Finding Your A-Game: Inner Body Anchoring

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Eric guides us through a meditation process.


Finding Your A-Game Meditation series thematic video

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy Erik's latest video!

    As always any questions or feedback please leave them below!
  • Kingsurprise


    epic fail by me :D first I held my hand in front of my mouth :D
    great video,I will repeat it tomorrow
  • ErikStenqvist


    #2 Hehe, did you feel really coo after doing that? :)

    Remember though that this is a more advanced technique so if you make mistakes and so on it's no big deal. You get rewarded for the effort you put in down the road by slowly building better focus and awareness.

    Just like in poker we don't want to be results oriented when we do these kind of exercises. Keep it up!
  • infinite01


    Another great video! When i started following erik's video series, i'm more relaxed before playing poker.. Keep it up! :) --> his voice is definitely relaxing too, it's like you've attended a real meditation camp.. nice work! :)
  • Aceofgod


    which videos are the two we should watch before this one? there are a bunch of videos from Erik all about something like that!?
  • ErikStenqvist


    The videos comes in pairs:
    1. Guided Theory Preperation and Mindfulness/Guided Mindfulness exercise is the first one.

    2. Warm Up and Guided Visuaization exercise

    3. Awareness, Focus and the Present Moment/Guided Awareness exercise.

    4. Avoid Tilt and The Emotional Freeroll/Inner Body Anchoring

    Work on the first two videos for a week or so and then move on to the next one :)

    Take your time and no need to rush. Try to do the exercises daily if you can.

  • sunrise2489


    Hey Erik, I just want to tell you that your videos are incredible, when I did exercises I played so well, so much confidence... I could execute plays, better hand reading. Unfortunately I was not disciplined enough to practice consistently and payed for it. :(

    These exercises are pretty easy for me. So after the video I tried to read the comments and hold awareness in my body at the same time. It was hard to keep information in one piece, though possible. But at the same time I felt unattached. I think that it is the best state to play poker. Do you think it is possible to maintain this state and play poker at the same time? If yes, what activity would you recommend to practice that?
  • sunrise2489


    Another one, should I use more advanced meditation every time or mix it up?
  • ErikStenqvist


    #7 Thank you! Glad to hear that they are working for you. Yes you can maintain this with practice. try to give your full attention to everything you do in very day life, brushing your teeth, working out or talking to a friend etc. Practice on giving the situation or person your full attention and don't let your mind wander if you can. A simple yet often hard practice.

    I really like mixing things up, using different mediation practices etc. Just keep an open mind and look for new things. Longer ones, short ones. Remember that you are not really trying to learn something new, just unlearning old habits of thinking and emotions. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to drop me a line in my Q&A thread here:

    Cheers! :)
  • Kalisari


    nice vid dude!
    lol@missing your bell twice ;-)