Introducing Uri Peleg - Crushing Midstakes Regs

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Our New Coach Uri Peleg, sirrybob on the forums, takes us through a live session in which he discusses his strategies for crushing the midstakes regulars


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  • pleno1


    Please welcome our new coach sirrybob and enjoy his first video for

    As ever with our new coaches we will be working with them on their production quality and look forward to more videos from Uri moving forward.

    Please leave constructive feedback and suggestions about this and future videos below.
  • Scoob101


    Bad resolution, Volume varies.

    At least the content seems to be good.
  • Scoob101


    And hes coughing like 50 times in this vid, which is also super annoying
  • sirrybob


    Sorry about the cough, I was recovering from the flu so still had a bit of a sore throat, but that shouldn't be a problem in future videos.
  • javieralberto


    nice video! min 19:20 why you felt shoving TQ is the optimal play? I think he need to bluff 3b a high % of the time to be profitable, in other hand, he can flat you because there are few 2x combos in your range (if there is any) so if he fight back a lot you will be in troubles playing oop.

    anyway I play in nl100 but hope to climb, suggestions? ty
  • matusko


    very good, looking forward to more videos from you.

    Sound wasnt best, but content is what rly matters.
  • yomatiyo


    Min 10:00, you fold 22 right up in the CO, why???
  • yomatiyo


    min 12:00, then hand against KJo in the 3bet, whit A5o, how do u think our range is percibed when we call flop? you dont care about that against him in particular? will u call to float and bluff turns or rivers? why not shoving turn for value and protecition? when his range is more than nothing draws? and why not shoving river if we call? ^^, I know there is not a LOT of value, but our range would not be really obvious if wh chbh an A there? I think we are very more thougt to play against if we shove any ace there... what is your shoving range there?
  • Desultory


    What is the 'note caddy top 10' thing I see in your notes? Is this note caddy premium? Have you created these custom graphs or do they come as standard in the premium package?

    Where did you get your 2bb, 3bb, 35%, 50%, pot script for pokerstars? Are theses 50%, pot number adjustable?
  • yomatiyo


    Min 32:00, when u call botom right 44 co vs bu cause he has a very high cb/f cnd high cb in the flop, what is your calling range there? isnt 44 too loose? we need playability for the times he call our cb isnt right? so what is your range? dont you prefer a lot of sc and medium hands to broadways?
  • yomatiyo


    lol desultory, the 2bb 3bb 35 50% you can do it in pokerstars lobby ^^
  • yomatiyo


    really nice vid ^^
  • yomatiyo


    lol scoob, what a ridiculous feedback.
  • yomatiyo


  • sirrybob


    When playing vs a wide button opener it becomes similar to heads up. I have 30% checkraise so a hand like QT is near the top of my range in this
    situation, therefore I can't fold it once I checkraise or I would just be folding everything.
    It's true that the guy would have to be 3bet bluffing a lot, but - when people 3bet a flop like 2TT in position they are nearly always bluffing in my
    As for suggestions for moving up, I'd have to know more about your game but my number one suggestion (to everyone) is always to get coaching. That
    is what has helped me the most :)
  • sirrybob


    I've gone over my database and seen that I'm losing money with 22-44 from UTG-CO, so I've started folding those hands as a default.
    I am not sure this is correct though - it probably depends on table conditions more than anything else (if you are getting flatted often by the button
    then 22-44 will be bad opens, if not they're probably fine)

    About the A5o hand: I was just a bit confused about Innerpsey's range. I'd assume my flop calling range is perceived to be Ax and some broadways
    if he thinks I 3bet those. On the turn vs his small bet I'm probably perceived to call a similar range, possibly folding broadways but very likely
    not vs his small bet. So I think when he bluffs this way he should be bluffshoving river often (therefore no need to shove turn for protection, or so
    I thought - bcz I can pick off bluffs on river). And when he checked river I was just a bit confused about what worse hands could call me. If I knew
    he always had worse I would definitely bet some amount though, probably 3bb or something like that :-) I'd probably shove AQ+ on river for value,
    not sure what purpose it serves to shove a hand like A5 there.

