$15 SNG Post Flop Hands

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Collin goes into some concepts and discussion we overlook in sit & goes often - playing postflop. He looks through some interesting postflop hands and discusses postflop lines.


hand history review PokerStars postflop

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Collin as he delves into playing post flop in sit & goes!

    As always any feedback is appreciated, please leave any questions you have below and Collin will be happy to answer.
  • Fellowlol


  • MoscowSpirit


    Second! :D

    Great vid. Hero's play is not so gteat, as this VOD is, but that's even better,than to watch VOD without bunch of non-optimal dicisions.
    The best tihng in this video is a fact, that it doesn't metter what kind of STT you are playing(6 or 9 max). I am playing only 9-max, and usually i ignore the 6-max VOD's. But not this one.
  • ariwald


    Gee!!! What a calling range from these guys... The MFs villains hit everything in a monstered way.... But even when he loses the hand Collin extracts from it many valuable reads from opponents and suggest and strategy to think about. Im very proud to watch videos like this. ''Show de bola"!!!!
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 MoscowSpirit: Thanks. Hero's a great player, but these were hands he thought he may have misplayed. Glad you enjoyed the video :)

    #4 Ariwald: Haha, thanks!
  • PokerBitc


    at the first hand can we just fold because the sb playr can call preflop for a set mining? in fact his hand is two pairs, a set, a straight draw, rarely a bluff?!
  • Rainmy


    very nice video ! :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 PokerBitc: The reason we can't fold there is because of the very low SPR. When the pot is this big and we have an overpair, we must go to showdown. And he will definitely have TX, draws, and some fairly hopeless hands often enough here that we will show a profit calling his flop shove.

    #7 Rainmy: Thanks! :)
  • s0cru3l


    nice spots nice vid :D

    villains J9o call hand was pretty cool :D
  • lila28


    Nice video. Tnx.

    I am wondering what you think about 3,5x (not 3x) raise from bb when sb limp first.
  • sn0wman88


    very nice and useful video for today's games. I personally wish we can get more of these most of all to learn how to face reg vs reg and reg vs fish postflop situations and decisions :)