3-betting with Uri Peleg at NL400

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Uri plays a session of NL400 while going deeply into his thought processes regarding pre-flop 3-betting


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy Uri Peleg's latest video for our Diamond members

    Any questions/comments please leave below for Uri
  • instaflip


    like always, cool way to explain things and nice content. always enjoy ur vids very much, pls keep them coming :)
  • LemOn36


    diamond only? :/
  • LemOn36


    damn rly, how did the A9s hand end up I hate you pokerstrategy and your new policy to rank videos higher than before :/
  • Shakaflaka


    Nice video and nice approach. Now, it would be great to complement this video with a replayer session review in which you show us how you realize the equity of your bluffs postflop.

  • DavidSel


    he called and lost to 44
  • davey040


    Ey he checked raised what happend?
  • davey040


  • jimmyhans


    I agree to #5! Would love to see a video like this :) I just copied your Excel-File, working on some 3 bet ranges now. What would you assume to be a good starting value for the realized equity OOP vs a half-way decent opponent, if I proceed very careful postflop (maybe too careful in the beginning?).
    If you could make something like a session review video containing only 3 bet bluff hands you got called with, and share your thoughts postflop, that'd be so amazing!! :)
  • pleno1



    Hi mate. I would love to agree with you and change things but this is an advanced topic for nl400. 99% o people grinding nl400 would become diamond very easy. What do you think we should have as diamond content? Nl2k+? I so it would be worthwhile for less than 1% of the Diamond members.
  • LemOn36


    well the 3bet discussion seemed pretty fundamental/would help people playing much lower
  • Shevtshenko



    are you saying that watching a nl2k video would not be worthwhile for 99% of diamond members?
  • pleno1


    No I'm saying that once in a while it is fine. But in my opinion within a player who crushes the stakes they play >>>> watching a player playing 5 or 10x higher. Remember most people who grind nl50 and even nl25 seriously will be a diamond member, nl5k would be 100x higher than the stake they play. IMO watching a nl200-400 video from lnternet, oblioo or uri or a theory video such as the defending your checks video from oblioo is going to be the most beneficial way to learn. I would say the nl5k videos would be as much ebtertainmet as education. What do you think?
  • Suiteng


    could you pls upload the excel file you used in the video?
  • sirrybob


    Hi I am currently abroad so don't have access to it, I will be able to in a few weeks, but it. Is very is ple to make if you know how to use excel
  • Dublimax


    Interesting video.
    But I think the table running adds nothing positive to it as it keeps your focus away from what you are trying to explain. I feel like you could have gone through the same things in a 10 min video without it.
    If you want to show how to apply things in practice it would work better to go through the theory first and then apply it.
  • yomatiyo


    really liked it!
    any way you tell me how is the formula in the excel? ty a lot!
  • sirrybob


    yomatiyo: Sorry for the delayed response, just got home from a long vacation and have the formula here:
    Basically your ev is:

    Each of these is simple and straightforward to calculate, I'll paste what I have in the file:

    Dublimax: Good point, thank you.
  • MrTiger


    Hi, Uri. Nice video. I like the basic approach, but I can't agree with "EQUITY REALIZED ~ 75% OOP vs regs". For example, we 3bet a bad hand like 65o, get 5KsQ flop and see, that our opponent folds to Cbet in this situation very rarely. In this case my might decide not to Cbet, then our opponent bets his J8s, and we fold the best hand. So, even when we saw 3 cards out of 5 and could realize 60% (not sure if it is correct (3 out of 5, so 60%), but suppose, it does) of our equity, we didn't manage to do this. I think "EQUITY REALIZED" is more likely to be around 60% (when 3-betting OOP), but anyway, it's not an easy task to correctly estimate it. Versus some opponents it might be more than 75% and versus some maybe less than 50%. And, as you showed in the video, 75% and 60% does make a difference (we need 30% or 38% equity).
  • sirrybob


    Well obviously there are going to be good and bad flops for each hand.
    I would cbet 56 on KQ5 as it has probably 5 outs to the "nuts" and some fold equity - and in general when you flop a pair that is going to be true a lot.

    But you also have to remember that sometimes the board will come K37 and villain will fold JT - everything goes both ways.

    Not to say I'm sure about the 75%, but from what I've heard that is a reasonable number, and possibly even a low estimate.
  • MrTiger


    Thanks for the answer. "Both ways" surely make sense. I thought about it. The main thing here (which you also mentioned in the video) is our position. I think our hand also has influence on this parameter. For example, we can't often continue aggressive play profitably with 83o, but it's easier with 83s and a lot more easier with 87s. So, 83o not only has less equity, but also can realize less of it. That's interesting... I'm going to pay more attention to these things, maybe will come to some conclusion later.