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Oblioo plays 2 tables of 200NL zoom live and talks through his thought process. Pausing the action to go through interesting hands in the replayer when necessary


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  • fitzinator18


    The latest from Oblioo, enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • samagain


    for ADZ124 it must be hard to be considered a fish in a 1-2 game.
  • learnfriend


    samagain, why do u think so?
  • johhnyEVplus


    ADZ124 is a Matt Marafioti high stakes reg who plays up to 100/200 NL definetly not a fish ;)
  • johhnyEVplus


    #3 learnfriend

    His tournament winnings are also impressive its over 2mln$... exactly Total $ 2,090,919 thats why :D
  • pleno1


    "winnings" or "earnings" I've played a bunch against him at Zoom.

    Great vid oblioo <3
  • pleno1



    wuuuuuuuuuuuut :O sick hand!
  • johhnyEVplus


    #6 pleno1

    Earnings of course.

    Btw very good video oblioo i liked it, waiting for more from you.

    Why its not possible to edit comments here? I think it will be a rly usefull.
  • learnfriend


    but his style is really strange...
    I mark him fish, maybe I was wrong, haha big shark
  • learnfriend


    when I check my databse, adz wins a lot,.......surprising.
  • johhnyEVplus


    #9 learnfriend

    Sometimes we mark some1 after 1 strange hand... but it looks he is rly loose agro.

    Anyway player who earn over 2mln$ in tournaments and is also a winning player on highest stakes (from nl 25/50 to nl 100/200 by hsdb) cant be a fish :P

    Btw oblioo there would be some more videos on zoom? This is some series or just 1 video? As i said great stuff, in my opinion best zoom video on ps.com so far, looking for more :)
  • pleno1


    There will be more NL200 Zoom videos next month, focused on the Bootcamp from the guys and I heard this fish pleno1 made one too.
  • maritsula


    Excellent video from oblioo.
    He has a very good capacity to explain his thinking process clearly and concisely.

    Needless to say I would like to see more videos from him in the future.
  • tweelingen


    i dont think adz wins at 500 zoom anymore
  • oblioo


    Thanks for the feedback you guys :)

    #11 - I hadn't planned on a series, but judging from the feedback so far I'll likely make a couple more zoom vids.

    and I'll have to change my tag on ADZ!
  • KEX1980


    Thanks for great video!
  • BC1989RF


    . 76dd hand 433ss2dT : id be surprise if villain folds TT+ river ...
    . T9o BvB KxyccXcQo: id shove river. or maybe making it so that we look committed $130ish
    . ATo BB vs utg minr AKx9J 51:25 , what do you think about making it a 100 vs his rive raise? allin?

    PS: you're so aggro... haha its a nice vid again. the Ah2o hand was just ridic ;)
  • instaflip


    great stuff oblioo <3
    looking forward to see more power poker from u :)
  • oblioo



    76dd, I disagree :)
    T9o, fair enough; I ran out of time :)
    ATo, I think that would be really bad. We beat his bluffs and I think he mostly has QTs (NUTS) for value and I wouldn't even expect him to cbet JJ on the flop (which he did).

  • w34z3l


    good stuff, would watch again
  • yomatiyo


    why u open 3.5bb in utg? what is the teoric answer to open 3.5? or 3bb or 2.5bb? ty a lot!! great vid
  • yomatiyo


    min 28:00, u open 25o cause he fold 60+% to steal, why not making 2.5? if we gonna steal something like 80-90.
  • oblioo


    #21: I have been experimenting with opening 3.5x or 4x from UTG. Honestly I don't think it makes a huge difference, but some observations for opening ~4x:
    a) people tighten up a bit pre (you win preflop more often, so you don't have to play OOP as often).
    b) post-flop, people seem to play more cautiously against you, putting you on a strong range.
    c) the pot is significantly bigger post-flop, so much so that it's possible to get stacks in by the river without a raise happening post-flop. This is a big consideration especially against weaker players.

    #22: When someone is folding 68% to sb steal I will steal 100%. 2.5 might be better, but I generally like to keep it 3x just so they're not tempted to call with a wider range IP. Again I don't think it makes a big difference and I can understand arguments for both 2.5x and 3x.
  • AskMyDiaRy


    awesome video for sure!

    nice how almost every move worked :)
  • YsoSerious


    great video!
  • boonmaster


    fantastic zoom video :D
    I hope it appears more zoom vids ;)
  • babbas90


    One of the best vids Ive seen this year so far on ps. Keep up the good work. I love your style and how you focus on every single detail when choosing your line. Thank you very much!
  • fitzinator18


    this video is awesome
  • babel92


    Hi Dustin! :)

    As I said before it`s awesome video, but ofc have some questions for u :D

    4:20 how do u define "pretty big river bet"? 3/4psb, psb, or even overbet?

    I wonder which one is max EV, cause I`m not sure if he could fold TP so i`d rather choose 2/3psb to make his all draws fold, what do u think?

    17:05 do u really think that he could fold JJ+ on the river regarding how many busted draws u could have and how much do u polarize making this overbet? i supposed to be called by even AdTd or AsTs on the river...

    32:55 do u expect him to fold AJ?

    btw don`t u affraid that u represent only AJ or KT but he could supposed that u bet OESD on the turn and don`t raise AJ so big and that`s why u could be called by Ax?

    I`m asking because there are many hands where u represent only very narrow range -> this is the reason of making ur most bluffraises / bluffships so high?

    37:10 what would be ur sizing there? I mean u r almost 250bb deep -> 40$ is proper?

    Thx in advance! :)
  • oblioo



    4:20 well we beat all pure draws, so checking back would def be an option, or if we wanted to fold PPs and pair+gutshot type hands then bet however much you think it will take for them to fold those hands, depending on river card.

    17:05 yes, personally I do. A lot of people will expect us to just flat with draws on the turn and will put us on close to exactly nutted hands for taking that line.

    32:55 probably not, but I also don't really expect him to bet that small with AJ. It doesn't really matter if we rep a very narrow value range, as long as we rep an even narrower bluff range.

    37:10 yup, ~$40 sounds good to me!
  • babel92


    Thx a lot sir! :)
  • pericas1991


    love the way u think man! :)
  • Padiz0


    What's your stats there? Is this pokertracker?

    Btw, this is one of the best videos I've seen so far, very good job.
  • Padiz0


    what are*
  • oblioo


    yes this is PT4.

    I don't feel like typing out every stat but basically:

    line 1: vpip, pfr, rfi by posotion
    line 2: 3b, f4b, fvs steal by position
    line 3: cbet flop and turn, fold to raise on flop and turn, c/r flop and turn
    line 4: f3b, 4b range, f to cbets, bet flop vs missed cbet, wtsd
    line 5: flat 3b oop, fold to cbet in 3bet pot, bet river, fold vs river bet, bet turn ip vs missed cbet, hands
  • oblioo


    p.s. thank you everyone for the feedback; I'm glad you enjoyed the video :)
  • Farmarchist


    Thanks oblioo for making one of the best vids on PStrategy! I like your style B-)
  • oblioo


    farmarchist, thank you; i like your username :)
  • mko101


    What happened at 24'? Some sick ass spazz that needed to be cut out? hah
  • mko101


    Reason why you defend K4s but fold 87o in the BB?
  • oblioo


    #39, ha, I don't think so; I edited about 15 minutes of boring footage because the video was too long and there were spots without much action.

    #40, Not sure which spots you're talking about, but I would much rather defend K4s than 87o BB vs. BTN because K4 can make good top pair and 87 cannot. That said, 87o is also a defend it some spots.