$109 MTT Turbo Win: Approaching the Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
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Collin continues to review his $109 MTT win leading up to the final table.


3bet Equity hand history review PokerStars series shove turbo

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy as Collin continues his $109 Turbo review.

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions below.
  • onmybike


    A9s on 18:00 is a cear fold imo you are the chipleader, he can not aspect a lot of raise folds from you because of the other shortie and for that reasn he will be tight because ICM. + when you cal and lose you ge a bigstack on your left.
  • onmybike


    AQo on 21:00. imo it is very bad to raise here for induce. You say that you cal a shove what i think is terrible, given you are second in chips + the fact that the BB(and chipleader) will have a calling range here IP what make raising even worser imo because you want to pick the pot on preflop. What do you think he will 3b here where you can call with Aqo?
  • onmybike


    j6o on 24:00 is a no brainer push.

    I do not understand why you calculate al the interresting spots in cEVmode :( it really makes th vid little bit bad imo and it is ver easy o just fill inholdemresurces a pyout structuur for FT an even if it is a old HH you can take th payout from this weak what will be close enough to make sene but cEV makes totally no sense at all on a FT.
  • Erikk17


    I love your range construction.
  • nnssoonn


  • bencb


    agree #4
  • CollinMoshman


    Sorry for the delay replying to the comments on this video, busy few days travelling!

    Onmybike: A9s. Close spot. I don't think he's shoving super-tight here, and there are also meta-benefits to defending vs 3bets. I have no problems folding, but think my call is reasonable.

    J6o: Yes, I agree this fold is too tight.

    I've often used cEV as the base point for my analysis in MTT final tables, adjusting when there are clear ICM implications. Apart from desire to win, there are often significant chip utility benefits to accumulation. With that said I certainly understand your criticism, and will use the final table payout %'s in future MTT content.

    Thank you for your feedback.
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Erikk17: Great, very glad to hear that was useful :)

    #6 Nnssoonn: Thanks!

    #7 Bencb: Will make this change, thanks for your feedback.
  • Rammie


    I think the TT is far closer than you said when you put in final table bubble factors and may well be a fold, especially if you think he is going to be fairly tight.
  • mahoarca


    Very nice, thanks Collin
  • wunderfab


    good vid, keep up the good work
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, Collin! Here are some questions from russian community:

    Collin, great video as always! Am I correct thinking that ICM affects most on final table and until final table we play tournament using Chip-EV mode? And does it mean that our shoving ranges should be a bit looser than Nash when we play Chip-EV mode? Thank you.