Mental Game: Goal Setting - Variance Affecting Our Calculations

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Bogdan continues his Mental game Series with a look at how variance affects our projections


Goal Setting series variance

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video in Bogdan's Mental Game series focusing on Variance

    If you have any questions/comments for Bogdan please leave them here
  • DonkeyDirk


    Very good video :)
  • Netgames999


    Does this all refer to a BI of 100bb? Is there a possiblity to calculate this for MSS-Players(40bb)?
  • Nitrancan


    thanks, very useful, when i´m 2 months breakeven I look like Phil Hellmuth when he lose with s8 flush :)
  • BogdanPS



    Your standard deviation, when playing a smaller stack, should be bigger and you can find that number in either HEM or PT. Once you have the number you can use then input it and find the corresponding graph.
  • Zanardi1


    Qualitative goal indirectly related to poker: better social life.
  • xxInspectorxx


    Was this video done some time ago? Or how on earth you get EV++ working. Its been on server error for like several months at least?
  • Zanardi1


    #7: the site isn't working anymore, but there is/was a downloadable ev++ program. I have the installation kit. Add me as a friend so we can talk through PM, if you want it.
  • xxInspectorxx


    Thanks Zanardi
    Friend request sent
  • 0Arpi0


    Hey mate awesome vid! Can you do something like this for SnGs too?
  • Resilence


    It is kind of funny, when you say your not trying to scare us away from poker, with that variance calculation, as for me at least it has the exact opposite effect, I feel that I just have to put in more volume, while working on my game, and even if I do happen to not be winning mostly (as we all want) it might be due to variance.
  • SirTradeAlot


    10 pushups per lost allin prevents tilting and keeps you fit ;)