Moshman Live: 4-Tabling $7-$15 SNGs

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Collin plays live $7 and $15 9man turbos and discusse his thoughts throughout


bubble Live Video PokerStars push or fold

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy this live session from Collin!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.
  • Walikota


    With Collin Moshman there is no suckout, it's the skill! :)
  • apache777


    Nice video, as always. Big thanks!
  • RuLeR1988


    You must be one of the best SNG coaches in the world..if not the BEST !

    I had so much to learn from this video..Especially the bubble game.. looking at this video makes me such a MEGA HUGE NIT in bubble game

    I have a question 18:50 you say that if Puyar will shove you gonna fold.What is the reason behind this action? Ill call every day in that spot..I dont know,maybe its a leak from my side,thats why i want to know why its better to fold rather than call in that spot

    Thank You
  • madein1984


    03:45 since it's checked around, I would bet out that turn, assuming that noone (except for maybe the BB) has a King and we improve. Any blank river would be a good barrel card as well.

    37:45 what do you think of his call with 44 there? I actually think its horrible, wasting this nice bigstackspot for a probably slightly +EV call.

    41:15 love it when you explain that players get too emotional and then suck out on him :)

    44:20 I actually think this is a mayor HU leak of many regs, openshoving hands like J8o for 13bb because nash says it's possible, even though they don't have premiums in their range which makes those shoves -EV if the BB calls according to nash.

    01:00:00 what do you think of 3betshoving here? He might think you tighten up with 3betting because you ran into aces the last time, so with the shorty in the BB I think you should get enough folds to make this profitable
  • dalborgo


    Min 26:58 A6s from BN (4 left). What is the main reason to fold here? A steal-push is an option?
  • AwaysRemember


    I would love to see your EV line for that session
  • hellokitty83


    hi collin,i like your videos and coachings very much. iam new to poker and play 1usd fr and 30mtt that video for me or its the next level?can i practise this way of thinking at lower limit?
  • ghaleon


    3:30 A6s: Did you consider semi bluffing turn by betting? In 4way pot its not great, but in 3way pot I would tend to almost always bet myself.
  • ghaleon


    17:20 Notes can be added in bottom left text box that also works as chat.
  • ghaleon


    19:00 AJo: As default shove is fine, but for unopened pot also minraise induce is ok.
  • ghaleon


    23:30 KQo: If we have good read that he shoves wide then open shove or possibly limp-shove would be ok. If preflop goes checked and we hit we are able to take lot of heat if he tries to abuse postflop.
  • ghaleon


    26:25 T8s: Would you consider resteal versus minraise?
  • ghaleon


    35:00 22: Would you minraise this after BU shows that he is calling with wide range?

    40:00 K6o: You folded, but considering how frequently he has been 3beting I think you should call like K8o.

    47:45 K6o: Would be ok minraise imo. Might get bit more respect for CO open and we have A blocker! :)

    51:00 ATo: I would usually minraise-call as we can play non shove/fold game with that stack depth.

    52:30 Would you tend to fold decently marginal calls there to prolong bubble?

    58:25 86s: Absolutely rigged that such big pocket crusher lose...

    59:00 58o: Have not yet seen how this end up, but I really really dislike this. BB is not folding or probability for that is like 2% and once BB call BU profitable calling range will sky rocket.

    Nice last table for bubble abuse. It's kind of spot where we tend to be lucky to be versus competent players. Much more nasty if player left of us would be unpredictable recreational player.
  • ghaleon


    59:00 58o: If we put BB stack to lets say 1000 total then it becomes much more interesting as BB could fold much. Would then depend on BU approach. Is he minraising mostly as induce or with much wider range. Range for induce is super tight for him here. JJ+ probably even though some might induce wider.
  • natbut


    хорошее видео
  • MoscowSpirit


    Please, say thanks to Collin! )
    Great, like always.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Walikota: Haha, yup!

    #3 Apache777: Thanks!

    #4 Ruler1988: Very close spot. Looking at Nash now, it is actually the bottom of our calling range, but a lot of players will not be shoving as wide as the Nash 17%. So, definitely a close one :) Glad you enjoyed the vid!
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Madein1984: Nice comment on 3:45, I agree that betting out that turn is better when flop gets checked and we pick up NFD. The 44 call is close, but there is a lot of utility in stack preservation to pwn the bubble, so I tend to agree on folding. At 1 hour, he does much better in Nash by playing a shove/fold game in that spot. When he MRs instead, my optimal response is to 3bet shove very wide. Assuming we don't have the read that he is usually MRing to induce in spots like this, then Q7o would have actually been a solid shove. So, nice points all around :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Dalborgo: Our Nash shoving range of 17% here is wider than I thought. With that said, I think that particular SB is calling wider than top 8%, but even so it would have been a fine shove. Thanks for pointing that out.
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 AlwaysRemember: What more valuable info can I teach you as a coach than how to run like God?

