$100NL Postflop Review with Oblioo

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Oblioo reviews a 100NL session he recently played focusing on postflop situations


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hey guys

    Please enjoy the latest review from our Diamond Coach oblioo

    Please leave any comments or suggestions below
  • Siedepunkt


    NL100 = Diamond Joke?
  • oblioo


    @2: I was asked to do a 100NL review, so I assume there are at least some people who wanted that? FWIW the vast majority of the logic/explanations apply just as well to 200NL and 400NL with only a couple exceptions.
  • matusko


    Rly bad hand selection imo(with the exception of the first too hands).
    Also dont like the aproach of just playing our hand in a vacuum.
  • KordaFan


    I think your previous videos were waay better than this one. It'd be great if you could select difficult spots, and speak about how you construct your ranges from street to street.
  • oblioo


    @4: There was no hand selection; it was simply a session review, as I explained in the video. Thanks for the feedback though. Which spots are you talking about "playing our hand in a vacuum?" Most hands were played in the manner I thought was optimal during the session; however, I think it's a mistake to try to play GTO/balanced vs. fish and weak players.
  • pechkin85


    whats the difference between 55 and 22? not like people are gonna call you with A2 or 32s often anyway
  • oblioo



    1. People call with 22, 33, 44, 55 and it's much better to have 55 vs. those hands than 22.

    2. 55 makes more straights than 22.

    2. We don't want too many hands in our UTG opening range that we'll have to fold to a 3bet.
  • oblioo


    oops that last point should obviously be "3." And @5, thanks for the feedback btw.
  • tommy9985


    solid lines by some villains...what site did you play on?
  • Aceofgod


    I think most videos should be either a live review where you see more hands or a session review like this where you have more time talking about different spots. so I like it ;)
  • zacolonel


    pretty sick run you had there, i mean I think you had worse then TPTK once...when you had AQ on AT3 board lol

    The info and the format i enjoy, but maybe you should think about including trickier spots, or just a sicker session, one in witch you don't flop a set every 2 hands, and Quads when you don't flop a set :P
  • Lucker9200


    hey there :)

    1) How would you play 99-QQ,AQ,AK in the AJo hand 02:00?
    2) KJs in BU @14:00, what would you do on the river if the opponent only called the turn and the river isn't a heart?
    3) Do you use some kind of formula to calculate how much money to bet/raise on the flop in order to get stacks in by the river?

    overall - nice vid and I definetly like the format - would love more parts :)
  • tatartom


    Hi, I like this format of video. May be it isn't too exciting, but allows to find leaks in thinking proces.
  • oblioo


    @12: It's true that I ran well in this segment, but there were plenty of hands that you are maybe forgetting: A9 on Q93, KJ on AT2, K9 on A53, 99 on AT5, AQ on J76, etc. etc. However for future videos I will probably manually select hands.

    @13: 1) This is a really general question--I would likely be flatting a lot of those hands pre, at least AK and QQ. Postflop a lot would depend on whether I had a diamond.
    2) prob give up, we have some SDV
    3) good question, and actually yes: generally in 3bet pots or in pots with short/midstacks, I look to bet approximately 10% of the effective stack on the flop, which should let me set up a river shove.
    4) not sure if I'll do more parts due to the other feedback here but look out for other HH review vids in the future.

    @everyone else: thanks for the feedback :)
  • babbas90


    AJ Hand:

    vs which range do you see a valuebet on the flop if villain is not a total fish?
    I find it pretty overplayed to bet/call the flop (which was probably your plan? otherwise you prolly wouldnt have bet in the first place)
    vs a range of 99-QQ,AdQx/AxQd,AdKx/AxKd, sometimes some weird JTs,JQs,KQs...

    MP2 74.38% 72.37% 2.01% QQ-99, AQs, AdKd, KsQs, QsJs, JsTs, AdKh, AdKs, AdKc, AhKd, AsKd, AcKd, AdQh, AdQs, AdQc, AhQd, AsQd, AcQd
    MP3 25.62% 23.61% 2.01% AsJc

    you're pretty crushed vs that range which is pretty realistic imo
  • babbas90


    55 Hand:

    after minbet/min3bet I'd put you always on quads/kings full. Vs any reasonable villain that line is way beyond max ev. You seemed pretty lucky to have such stupid villains at the table, which you couldnt know while playing that hand with your sample though which makes the play pretty bad imo.
  • retic


    i also liked it and would like to see more parts . :-)
  • oblioo


    @16: I would probably not be in this spot if SB were not a fish. However, I do not think most regs are 3betting 99-JJ vs an UTG open (why would they?), so I think your range is a little off. Therefore I would still feel okay (not great but okay) about getting it in bc I think villain's range would consist mostly of AQ, AK, QQ. But again the main reason I'm in this spot in the first place is bc I assume SB is a fish.

    @17: This is obviously not my standard line, but I assumed average unknown 100NL players would not be great. It's possible that I am underestimating them though.

    @18: ty, will consider it.
  • maritsula


    i really liked the format and I strongly believe that this video is very valuable as many players, myself included have substantial leaks post flop so its very good to hear the thought process of a good-thinking player.
  • kacsa1st


    @20 +1

    in the last hand AQo, would U bet twice if he had called turn?
    if yes, which river U'd barell?

    U didn't mention 99-TT hands, those could x/c turn, am I right?!?
  • xmiammiamx


    I liked it as well. Non-tricky spots are fine; they are not as easy to play as it seems if we really focus on how to get the utter maximum value.