Pleno1 plays 200nl zoom

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Pleno1 plays a 200NL session and uses this platform to discuss concepts such as what hands to put into defending ranges vs 3bet ranges. Also many interesting postflop spots where he talks through navigating tough situations


3bet flop Live Video postflop Zoom

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  • fitzinator18


    Pleno1 is back for another zoom session. Enjoy!

    Feedback and suggestions are of course welcome and appreciated, Patrick will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • fitzinator18


    thought this vid was great
  • oblioo


    19:10 with the 54s--would you still cbet if you didn't have the backdoor flush draw (i.e. with 54 of spades)? Personally I would tend to c/f with your hand, hoping villain will check back with medium pocker pairs and I'd go for a delayed cbet on the turn. But maybe your cbet is good since you make it so small, as long as you don't think it will induce bluff-raises? Do you cbet this small here with nutted hands as well?
  • oblioo


    nice vid so far btw :)
  • pleno1



    Yeah I prefer betting flop w/bdfd with intention of "one and done" unless I pick up diamonds.

    Don't like delayed cbet as he will bet flop with his air as it looks like I'm c/f and his check back ranges will have lots of pairs+gutshot, so if we delay cbet we probably have to go 2 streets as I expect him to call v often ott if he checks back ott.

    I don't think people bluff raise these flops tbh, they float their pair+gutshots and fold their bad hands as they think it smashes my range rather than say Q64
  • pleno1


    Feel free to leave comments here and I will answer ASAP.

    There is also a discussion in the bootcamp:
  • sRz999


    great video. redline>blueline :)

    I learned a lot! thanks!
  • pleno1


    #7, thanks man

  • Pumper247


    really nice video :)
  • pleno1



    Thanks Pumper :)
  • oblioo


    kk, a couple more questions (hope you don't mind):

    kk, a couple more questions:

    22:38 KTo--do you have any hands in your c/c once range?

    36:26 T9o hand--what do you think of villain checking back flop with A2 (would you prefer that line to a cbet, if you were in his spot?)?

    QQ wp <3
  • pleno1


    #11 of course not :D

    @23.38, Yeah I think I said in the video, I quite prefer c/calling little strong hands such as AJ, although in theory, betting AJ sounds better as there are more combos of Kx to get value from. I think vs nitty players/unknowns I like cbetting this board a lot and vs regs c/calling Kx or Ax.

    @36.26, actually interesting hand, I think just because people bet this flop 100% with their air then they should likely bet A2 especially on the paired board when so many turns and river they can even get chops to fold. I,E if the turn is Q/K I really like to overbet and put pressure on. Also think check back 10/J ott and snap river is good too.
  • TetraQuark


    I peed in my pants a bit when I saw the title! >-<
  • oblioo


    @23.38, my question is if you have a range for check-calling ONCE, i.e. c/c flop, c/f turn. I assume you would generally be c/calling down with AJ?
  • Gerovit


    I loved the video, thank you very much!
  • johhnyEVplus


    nl200 and diamond? LOL nice joke, content for diamonds schould be high stakes.

    In last video i make same coment (was diamond last time and seen whole video but same opinion of course) and still i think same... meaby its a good video but for sure not a content for diamond+.
  • pleno1


    Hey Johnny,

    We just did a diamond seminar and out of around 50 people, less than 3 of them played 400nl or higher. If our diamonds don't play high stakes how can they learn from it?

    It's simple, videos are released for members who play in the games they rake for.

    Not sure what video you saw last time, but this just came out today :)
  • pleno1


    @15, thanks :)
  • johhnyEVplus


    I mean another 2 videos from nl200.

    Both diamond+

    Its just my opinion still think nl200 is not a content for highest avaible status...
  • pleno1



    Obviously you are entitled to your opinion. Moving forward we will definitely continue to make 200nl videos for diamonds and give them high intensity work loads as that's the feedback we received from the guys when we asked what they wanted. Definitely entitled to you opinion and this was even our opinion up to 6 months ago, so definitely don't want to get into an argument. If you want, PM me and we can talk about different possibilities for diamond content, we also have a section in the Diamond boards where we discuss it too.

    Thanks @ all for the really nice feedback so far.
  • Sneijder1091


    Great stuff! Ty! I don't care about stakes, but quality! Very well done... Keep more coming... ;D
  • w34z3l


    Even my cat loved it!
  • twinn1


    Nice video! Love it :) <3
  • x3mwisp


    question - how do you have your own stats in zoom? Is it showed for HEM2?
    Y i use HEM1
  • pleno1


    Yep, HEM2 shows.

    Thanks for nice comments all <333
  • boonmaster


    awesome video. give you 5 stars for it ;)
  • pleno1


    Thats nice of you!

    Glad you enjoyed.
  • mko101


    Someone playing tuba at 27'.
  • pleno1


    What is a tuba? :D
  • fitzinator18


    it's a brass instrument pads, like a trumpet
  • BuchoCZ


    Good video, lot of things you said makes sense..

    but I dislike even mentioning stats of players we have less than 10 hands on.. ("he is playing 25/25" - after 4 hands!) ("there are no aggressive players behind me, I can open a little looser" - 2, 2 and 4 hands!)..

    would like to see some more action, looking forward to videos from higher limits.. gl
  • yomatiyo


    just amazing.. so much information and so clear.
    But I agree about mentioning stats from players we have 4 or 5 hands. Indeed, it makes no sense.
  • wilmots83


    bvb cbet Q9o on JA2fd?
    I think if he a good reg, he folds very rarely! And as you say you cant barell any turn!
  • instaflip


    great vid, thx pleno! will watch again
  • supeyrio


    sucks that i dont see you around in zoom after this vid. :PPPP
  • adamsendler63


    хорошее видео!!
  • DrDunne


    hey man really interesting vid :) enjoyed it. @ 38:21 you say you made a mistake by checking back the flop with MP otb but i don't really understand why it's a mistake? you barely get value from worse and you can also induce some light calls when you bet turns...
  • Zeltzn1


    nuts video. I love how you explain every possible situation happening in the spots so you can answer our questions beforehand. I like that some of the spots I had problems with showed up in this session and you explained them very well.
  • Jumbleboy


    thanks for video! it is awesome!

    Is pleno1 6max academy ended?
  • peche025


    Nice vid, have watched it twice and will come back and watch it again. Liked the QQ hand esp. nice explanations of all the spots