SNG $27 Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $27
  • Fullring
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PokerStars Session Review

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  • overbe


    thx, good vid!
  • smokinnurse


    u know u can get some trouble with stars using sharkscope?
    it's listed under prohibited tools during the game
  • chenny8888


    Hi smokinnurse,

    This video was recorded before the ban on sharkscope. I no longer use sharkscope on Pokerstars
  • smokinnurse


    i mainly thought about the other users here ;-)
    nice vid btw
  • viewer88


    nice video
  • supervoimed


  • djbakero


  • SecurityDrew


    Chenny8888 et al:

    Liked the video. Some good analysis.

    I think at the gold level it would be beneficial to produce videos that focau on a particular part of the game. I would like to suggest the following:
    1. low level blinds, post flop
    2. high level blind push/fold
    3. bubble play
    4. three handed
    5. heads up.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks
  • DickPanhandler


    hi there, very nice vid!!!

    but what i don't understand is why you call the push with tptk on a paired board but fold ak preflop to any 3bet?

    keep up the good work!
  • VicoII


    tha unknown guy with the 1200 chips who raised 600 (3 bb) from UTG with AA is never folding in this spot (not even K2o)