Leakfinder: $15 9-man Turbo

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Collin Moshman reviews a Pokerstrategy member's play at a $15 9-man Turbo


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest video from Collin Moshman

    Any questions/comments for Collin please leave them below
  • Oger88


    very nice leak finder... for hero.

    But your further explanations on crucial hands, that you pick very good, makes every vid veryy valuable.

    Always seems like a diamond vid ;)
  • wiarygodny


    Great video as always!!! keep them coming! :)

    10:50 I obv agree with the minraisng the top of our range and shoving all the rest thats good enough to shove but I tend to minraise much tighter than you suggest against such players (stations), unless i have a read that they are capable of 3betting loose pre but i don't think a lot of stations are (I know that here we have the QJs r/4bet from him so maybe he's not a great example of a classic station :). Instead of 99+ AQo+ AJs+ that you suggest i would go only with JJ+ since im fed up (meaning don't know how to adjust :) with raising AKs, getting flatted, cbetting and getting called and ending up ch/folding turn while i had a clear +EV shove pre. Would you suggest to 2nd barrel shove more often instead of giving up on the turn? Since most of our unpaired hands are gonna have some SD value anyway and he can actually still call worse if the board allows draws. It's just that we normally don't 2nd barrel stations without a made hand so im not sure whether to make an exception here because of the low SPR. Without making this adjustment i still prefer to shove even AKs (especially that we can count on such a guy calling wider than he should anyway). Unless you can somehow show me that even if we end up ch/folding turn unimproved we're still gonna get more value itlr than by openshoving :)

    16:50 very similar situation, just this time we have the ulitmate position. I would just openshove again, like hero does for the same reasons stated above.

    Would you say that maybe while my arguments make some sense in the first spot openshoving the second one is a definite 'leak', meaning that we're giving up on some substantial amount of extra value?
  • savage1981


    What is the chance of a guy Hero played HU against being a winning player?
  • kyemas


    oh, the first 4 minutes seems so interesting, i guess it's time to grind and get to that gold level by the end of the month :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Oger88: Thanks! Really appreciate that :)

    #4 Savage1981: Haha no comment

    #5 Keymas: Great, I really hope you make it! And glad you enjoyed the opening.
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Wiarygodny: Thanks!

    10:50: It's always tough to compare the EVs of two different lines when one involves a lot of postflop assumptions. I believe that even though we will sometimes be check/folding turn, or even just check/giveup certain flops like 789, he will often enough make significant postflop mistakes that MRing does better.

    I definitely can't say that it's a big leak though, and quite possibly other regs do prefer openshoving even AKs there. So it's definitely a good/interesting question.

    16:50: From the button I'm a lot more inclined to minraise when it's close, here we are happy to face a 3bet shove and have two potential opponents for this, and if one does want to flat we should be pretty happy playing with a large equity edge against their flatting range plus we have position. So I would definitely consider MRing more in spots like this instead of openshoving.

    Hope these answers help and thanks for the feedback/questions.
  • LoveAndHarmony


    Hi Collin, really nice video!

    @4: The guy Hero played HU against is a reg from Russia. According to sharkscope he has almost 50k profit over 22k games... Ability: 73 :S
  • MoscowSpirit


    Another great video from Collin, thanks!
    It's nice to see familiar players on this table. Tt would be interesting to know Hero's screenname, i definitely know him.
    #8 LoveAndHarmony don't you see, that this "reg" from Russia(Super1337) is kinda very weak player? =) And no, he was not on tilt, it's his usual play.
  • Erikk17


    Hi Collin nice video.
    With Heros play its very brave to play 15usd he has lot of leaks.
    Do you consider add to your videos some basic Hud stats in the future?
  • LoveAndHarmony



    Yes, I do see that (at least based on his heads up skills) Super1337 cannot be called an extremely talented player... However, what's the matter with calling him a reg then? Reg is not a synonym for "good player"... I just found it somewhat encouraging to see that a guy like Super1337 can nowadays still be a winning player in spite of the poor moves we saw him making in the video.
  • CollinMoshman


    #8 LoveAndHarmony: Thanks, really glad you enjoyed the video!

    #9 MoscowSpirit: Awesome, appreciate that :)
  • CollinMoshman


    #10 Erikk17: Thanks, really glad you enjoyed it. I like to use Universal so that way I can comment what I'd do as a function of stats, rather than be confined to the specific stats displayed. With that said I'm happy to do some more in PT/HEM replayer, and my recent video on the $60 180man is in that style.
  • kyemas


    Well finally got my gold level, great video, was worth it to put extra hours and grind :)
  • s0cru3l


    Great vid Collin

    I just realized that agro style is sometimes worse than tight folds/moves, because the conditions are bad.

    That was my problem last months.
  • jimira


    Is Hero a winning player at $15s ?
  • rmslobato


    Very good video!

    1:37 Is the t200 iso raise correct? Until at 25/50 is better to iso this range? If at least one of the limpers doesn't have the initial stack, for example, if he has t1000, we still iso with hands like A2s, QJs? At first level I think is still ok, but I not sure about this play in the next 2 blinds levels.