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Collin plays some live Low Stakes SNGs on Stars focusing on stats and moving up


Live Video PokerStars turbo

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy Collin's latest video

    Any questions/comments please leave below
  • Konnikickass


    Nic Vid.

    20:12 fold KTo CO 11BB

    What do you think about a shove there since it should be in the nash range?
  • Agosfc


    Nice vid, thanks collin.
  • evandrohenn


    Very nice video, as always Moshman.

    27:24 A9o MP with 1510 chips on 100/200 blinds, no ante.

    Is this a close spot? I think I shoove there sometimes. Would it be a fold even with antes (100/200/25ante)?
  • asdf7


    Really good video! Thank you! :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Konnikickass: You're right, it is actually at the bottom of the Nash range. Nice spot!

    #3 Agosfc: Thanks, glad you enjoyed the video :)

    #4 Evandrohenn: That's a very close spot, but with antes it's definitely a shove. Thanks for the nice words on the video.

    #5 Asdf7: Thanks!
  • ghaleon


    34:30 A6o: I find it bit funny that you use "non allin" allin earlier and then not in this spot where it would make much more sense :)

    Can't remember always obviously.

    35:30 33: Same for that one.

    38:00 A9o: Considering that the big stack on BB seems to be extremely tight would you see flatting reasonable? Well BB would get then pretty nice pot odds to call, but I think he wont do that with wide range either.

    39:15 54s: I think its close but in general I would prefer to go with this suited connector. Stop&go might be worth to try and generate that 1% of fold equity postflop :)

    Folding might be better if we expect to have some fold equity in next hand or if villains might collide light. But 54s just has such nice equity with these pot odds.

    39:30 AKo: Pretty easy call versus reg when we still have him decently covered. Though I find it bit surprising that you put him likely into ATC?

    Nash would actually be:
    SB 77.7%, 22+ Jx+ T2s+ T6o+ 92s+ 96o+ 82s+ 86o+ 73s+ 75o+ 62s+ 65o 52s+ 42s+

    BB 11.3%, 66+ A8s+ ATo+ KTs+ KQo

    Now I would not usually make very marginal calls here, because we have value in keeping our chip lead and try to maintain bubble abuse situation. But yeah if we put him into close to nash or wider then we should be calling with quite a few hands.

    Obviously if he covers us or is bit closer to our stack then him shoving ATC is reasonable and we would have to fold AK. But now we would actually be with similar stack to BB (if losing) who is going to have big part of his stack in play next hand. Meaning we would still have decent possibility to cash.

    Interesting spot actually.

    45:25 56o: If we give weight to our earlier reg looking player read then I would not make this shove. But can be reasonable especially versus small stake reg.
  • ghaleon


    For AK hand. It is still often showing some profit for SB to shove ATC (versus many regs), but in doing so he is also risking quite much. So would you in general go for ATC (or close to it) to try to gain chip lead and that way gain more clear stack leverage on BB? It would have some value, but its quite a ICM disaster when call comes.

    As I pointed out earlier SB stack size is not quite enough to force that maximum ICM pressure.
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 Ghaleon: Thanks for the comments/analysis. For the A9o, if he had very tight stats over a large sample, then I agree that flatting with plan of folding to his super-tight 3bet range (against which we have ~ 30% equity) would be better ... nice point there.

    65o: Agree, a bit too loose and not enough reason to believe shoving wider than Nash is correct vs him.
  • CollinMoshman


    AK: Yes you're right there also, looking back at that spot it's not quite as extreme ICM-wise as I perceived it initially. I'm a bit surprised our calling range goes down to KTs, I'm guessing most regs are a bit tighter than that there; so I do think it'd be reasonable for him to widen some both in anticipation of big blind calling a bit tighter than Nash, and for chip utlity benefits as another successful shove or two and he takes the CL. Definitely an interesting spot, and nice comments in your posts.
  • dubas77


    time 17:15, upper left table, UTG+1, JTs. Collin folded. i believe that was a little mistake and it was a nash shove.
  • CollinMoshman


    #11 Dubas77: I show QTs as bottom of Nash range there? Either way it's a very close spot, definitely would have been reasonable to shove. Thanks for your comment.
  • wiarygodny


    great video as always, thanks! :)

    35:30 bottom left, openshove with 33. Im not sure i would push it because of SB and your read on him (let's forget that later in the tourney youve changed your mind, at the moment the hand was played you thought of him as a fish who will call lighter than he should). Here's the Nash for this hand http://www.holdemresources.net/h/web-calculators/nashicm/results.html?action=calculate&bb=300&sb=150&ante=25&structure=0.5,0.3,0.2&s1=2451&s2=2713&s3=4526&s4=3810&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8=&s9=

    33 is obv included but i think they're calling ranges are a bit too optimistic (not only SB but even reg BU may call slightly wider imo). After adjusting the ranges in Wiz (giving regs the Nash ranges for simplification but widening significantly SB calling range (both for our push and BU's one) - ive set it to 13% but he may go even wider imo) we can push 66+, and a push with 33 gives us Diff%: -0.29. Unneccesary giving away equity or am i just being picky? :) I know its not a massive mistake, if it is one to begin with, but i just want to get rid off even the smallest ones from my game.
  • saviok79


    Cool Video, thanks to this I know how to play with guys who are very tight players.
  • astiastiasti


    hi guys this is Collin Moshman
  • bluetrane


    Great video Colin. Also reading your book a third time! Played great, ran great directly after watching this and made it way up the PS leaderboard for my buyin!
  • Jirek


    On 17min: JTs with 12,x BB with 6 players behind. I think you can shove here or is a fold better here? Thanks for the very good video :)
  • Jirek


    on 20:13 KTo also a nash shove i think
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, Collin. Great video as always. Here are few questions from Russian community:

    1. How can I become a Team Moshman student?
    2. 40:00. Iso-push with A8o against a tight reg. Can you please explain how you came to this decision?
  • iNspiRe


    And one more:

    21:00, top-left table, AK:
    Why do we play raise/call? Why wouldn't we just go all-in? Shove's fold equity should probably be highe.

    Thanks in advance
  • Bibonow


    Firstly, very nice videos Collin! @32:51, buttom right table,
    option #1) you fold and remain with a 6:1 chip disadvantage compared to the 2nd shortest stack wich will need you to get a very hot card distribution for next 2-3 hands and still if you double up afterwards then you'll be at around 1.3k chips wich is still 3:1 again compared to player to your right!

    Option #2: You take your chance now to get to 1.8k chips wich is only 2:1 chips disadvantage compared to 6:1 if you fold ! + you would have a little room to let a hand or 2 go before shoving and maybe even some tiny fold equity

    So my question is : what are your thoughts on this what factors do you rely on to make your decisions!
    Do you think looking at how many time left before the blinds go up is a good factor to look for !? If they were going to go up within 1min for example, would it be a clear 3bet shove instead of fold ?

    Thank you for reading all this ! I love the way you explain your thought process, will be watching all your vids for sure in the near future :)
  • Bibonow


    36:14 ! I would really like to know a little bit more of your thought process on this buttom left A7 BTN Fold with 10bb
    Wich factors are you looking at!?
    -Fact that it won't give you the chip lead ?
    -Fact that BB is Loose ?