Learning To Learn - Implementation

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Schnitzelfisch brings us the final episode of his Learning to Learn series focusing on Implementing what he has taken you through in the lat 5 episodes


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  • Boomer2k10


    Please Enjoy the Final Episode of Learning to Learn

    Any feedback or comments? Please leave them for Schnitzelfisch in the comments section
  • barbeysize


    any positive feedback
  • Schnitzelfisch



    Hey guys,

    here are the previous videos of the series:

    http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/#searchtext=learning to learn&key=all&contenttype=0&gametype=0&tablesize=0&languages=en&levels=basic,bronze,silver,gold,platinum,diamond&lowerlimit=0&upperlimit=100&ob=date&od=desc&page=1&rpp=10

    and here is the thread for video ideas:


  • apprendist


    Wonderful, i will see the other episodes :)
  • CardsMaster0089


    Real cool series, helped me a lot!
  • MrS212i


  • ribpoker


    I don't like your monotone voice - obv. reading a previously written text - and I find there is quite a bit of too generalized wisdom in your vids, BUT: every one of your videos in this series has at least one very helpful thought, that more than compensates for the above mentioned flaws! This time: don't proceed to learn until you applied evthing you learned and don't play without applying anything to your game. That's just brillant in my eyes!!
  • Schnitzelfisch


    Hey ribpoker,

    I agree with you, reading a script has it's flaws. However, the other option (speaking freely) might result in some "uhhs" and "emms", missing some things, etc.

    That is why I decided to use scripts but to try and improve the monotone voice. If anyone has an even better solution, I am open to ideas :).

    Thank you for the feedback!

  • BigAl123456


    Video isnt working super well, could be problem at my end but everytime I pasue it it wont restrat when I press play.
  • Atalol


    great video, thanks!
  • Jatzek3


    Great seiers. I hope ther will be more productions of this type
  • Pumper247


    thanks for this series.
  • erdbaere


    great series. helped me a lot!
  • SamyFan


    I am not a english man, but its more easy for me, to understand the video producer….with that voice, reading a text. TY!
  • IvicaIliev77


    Just stopping by to say LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!
  • Johniiicek


    This whole serie is pure gold!!! Hope some other series coming soon!
  • Travlyn


    Schnitzelfisch, thanks for this great series !!!
    I love you =)
  • tomasa82


    Good video
  • luk19850210


    thank you for this very helpful and inspiring video series!
  • Torcato


    Thank you so much for all the series, it helped me a lot to improve my game!!
  • baadnewz01


  • JoMidas


    Excellent Series. I am a new player and i always think that with a new skill, the psychological factors are the most urgent + important. I think psychology videos should be the beginning of every poker career.