Beating the 6-Max SNGs: Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $75
  • Shorthanded
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Collin brings us the early stages on a $60 6max sng with themes on adjusting to the 6max format, opponent dependant ranges and thin value raising.


EV ICM PokerStars push or fold Shorthanded

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  • fitzinator18


    The latest from Collin, enjoy!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • ghaleon


    6:30 JJ: It sounds like auto cbet spot for you. I think checking back is reasonable also. Not much to protect. It depends on villain, but getting value from worse can be difficult with cbet. Versus recreational player its good value bet.
  • ghaleon


    Last hand: Would you consider exploitative minraise-fold versus any player?
  • ghaleon


    Well this video was surely not too long. Ok length for some theory stuff, but way too short for session review video for my taste...
  • Premiumnerd


    nice vid, I like the length :p Hero seems to miss a lot of value, hopefully there are some interessting spots upcoming in the other parts
  • Tim64


    Not the best game. 3 other known regs. Still, times is tough i guess...
  • Tim64


    AQ with turned nfd; mandatory bet on turn. I don't mind the flop flat mwp on dryish Axx board.
  • Tim64


    Good fold with 84o. I see regs shipping this all day long thinking they're still in 2007. :) Nice vid, Collin; I'm ok with the length - just fits with my tea break!
  • ghaleon


    @Tim: Quite a few regs have never heard of table selection... Or so it seems. 6max game with 4-5 good/decent regs is not such rare sight. Personally I dont see any point in that unless targeting SNE.
  • kevvu


    Tableselection and regs, lol. These are like day and night IMO. That was too short videos, 20min should be minimum.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Ghaleon: I'm fine with either cbetting flop and checking back turn, or checking back flop and then having one bet go in on most turns. So you're right, checking back is a fine alternative there.

    #3 Ghaleon: Yes. Against a player with tight-passive stats, despite the 9bb effective stack, minraising ATC exploitively would be a solid strategy.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Premiumnerd: Thanks!

    #6-#8 Tim64: Good points and thanks, glad you enjoyed :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Kevvu: I experimented briefly at PS's request with breaking normal videos down into 3 shorter parts. I believe few if any future videos of mine released will be like this, with the possible exception of theory videos.
  • nopi


    nice one :)
    vote for more 6max :)
    vote for more Collin :)
  • davidgod


    nice video ,
    in your opinion 6max vs fullring sng, which's hourly winrate is better?
  • CollinMoshman


    #14 Nopi: Thanks! And I do have another 6max video I recently submitted :)

    #15 Davidgod: Good question, I think that mainly depends on whether the 6max or FR games at your buyin level are softer.
  • Grinder23


    what reg on those stakes play that JJ so horrble? I mean wtf.
  • davidgod


    hi collin, in your video putting ev to use part 1 3:55
    you made a mistake you actually just need 1:4.11 odd ,not 1:4.22 that you said
    because on the turn it is 9:46, not 9:47 a minor
  • Anto11



    Great explanations Collin. Like always very useful.

    I would also want longer videos. The video is so interesting and I'm crying that it is only 10min :( .

    Best regards,