    44 hand: considering his exploitable postflop tendency, and assuming blinds aren't squeezing often - I would call extremly wide.
    All pairs, suited aces, broadways, suited kings, suited connectors and one and 2gappers, etc. This guy is just very easy to play well in position against
    (raise when you miss, call when you hit - so have a +ev decision always)
  • sirrybob


    Desultory: I don't currently use NoteCaddy, the things you saw in the hud are just the default stuff that holdem manager 2 puts there, I have no
    idea what they are have never looked at them.
  • marinero36


    As Scoob said, the resolution sucks, so the quality sucks too. Also the cough doesnt help so I would advise you to wait 1 week more till you recover and record a better videon next time :)

    In-game: I like it, looking forward to watching more videos.
  • marinero36


    Also two situations when you call BBvsBTN T8o and 97o saying that you thing the cards are good enough, and then you see that he barrels like 55/50/45 and doesn't fold to raise and you just x/fold. Do you think that it is profitable for you? What's your gameplan for next streets? I guess x/bet/bet while a lot of times you're gonna be trapped by secondpair and crap like that so I do not think you're gonna make money on it.
  • IronPumper


    I would even not give one single fuck bout the volume-quality or any other irrelevant bullshit - what counts for me is only the content-quality of the vid and this should be the main factor for everybody who is serious bout getting better.

    Imo this vid was indeed one of the best liveplay-vids togheter with the vids from internet in a while at - so Im looking forward to see more of this^^
  • Sneijder1091


    Good vid.. volume & resolution sucked a bit...
  • pericas1991


    25:00 u actually showed the Ah, with A5o vs innerpsy i think u also showed your A pre which made the hand pretty interesting imo.. :) very nice vid
  • sirrybob


    #29 Thanks, glad you like the video :-) Calling hands like 79o and T8o out of position to a minraise vs a wide range doesn't require an elaborate
    gameplan. You only need to win the pot about 22% of the time to breakeven on the call, so you can play pretty straighforwardly and turn a
    profit vs almost anyone. Of course higher ev would be to have an exploitative gameplan, but I am pretty sure calling > folding regardless.

    #32 I didn't actually show the cards, you can't show cards while the hand is going on, I was just clicking for no reason on the cards but it doesn't show them :-)

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, I will try to improve quality in the future.
  • yegon


    great vid, keep em comming
  • w34z3l


    video = excellent
    sound = bad
  • Varune


    Very nice video!

    Indeed what others say the resolution and the coughs are a bit bad, but they didn't take away my attention, as content-wise it's a very good video.

    u got a big sample on the other regs lol. I'm curious about your popups, cuz in the video they aren't readable because of the resolution. Even though they weren't readable u did tell what stats u looked at. So it was very nice that u very often already check postflop stats preflop to make calls to exploit villains stats.

    Looking forward for more :)
  • strixsr


    Nice vid :-) Great to hear about MtG World champ after lot of years :-)
  • tima182


    best VOD in 2013, w8 next. THX!
  • edik89


    A5o Hand u say that u dont wanna see the Flop, but few hands b4 that u noticed that he is c/f a lot OOP

    logic flaw to 3b A5o right? coz i assume ur 3b/folding with that hand?
  • edik89


  • edik89


    and ur A5o is gonna play like shit in a 3B pot
  • elpsycho


    Why are you always restealing with Ax hands against wide ranges in bvb situations? Wouldn't call be a little more profitable in some of those spots?
  • sirrybob


    #39: If I remember correctly it's not that he checkfolds a lot but more that when he checks it's to checkfold.
    Also the fact that A5o doesn't play well in a 3bet pot is not necessarily relevant - esp vs ppl opening wide ranges and folding a lot I sometimes choose blocker hands to maximize fold equity, I won't see a flop that often and when I do Ax is actually not that bad vs a lot of oop flatting ranges here (I just have the best hand a lot)

    #42: I'm doing it vs people who are opening 65%+ range from SB. My strategy involves 3betting them a TON so I have to 3bet some hands that are ok to flat. Specifically Axo I choose bcz it doesn't play very well in single raised pots, and has a blocker. If it was A7o for example I think the 7 is high enough to be good for singleraised pot and I would flat. But these guys are opening junk like 6To and A3o doesn't play well vs any of their junk... I could be wrong on this though.
  • double2


    Very nice video!

    min 11, hand with de A5o, you 3bet BB vs SB, flop comes ATxr, you say we cbet cause villain is going to call broadways with gutshot, if the board was A9xr, would you cbet or just chk back?