Finding Your A-Game: Guided Mindfulness

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Give a warm welcome to new psychology coach Erik Stenqvist as he gives us an extremely relaxing, mind clearing meditation exercise that we can do every day.


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  • fitzinator18


    New psychology coach Erik Stenqvist gives us a great daily routine! Enjoy!

    Any questions for Erik please leave them below and enjoy your mind clearing exercises!
  • ErikStenqvist


    Hey guys!

    Hope you enjoy it. If you have any difficulties when you practice the mindfulness. Just try to explain why it's not working for you and I will do my very best to guide you along :)
  • JJWic3


    Hey!I closed my eyes and linstened to your voice trying to think of nothing.For a moment I felt like I did it,but then some thoughts disturbed me.You said it's normal,right?Anyway,great video,I love it.Never did this before sessions,I guess I'm going to try it.
  • kiromanAAKK


    Nice stuff! More like that's welcome ...
    ... Thank you very much!
  • DonkeyDirk


    Nice vid i feel relaxed :)
  • leandroLP


    I always try to do it, but only when I'm losing or when I'm on tilt....
    My focus it's a light candle above the screen of the computer

  • holmeboy


    Mmm... Seems interesting! I'll give this ago before my next session and report back!
  • shamuh76


    @3 thats what you trying to obtain through meditation: longer periods where your mind doesnt drift away.
    But its totally normal. Concentrating on your breath helps most people and is a common start-training-technique...
  • w34z3l


    So relaxed I fell asleep for almost 4 hours.
  • mko101


    I was doing so well, then remember w34z3l comment and burst out laughing.
  • EnterG


    @9 ROFL !
  • sirilidion


    I am getting sleepy doing this. Is that normal?
  • x3mwisp


    I liked the meditation. It made my head go from heavy to very light and having proper focus. The only thing which made me be disturbed is what was your deeper level thinking about when we redo this meditation the 5th-10th time and it would still be good and become even better and that made me put a little smile and after I smiled I could bring back my mind.
  • pleno1


    The one trouble I had was when you mentioned forget the bad things/troubles, it actually made me think of them.
  • Farmarchist


    I never believed in this stuff but I actually feel very relaxed! :). I'll do it again!
  • IronPumper


    Just a great Vid, love it! - wanna also have this wallpaper as my compuer-background^^
  • martinemem


    maybe i can go from 11 to 13% in sngs using this. This is one of the things i needed to dont break out in winnertilt when closing a session down. The mind gets cleansed, and thats really important if u want to try push from 20-60 sngs pr day to maybe 2k pr month or maybe even more. Ill try this the rest of the month from tomorrow and analyse the difference it may cause. AFTER i start out a morning run routine.

    GOD HAS SPOKEN - Erik Stenqvist
  • ErikStenqvist


    6# If you practice mindfulness before the session then you will bring a calmer person to the tables.

    #8 +1

    #12 Yes this is quite normal. The more tired you get, the more over worked your mind is. If you don't get tired doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, you are just a bit further ahead than most.

    #13 Yes this is also common. When this happen try to just acknowledge those concerns, gently and kindly let them go, and bring your awareness back to your breath. :)

    #15 Yes! Get your own sample size on how it works :)

    #17 If you do some cardio in the morning i recommend practicing mindfulness when the heart is pumping and you're gasping for air. Try to see if you can bring your heart rate down quicker than usual. It's a bit tricky but a great practice.

    Try to approach mindfulness and meditation with curiosity and with a smile on your face. This is you time.

    Thanks for the kind words guys!
  • justkyle88


    Two things:

    1. Like pleno said, when you said to forgot about my troubles, i immediately thought about them.

    2. I kept drifting in and out of concentration because I'd always get distracted by noises even with headphones on.
  • ErikStenqvist


    #19 It is ok if we lose concentration, it's natural. All we want to do is put in the effort of trying to hold focus. When distractions come up, try to not look at them like obstacles but opportunities of practicing to let them go.

    Keeping the focus on the breath is just one part of the practice, catching ourselves when we drift off, and then gently bringing it back is equally important. We tend to be results oriented even when we do mindfulness.

    Does that make it easier for you guys?
  • dimdimdu


    Get high, then it's easier ;)
  • Rossmerson


    Really nice tho you should've ended it with Go GEt Em tiger
  • ErikStenqvist


    #21 We want to go above thought, not below thought :P

    #22 GO GET EM TIGER!
  • ubi17


    I did it the fourth time now and it seems to work in some way. I lay down on my couch and replay your video every time, it is good guide through the exercise, maybe someday i should try it by my own.

    Thank you!
  • justkyle88


    Yeah thankyou, I look forward to practicing these exercises.
  • ErikStenqvist


    #24/25 My pleasure guys! :)
  • DonkeyDirk


    I would love to see more of this kinds of video's i love listening to them :)
  • DonkeyDirk


  • ErikStenqvist


    #27 Let's see what we can do about that... :)
  • hewhodareswins


    Tnx for this great vid!
  • HitThe1Out


    I really did like this! I have sometimes troubles calming myself down and this audio seemed to work for that purpose. Gonna make it every pre-session routine. Thanks!
  • martinemem


    winning in poker is all about not beeing result orientated, and to cut that down to a easier equation - results is not in present moment but in past and future, which this video enhance that exact problem.

