Gap The Mind: Out of Position on The River Application

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Siete and Cornholio discuss the practical side of the theories in their last video.


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy as we apply what we learned last video!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • pleno1



    I like the way you analysed the QQ hand, really nice way of breaking it down, however I think the calculations are wrong because the ranges are incorrect.

    I think a more accurate assumption would be that AQ never checks back river and I would say AJ would bet river all of the time too, especially if they have the Ad blocker, but generally I expect Ax to bet the river.

    I also just don't see people at 1knl turning 9x into a bluff on the river and think people take their sd value way more than you expect in the video, IE I expect J9/910 to always just check back and hope to win.

    Really liked the factors that you consider and the way you broke it down and I guess the "ranges" don't matter so much as you're teaching a process.
  • Cornholio


    Hey Pleno, thanks for your feedback.
    You might be right but also it depends on different factors (your own image too) and it depends a lot on the Limit, too. Even though it says NL 1k here the assumptions might rather be accurate on lower stakes. But anyways- as you say and we said it in the Video too, the point of the Video is not about the assumption itself, but about how the factors influence a EV comparison in general..

    Btw: The little added calculation 'EV Check w/ intention to raise: ... ' at the bottom of the file is incorrect. It doesnt consider that the two cases dont appear equally often. We dont talk about it in the Video, however, and it doesnt change things.
  • iambanker


    Could you upload the word document somewhere plz :)
  • Siete777


    Hey iambanker.

    Unfortunately I dont have it on my PC any more. I am sorry.

    Regards Adil
  • ConteCaly


    a big work... ty 4 the explain