continues his Learning to Learn series now look at avoiding common mistakes


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    PLease enjoy the latest video from Schitzelfisch's Learning to Learn Series

    Please leavr any comments you have here.
  • Schnitzelfisch


    Links to the previous videos of the series:


    By the way, I have mentioned LeechBlock and StayFocusd internet browser addons in the video. You can google them to find them :).
  • Skodljivec


    Great Vid! :D
  • vinn25RNMD


    really enjoying the videos thanks for sharing them
  • BigAl123456


    Another fantistic Vid, these vids are absoulte gold even tho the vids are short in comparison to watching Poker vids I have a page in a half of notes, but now I have to take action and highlight some key notes.

    The part that probs resinated most with me is the "Attitude toward mistakes" I feel my attitude is really bad mots of the time when I make a mistake espcialy in real life I get quite angry in my own head and say stuff like "FML" etc

    Like for example last week I was driveing home from Rugby League training and I was takeing somebody home. I have had my licence for about 3 weeks, and I wasent concentrateing enough enough and didnt pay attention to which lights changed and I nearly ran out in front of oncomeing trafic and I was beeped at and I avoided any acident but I was very embarsed and I think It was the biggest mistake I have every made while driveinng even before I got my licence on my learners, and I was thinking "why am I some stupid" "how can I make such a mistake" "I suck at life"

    These sort of things are probs not helping me and I should be thinking ok I must make sure I concentrate when I drive.
  • pLAYERsjsk


    enjoyed the video, and took action to improv my learning process :) Thanks.

    now i am going to watch all series
  • gp00053


    Absolutely one of the best video series on the site. Especially if you're new to poker. Great Job and I'm looking forward to your other videos
  • Happa2


    helped me so much!
    thx schnitzel
  • Kyyberi


    Love your drawings :)


    Seriously good stuff!
  • Rossmerson


    Burning a main dish in the oven is not a small mistake ;)

    but ont: Really nice vid thanks :)
  • hellokitty83


    you hit the point!thanx
  • icesindri


    Wow so simple yet so effective vidoe!
    So many of those things that I've done before! Thx for opening my eye for them.
  • FlipFlop123


    The drawings are awesome :)

    Simple yet very informative and effective video.Thank you
  • MrT61


    great stuff and indeed....drawings are great!
  • legand73


    Huge fan of the drawings!!
  • Torcato


    Abosolutelly great :)
    Thank you so much!
  • baadnewz01


    Good job! very helpful thx