  • CollinMoshman


    #8 HelloKitty: Thanks, and yes I think there should be useful info in this vid for all stakes.

    #17 MoscowSpirit: Thanks!
  • CollinMoshman


    Ghaleon, solid comments as always. To reply to the questions:

    26:25. Nash has us shoving very wide over MR. There are definitely regs I have the read on who only MR there to induce, but without that read, T8s would be a solid shove.

    35:00. I'd open unless he's extremely loose.

    52:30. Possibly, but against regs in particular if I thought it was a +EV call in a vacuum I'd make it for meta reasons.

    59:00. I agree. Officially putting this one in the "-EV but fun shove" category :)
  • SMler1


    great video, as always!!!! Ty very much!
  • 4eJIoBekz


  • dalborgo


  • HolyBenjo


    Well didn't turn out as you said it would... Been sucked out from all my SnGs today, lost all my 70/30 and several bad timings like JJ vs KK etc.

    Thanks for the video anyway, which was great :) Hope next time I'll suck out as much as you did !
  • ThreeFour34


    Yep, we other reg rekreational players are on the other side of still fighting for that +ROI :)
  • renzs


    Hello Collin, nice vid.

    i have some questions that i need your help. suppose in a 6-max sng, you are at small blind and everybody has 25BB' and you're sure that the player at big blind rarely 3B to your min raise steal (i.e: he only uses the top range to 3B shove resteal), based on the holdem resource calculator, you should use a pretty wide range to min raise steal. What about if the player at BB flats a lot (just a cold call), and post flop he's a passive station (like call you 3 st. with a mid pair, or small pocket pair); or he floats a lot, like call the flop, bet the turn and/or river if checked to; or if flop checked to, he bets 1bb 3 st. (when you hit nothing). what range should i use to min raise steal at sb in the case mentioned above? thx a lot in advance
  • renzs


    oh one more thing to add. and change to my sb min raise steal range if the eff stack size is 10bb or 15bb instead of 25bb? :)
  • Gurzamkd


    7:25 TR table you fold KQo on the CO after HJ 2.5x raises, can u please explain this spot a liitle bit, because i dont think it is a standard move, considering you'll be IP, is it because you are proteting yourself from getting 3bet by the BU or the blinds?
  • CollinMoshman


    SMler1, Thanks!

    Dalborgo, ywyw

    HolyBejoy, Sorry to hear, but you'll learn to suckout like a champ one day too :) Glad you enjoyed the video.

    ThreeFour34, Ditto!
  • CollinMoshman


    Renzs: Against a loose-passive player in the big blind, I would generally open 2.5x any hand strong enough to raise for value, and openlimp a lot of hands like 75s also. Hope that answers our question.
  • CollinMoshman


    Gurzamkd: Without much of a read, my default play with KQ in the CO facing a hijack open is to fold. With that said, against a player opening wide, flatting IP is certainly reasonable.
  • jimira


    really like the "mod" - anyone knows if it's a normal pokerstars theme/tablesetup ?

    BTW gonna hold u up on those promised 3 suckouts Collin ;-D
  • odontitis


    29:45 K9s (hu) What is the main reason to fold here? Is not good enough hand to call all in?
  • fortuna2o1o


    awesome how u crush n suck em out!!
    nice work thank u
  • DrPepper


    36:00 you openfold 45s in heads up for 12 bb. On my Nash chart there is a 20+ bb push there. I hope that was only a glitch ;-)
  • grayarea


    Jimira, I think it's the standard stars theme "Nova" (now with extra suckout)!
  • Chowchow12


    teach me how to suck out like that..
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, Collin. Here is one question from Russian community:

    04:20 What would you do if a third spade came on turn instead of heart queen? Opponent is unknown and there can be a lot of flush draws in his range.
  • Harumamburu


    27:11 QJo: would you call shortstack push or fold cause of his stats on 50 hands with 0 3bet?

    35:37 A4o: 3bb push, is that misclick? why u keep 70chips in your stack?
    37:07 AK: same not AI all in ) what is the sense of this move?

    41:45 AJ on first table. Does it look like unbalanced raise like 80% of stack with AK from early position? Like you said about on 37:07 with AK in HU "it might look weaker", but it doesn't look weak for me.

    43:30 big blind sit out, you are chipleader, isn't it profitable to open 100% range?

    55:55 98o facing 2BB on big blind, why fold? Is there any profit in push?

    Thank you a lot for nice video ^_^
  • affectedminds



    sry about my noob question, but where to get the HUD? I'm new!
  • matryker


    1:59 KJo:

    I don't get your argument. You say you'd raise to 75 if his stats were "60/0". But that would mean he is more loose than like "20/0" and the chance of calling increased. And therefore of losing.
  • Bibonow


    38:14 thank you for thoses 3 suckouts you wishing me! I will think of you during the next 3 ones for sure !
    But overall, big thankyou for another super great video Collin! Improving alot :)
  • Bibonow


    Please don't DOE/GET CANCER