Gap The Mind: Turning Made Hands Into Bluffs in Application

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Siete777 and Cornholio apply the theories discussed in the last video and show use in a practical manner.


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  • fitzinator18


    The latest in the "Gap the Mind" series, enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • yegon


    thanks guys, great vid, the example hand was picked very well and it illustrated the point of our range being valueheavy

    have to train my mind to look for these spots instead of my random bluffing spazzes :)
  • yegon


    What do you guys think about overbetting the river and putting pressure on even the AQ/KK+ hands?

    Our valuebetting range will be mostly polarized as it is, based on your assumptions we do not have a vbet with KQ so the only 1 pair hand we have in our vbetting range is AQ and we might even 3bet some of the combos pf.

    So if our valuebetting range is 2pair+ shouldnt we be looking to bet big for value which also allows us to turn more (possibly all) hands into bluffs?
  • Siete777


    Hey yegon.

    Thx for your feedback!

    In general you could do this approach. But have in mind that 1) the more often you overbet, the more often your villain will trap the river and 2) the more you overbet, the less light you can valuebet in these spots. I guess max EV would be an exploitable line with two different bet sizes till villain adapts. Then go for big betsizes or overbets if you dont think hes gonna adapt well. If hes smarter, go for normal bets with good frequencies.

    Regards Adil
  • YoBaByYo


    You maybe should have pointed out, that the EV of the riverbluff is way smaller than $140. Since we beat a big part of V's range anyway, we get the extra $140 only x% of the time we are beat.
    Lets assume we win in 50% by checking back, the EV is only $70.
    As you mentioned, this value might be reduced even more, if we get bluffed off our hand from time to time.
  • ConteCaly


    nice video, ty