Live 200NL with Uri Peleg

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Uri continues his live play series moving up to 200NL and spending a lot more time about adjusting to the regs


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy Uri's latest video, this time at 200NL

    Please leave any questions or comments for Uri here
  • igor4141


    1)What is the reason to open 2.25BB from UTG?
    2)I think that we must 3betting AQs
    BB vs BU against any regular NL200
  • autheking


    Why is NL200 diamond when you have NL400 at gold?
  • igor4141


    3) At the end of video you opened A3s and checked to pod2000 with toppair AQx flop.. But ten minutes ago he saw your 3streets bluffcatching and at present situation he'll bluff maybe 1-2 percents, so I think here you must cbetting and barreling
  • igor4141


    4) Bluff 4bet with KT: your size is 32vs14 at stacks more than 100bbs..foldequity is something like 10%
    or lower I guess
  • sirrybob


    1) Smaller raise size allows you to open a wider range profitably (I explain this in my previous video in more detail)
    2) What about a villain who opens button 38%, folds to 3bets 68% and 4bet 16%? There are actually many cases where I think flatting is better but they do all have to do with exploiting people.
    3) Good point.
    4) I'm surprised you say that, I think that is a pretty ordinary 4bet size but maybe I am misremembering stacksizes - if we are over 160 deep then it is certainly too small.
    Thanks for the comments - try to post the time in the video of the hand you are referring to and it will be easier for me to respond.
  • pleno1


    autheking,we dowgraded diamond videosto gold once a week as a promo.
  • ixdon


    Tell me please, why is NL200 now for diamond only? What's the division of video by status? Platinum - nl50-nl100, and gold - NL10-25?
  • Talent2


    Hey Uri,
    thx for the interesting vid!
    29:45 (KTs) You said that you would b/c flop with sets, which I like given his tendencies. My Question is do you have a bluff c/r river range, because KTs goes into your river folding range it might be an okey spot/hand to c/jam river especially if you think he bets that big with Qx and he should be capt to flushes after he checked back turn!?

    I always enjoy watchig your videos, talk to you soon in skype again :)

  • horsetranquilizer


    liked the video!
    have you posted your hud layout somewhere?
  • horsetranquilizer


    xls sheet on your desktop: rape party ->lol wut?
  • PokerIsBadBeat


    Hey, at the end, you fold 55 in SB vs UTG open, what are the pocket pair that you can fold preflop vs an open and in which situation do you fold?
  • Swish29


    20:45 How can you out of 11 hands assume that villain only has 3 combos of kings (KQs)? You say that your call is good because he showed up with 76s, so it means he also has 65s in his range. How about he has KTo+ in his range and as well? I'm a sick CS but I don't see how this a call. I think you could even make a case for a 2nd barrel for value.

    22:50 Why is it a thin value bet from villain? You represent a hand weaker than AT, why would he c/b river and make your life easy? I would bet AT as well in villain's shoes.

    38:30 What is that "Rape party" file?
  • yomatiyo


    I agree whit 9, KT can be ach/ship in the river.

    Really nice vid, I like the explanations and lenght.

    good work mister!.
  • yomatiyo


    I also agree that AT bet in river is someway std... and the argument of "he has also 76s, so the call is good" is not enoguth.. cause he might not bluff enought whit other crappy hands. In fact I belive that hand was a fold for sure... but well, nice vid again xD
  • serverm07


    Good vid man. Few things, I think the QK hand vs pod2000 like 25 mins in or so, you want to play your range as a bet on this board given how small you raise and I think he will defend quite a lot in pp here, maybe even napkins. I don't like having a standard default plan of x/c AK etc because once he sees you call down with that, he is going to be able to adjust and you will be the one playing guessing games. I think if you talk to him he realizes you are good and are thinking so taking that stab stat too seriously imo is wrong. Also I think his bet with ATo is good and I would also do it because I expect you to have weak Ax or exactly what you have more often than AK tbh.

    Have to agree about 4bet sizing being too small with KTo, 7bb to 16bb seems too small but I think you played the hand perfectly postflop, standard triple once that A comes imo. wp.

    Overall awesome video and great value for people looking to improve their winrate.

    I think the biggest thing you talk about is how you are just constantly exploiting people by folding and not forcing the action and keeping the pots small with your weak ranges, and letting them spazz when your range is strong is really great.

    Also the hand I don't remember what happened, but where you planned to x/f on the river but called anyway, omfg that happens to me so much and it's definitely a mental thing, getting too emotionally attached, overestimating peoples bluffing frequencies, leveling yourself etc. We all do it but it's so important to get better at this aspect of poker.
  • sirrybob


    9 thanks man :) and I agree with you about the kt it should have been a Checkraise on the river.
    10 I talk about it in my first videos
    11 that is actually a pretty funny story :) since I have been asked several times I might explain in a future video :)
    12 readless I would fold a lot, I for sure call nines and might call sevens or eights sometimes but not sure it's correct. With more info this changes a lot though
    Rest of guys : unfortunately I only have my iPad for the next few weeks as I am in Vegas, so I can't stream the video to look at hands. I will try to reply as soon as I can, and thanks for the comments about video and hands I do remember some of the hands you are commenting about and generally grew with points made, I definitely misplayed a few hands in this session
  • IMGameOver


    Thanks Uri!!!
  • Taure1


    Hey Uri.

    to the 4bet pot at the end of the vid:
    whats the plan if turn and river blanks?