    However, when i closed session today, i got that winner tilt again, i saw 4 fish at cg table, and i thought for SO long time, then limped like they love, then raised their minbet postflop, then bluffed at turn and river, just to see the fish instant minraise river. I guess im not that greedy, however i need to work on that :D
    Or maybe it is because the effect of beeing in present gets harder and harder the longer the sessions are, however sometimes poker is fair in some way, and that feeling of "knowing" when u are going to get lucky, is maybe a OCD problem that get enhanced everytime im right, but still it is -ev to do, and it changes the A game when im lucky, and in downswing it causes to loose more.
    I still remember why i did what i did to the 4 fishes today, but only now i see it was because i wasnt in present moment, but in past.

    Found out this video is 2-4 hours sick concentration i only have felt before i started smoking weed (almost 1 years since last joint :)

    Is there any way to put more pressure on the mind, so the present mind of thinking gets longer?
  • ZackBigPack


    When I used this meditation I could've sworn i know what was going on in my empty room. I know that sounds weird, but I felt the water that is in the washroom, like it's short before fluing out of the faucet and I was sure the door behind me that is closed was open. But I also got a headache from the meditation. Am I doing something wrong?
  • ZackBigPack


    Oh one more thing. Everything now is louder than before the meditation.
  • mikelito85


    Mmm...good...I needed this cause im on tilt and suffered some bad beats today! xD +1
  • ErikStenqvist


    #31 Glad to hear that :)

    #32 The more you practice the easier it gets. Remove the negative thoughts and focus on qualitative thinking will help with this. Meditation, practice, practice and more practice :)

    #33/34 Since you remove all negative mind noise sense perception increases.The headache is released "mental tension". Like when you go to a massage for the first time in a long while. Completely normal. It will go away the more you practice.

    #35 All day err day we practice! :)
  • HuhtalaJ


    Just tried this for the first time thanks to HitThe1Out's tip. I've never tried any sort of meditation before.

    At first, it was hard to obey commands like "feel your body" and "feel your breath" but I guess it went ok for a first timer. I guess I was able to get my mind back to breathing pretty well if it distracted allthough the last time it took me rather long to even notice I was thinking something else.

    Just before the end, I started to feel a bit strange, like really small and as if my position was suddenly really weird - not uncomfortable but weird - even though I was just laying still on my bed.

    Will keep on practicing with an open mind daily to learn what this stuff even is and to see how this could affect my focus in the tables. At least I feel I could fall asleep pretty easily now - something which I'm not usually very good at.

    Thanks for the practice, I'm definetely going to watch your video that was released yesterday.
  • ErikStenqvist



    The weird feeling is actually something that it sounds like you should try to reach again. When we let go of our minds like this "ego", or whatever you want to call it, doesn't really have anything to hold on to. The letting go and uncertainty of the situation makes us feel not in control. Learning how to be comfortable is not good only for regular life. But also for letting go of beats and variance in game.

    This also explains why you get tired. Holding on to a lot of thought and emotions can be quite heavy for the mind. When you actively let go the mind goes "Ok! I'm gonna start insta sleeping before this guys starts making me work again!"
  • Fiskantes


    I am surprised! Really great stuff :)
  • gedavaca


    hello, i wolud like to translate the Guided Mindfulness, so if you can tell me some words that i dont understand ty. The minute of the words are; 2.19 2.44 3.28 3.48 4.02 4.24 4.44 7.32 7.46 8.09 8.44. and the words between the minutes: 0.40 - 0.46 ; 1.20 - 1.23 ; 5.17 - 5.20 ; 6.07 - 6.10 ; 9.10 - 9.12.

    thank you so much for your help,
    i hope is not a problem...
  • ErikStenqvist


    2.19 tension/uncomfortable
    2.44 your awareness
    3.28 ?
    3.48 wanders from the breath
    4.02 concerns or worries
    4.24 kindly observe
    4.44 the awareness is now back
    7.32 that its ready for the task at hand
    7.46 have a qualitative
    8.09 we anchor ourselves
    8.44 make your mind slow down

    0.40-0.46 or wherever it is comfortable, and begin by

    1.20-1.23 try to bring your awareness to this room

    5.17-5.20 to what we want it to be on

    6.07-6.10 when it comes to our awareness that we lost the breath

    9.10-9.12 will be reward further down the line.

    I hope that makes it easier!
    My pleasure! If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask :)
  • gedavaca


    ty so much,

    i want to said 3.18 and in 4.39-4.41 , 9.02?

    what is the meaning of "have a cualitative" (7.46)?

    i am working in the Guided Theory Preperation and Mindfulness,
    so se u there i think ;)

    have a nice day!
  • ErikStenqvist



    3.18 or lungs
    4:39 and we bring it back
    9.02 the effort you put in today

    7.46 qualitative = with quality

    Have a nice day as well :)

    Keep practicing daily!
  • tomasa82


  • lulualine


    Really, REALLY helpful. I practice yoga 3 or 4 times a week, but I'm usually more focused on the moves and postures than the meditation and focus per se. This is getting me on the right track.

    Thanks a lot!
  • loredana22


    sorry, no believer here!...i had a nice laugh reading some of the comments...Be well!
  • Nomedes


    will it make me a poker zombie? i'll be like a terminator on the tables? if yes, count me in, oh and record me some sesion tape plz :)

    yes i'm going to check this out
  • ErikStenqvist


    #46 Hehe, well that's good. It shouldn't be taken too seriously. But don't gamble on being a believer, just find out for yourself :)

    #47 I promise it will not make you into a poker zombie. 100% refund if that happens. You will be more like a Samuraj than a terminator :)
  • Atalol


    Thanks to w34z3l I also use this before going to sleep..



    Really good stuff Erik!

    Better late than never!