Finding Your A-Game: Guided Theory Preperation and Mindfulness

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In the first presentation of the "Finding Your A-Game" series Erik Stenqvist goes through helping you unlearn some of the potentially damaging thought processes which you may have learned during your Poker Career


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  • Boomer2k10


    Please enjoy the first presentation in the "Finding Your A-Game" series from Erik Stenqvist

    If you have any questions or comments for Erik please leave them below and enjoy
  • ErikStenqvist


    Hope you guys enjoy the video! :) All and any feedback is welcome. Cheers!
  • martinemem


    First i will see the meditation video u made, then 3 hours poker, and in my 1 hour brake, i think i would see this 1 or 2 times, before jumping to 2nd session. :D cant wait
  • Kingsurprise


    probably the most important topic to become a crusher!
    Nice Vid
  • martinemem


    The thing about catching tilt a lvl 1-3 before it gets to 3-6 is actually something i can recognize back to the time i started winning sngs. back then i stopped instantly playing, so i was about max 3-10 sngs. Now im sometimes up to 60 because i have learned a little to control when it lands, but usually when it lands, if i see it going further up, i mostly stop, to lock profits for the day, but if i get better to recognize it, i might go back from b to a more often. I trained it first time when i was playing 12-16 tables cashgame, and because i think variance is a bit smaller in that, i one day wrote to myself i would play as long as i (not could, but had time too), so i would play THROUGH tilt and comeback from it while i was playing.
    This is good, havent seen hole video yet, there was not much action, so i think i would look deep in to this asap :D
    I love the fact of training to calculate to something, remember my dad said to me when i was little, if u cant sleep cound to 100 sheep. Then i would go back and tell him i counted to 100, then he said, now count to 5000. And that worked ^^

    This is very good, but i think i have written that already, seeing last part now, then seeing it again writing notes, then seeing it again, and maybe again before i start my session. :D

  • martinemem


    After i seen this uptil the 10m startup of the practise, one thing quickly popped through my mind.
    I usually play more focused and better if im tired. Not by sleepy tired, but by not had slept during the night and instead of trying to fall asleep, just get out of bed and take a day more.
    COULD this be because i oversleep? I mean, this is not logical right, that i should play better if im awake 48 hours right?
  • w34z3l


    looks good, will watch soon. "Preparation" is the correct spelling for that word in the video title.
  • ErikStenqvist


    #3 Let me know what you think of it :)

    #4 I certainly agree with you on that one! Thanks a lot!

    #5 Try to relax and accept your way through tilt and tough sessions :)

    #6 I have never heard of this before! :) Message me on the forums. I would like to talk more about this. Cheers!

    #7 *cough* Not embarrassed *couch*
  • DonkeyDirk


    Very nice video, i am looking forward to part 2 :)
  • Farmarchist


    Really great vid, should be diamond content :D. Will watch again and will do the exercises!
  • zvezdarian


    Thanks to this video i will pay more attention of psychology in poker in the near future. This is what i need. I lived in conviction that i knew what the tilt is. I almost reach diamond status and i found out right now!

    Well, i like your english, voice and calmness :)
    Thank you for this masterpiece.
  • justmrwn


    Hey ), nice video, reminds me of Zen(mindfullnes and awareness), do you read a lot of Zen books?
  • BigFish2010


    Great video Erik,i think you are in your A game making videos ;) Keep up the good work.
  • danutz123


    Really good advice. I got alot out of listening to it but had a problem seeing the powerpoint presentation because of the crack in my monitor resulting from my aces over full house getting beat by a one-outter royal flush.
  • Blackdragon667


    Very nice video
  • t33bo


    Very nice ^^
  • ErikStenqvist


    #9 It will be even better :)

    #10 Thank you. Nice to hear!

    #11 If you approach the mental side of poker knowing it's as complex as the game itself then you are on the right track. Keep working hard!

    #12 Oh most definitely! Any book you can find on the subject can't be a bad idea to read :)

    #13 Thank you! I promise i will do my best to keep bringing it.

    #14 Happy to hear you like it. sorry to hear about your screen. Keep working hard on the techniques and you can significantly reduce the chances of it happening again...

    #15/16 Thank guys!
  • NutzAreOk


    What a great video. I will definitely start doing that 10m practice as often as I can.
  • Timmaywin


    Thanks for this video! I'm glad to learn some new practices for awareness at the poker tables and in life. I will watch this video more times in the future, because there is so much information in it that is very valuable!
  • Raksanalee


    Hi Eric first thing to say its great to get a good coach like you to teach some mental stuff,i already learnd a lot from the book poker mindset and that already helped me a lot to grind more.Right now im able to grind 200-350sngs per day but i got a big problem after 2-3days.Feel lacey and not focused when i play.I cant keep up my A game.And i feel so terrible bored.If i take a day off im back on the grind and im motivated again.Im very unhappy about me,because i got bigger goals and i cant reach them because the same story repeats after a couple of days again.My boyfriend told me that my mental muscle is not trained enough and i need more time.Is there a way to get mental recovery quicker?
  • Alabama


    #20 would really like to hear about what you name the mental muscle
    got some big issues related to that.
  • ErikStenqvist


    #20 Get in touch with me in the forums by starting a thread or pm'ing me :)

    #21 You are also more than welcome to do the same. :)
  • justmrwn


    #12 can you suggest some good Zen Book?my favorite is Zen and The Art of Happines by Chris Prentis, this book has open my eyes :)
  • gedavaca


    Hello i like so much the video and i am translating to español, can you help me with this words? : 0.17-0.19; 0.33-0.35; 1.05-1.07; 1.35-1.36; 2.33-2.35; 3.14-3.18; 3.42; 3.53-3.57; 4.09; 4.21; 4.26; 5.05; 5.30; 5.47; 6.25-6.27; 6.44-6.47; 6.58; 7.15; 7.49; 8.40; 8.49-8.51; 9.09; 9.26; 9.37; 10.01; 10.07-10.09; 10.24; 11.15; 12.08-12.10; 13.09; 13.39; 13.49; 14.06-14.14; 14.41; 15.19; 15.53; 16.06; 16.43-16.48; 17.55; 18.14; 18.22; 18.58; 19.50; 20.05-20.08; 20.20; 22.21; 22.24-22.26; 23.11; 23.17; 23.35; 23.41-23.43; 24.30; 25.25

    hopefully not a nuisance

    ty so much and congratz for the great serie!!
  • ErikStenqvist



    I will work on this today to get it translated. I might have to look up a few words since I have never guided in Spanish. I am almost fluent however so I can't see that it will be a problem.. Cheers! :)
  • gedavaca


    Really ty, i just need that words in English btw, i do not have the translatation of mindfulness exactly, so is it something like atention? have a very nice day. Salud! :)
  • sdsbates


    Excellent video, filled out the 'Tilt Profile' on myself and it was a real eye opener! The 10 minute warmup had me so relaxed it was frightening, looking forward to watching the rest of the series and playing my A game as much as possible!
  • ErikStenqvist


    #26 My pleasure. :) Well it could also be called Mindlessness. That your mind is empty from unnecessary thoughts and distractions. But it's also full with your attention. So both describe the same state but perceiving it from opposite points of view. Metaphorically speaking ofc. Salud Compadre! :)

    #27 Nice to hear that it's working for you :) Hopefully its gotten even better by now!
  • Laci24


    I like the video! :)
  • tzoun


    Yo, Love it! <3 <3 <#
  • Sevalys


    Thank you very much, all your videos are very usefull to me, I see the improvement in my game!
  • baadnewz01


    Very good job sir !