Gap The Mind: Turning Made Hands Into Bluffs

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Siete and Cornholio discuss turning made hands into bluffs in the theory portion of is segment. Practical examples to come!


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  • fitzinator18


    The latest in the 'Gap the Mind' series, enjoy!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • barbeysize


    always choose line with biggest +ev - easy game so far =)
  • rmotoki


    On the first hand the 89s, isn't there an argument for shoving the turn? He does have some Ax on his range, but he has to fold almost everything else except sets and a high flushdraw(or some kind of combo draw). When he bets so big on the turn I don't expect him to have AA that much, and we could easily have AdXd

    The hands that he check/fold the diamond river are very likely to fold to a turn shove, and when we get called on the turn we have about 9 outs to improve.

    I could be wrong, but I don't know.
  • rmotoki


    When we do a line of call call shove river we basicaly only rep a flush. When we shove turn we rep way more combinations, like sets, combodraws and an ace-x.

    If we call-call-shove when the river blanks, its way more likely for us to be doing that with a missed draw and that would give the guy some arguments for bluff catching with TT-KK, hands that probably would have to fold the turn, isn't it?
  • pleno1


    Hey rmotoki,

    If we had a set why would we raise the turn if we think he is going to "fold everything"?

    Surely, especially on such a good barrel card its perfect for us to flat and represent a weak showdown hand (98) and allow villain to triple barrel us. Also I disagree that we don't shove sets/2 pairs as value on the river, AQ is probably even fairly close.
  • rmotoki



    Well, so true lol. I was only thinking about repping and bluffing, didn't actually thought about the line I'd take if I actually had a strong hand.

    It'd be better to c-c-s anyway, so by doing that with a bluff too we are more balanced and tougher to play against. Duh myself @_@.

    Although against some regs that think way too much, shoving the turn with a set would be a nice way to mix it up x)
  • duckspace


    nice video
  • ConteCaly


    as usually... beautiful video