W34z3l's W0rksh0p: Interpreting Common Lines

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W34z3l brings some empirical evidence as to what recreational players turn up with when they take some common postflop lines such as min-betting and raising rivers.


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from W34z3l!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • mbml


    great video

    I think you may be the first guy who bothered analyzing fish lines with such depth and presented the info in a video
  • pleno1


    One of the best vids I've seen. Very very good.
  • DrDunne


    really interesting video. thanks a lot! as a standard i tend to be more inclined to treat mindonks as a check and so i make my standard cbet and it seems pretty successful, and i know that's pretty normal for many players to do which means that a lot of the time villain will be folding those weak pairs/draws. if the donk bet is a decent size then i tend only to raise it with a top pair/draw. imo the bigger the donk bet, the more likely we are to be called if we raise so we want to be doing it with good equity. i really think we'd be losing value if we stopped raising the mindonks though..
  • w34z3l


    #4 You should still be raising pretty often, but not as often as you'd cbet vs a check. Min-betters usually always have some form of equity and will not be folding as often as a checker. The value of bluffs/semi-bluffs goes down.

    Treating a min-bet like a check may not always result in the best play, but will be good in a lot of cases.
  • ionutd


    Awesome vid, great job weazel! This is what pokerstrategy needs to promote and come up with..
  • imfromsweden007


    Yeah, very nice series this.
  • taschendamenfalter


    very nice vid. clear explanations
    but officials:
    its about analysing common lines on the micros, so why is it released as gold?
    it would help users playing on the micros, which are usually silver-max.
  • mholy


    Your Khi flush hand at 16:10 is not second nuts... But yeah, awesome vid, keep it up ;)
  • w34z3l


    #9 Yeah, I figured ^^ I ignore quads / straight flushes.

    Easy to disregard hands that have only 1 combo. K high flush is effectively the second nuts for all intents and purposes.
  • atllas20


  • Farmarchist


    Nice vid weazel, really clear and one of the best vids out here for microplayers. Clear voice, to the point etc etc. Well done ;)
  • tatisan


    Great video! On the first type of hands, the river raise, the filter should be "bet raise OR bet call".
    Bet raise actually means you bet and you raise. Obviously when you raise his river raise, you will make him muck all his bluffs. If you add "bet call" on the river you will get a lot more hands and i'm pretty sure not all of them will be strong.
  • feursturm


    @ 6 +1
    @ 8 +1
  • w34z3l


    #13 Nice one, thanks for the info =)
  • RasTweet


    Great video w34z3l! I have one little problem though. People also fold a lot as well when they minbet. It's a bit player dependent but a lot just minbet/fold. And because you are filtering for saw showdown you'll never see them fold.
  • Mantelo


    @16 agreed. And I think it is also related to all 3 analyzed aspects. The only way You could see opponent's air hands is when You have some marginal hand on Your own and can't value bet.
  • MrDRED


    super video !
  • coldchurch


    This video is about microstakes, but is not for Silver members? Strange.
  • AlexPipko


    Why did u filter "bet raise" hands? Those are the hands that YOU bet, get raised, and reraise yourself. What about the hands you just called with?
  • gavinonymous


    Very useful video, thanks!
  • ConteCaly


    beautiful video...

    truely good made with clear and whell understanding things...

    thank you so much, you're one of the best coach that i have ever listen to

    -ps- sorry for my english
  • KKNgroup


    Was nice watch!
  • a7jesus


    Really really good material, very useful, thx a lot for the video
  • Laci24


    Really good vid! :)
  • nickycakes


    Really helpful. Didn't know anything about HM2 filters other than date range before. This will definitely help me out later when trying to improve my game.