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Collin analyses hands from his own sessions displaying the best ways he feels to get better at the games you play


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy the latest video from our SNG Boss Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions or comments for Collin please leave them below
  • beebeeboy


    Thank you for work, Collin! Great video!

    In the last example, i think i would just call his raise. Because it matches "call 20" strategy and i am also expecting weak player on BB to get involved in the hand. SO if i hit the set, i think i would pretty likely get paied off.
    I don't like 3-bet, because rasier covers our stack, so we can't put ICM pressure on him.
  • alki2003


    I guess 3-betting is as nice as calling like #2 already said. In your stats you had a very low 3betting %. So if he is using a hud he knows that we aren't raising garbage here. He has to fold lot of hands which have quite a bit of equity against us (overcards, low broardways, connectors). And we don't loose that much chips if we really get 4betted. ~6700-7k chips...

    I mean if we think he knows what he is doing I prefer 3betting. If he is just loose and has fun to bet I prefer calling and playing fit or fold...
  • grayarea


    For me, I think the ante's are really significant. The ante adjusted effective stack (stack - ante)*1.5/blinds_plus_antes is 21.4BB which tends to make 3bet shoving attractive. I think it's a spot where some stats are missing from this HUD. I normally look at steal% and fold to re-steal in these spots. As displayed the LAGish vpip/pfr would tip me towards shoving. I don't really see 4 and 5bet options at this effective depth.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Beebeeboy: Thanks! In terms of the last hand, I agree with your reasoning, the only thing is that I think we will not show a profit if we are just set-mining here. So we will have to take this pot sometimes when we miss our set, but between c/c'ing some dry boards and sometimes turning our hand into a bluff, that should be possible...

    Alki2003 and Grayarea: Nice arguments in favor of a possible 3bet here. We don't have blockers and our hand doesn't play too well OOP if he flats, but possibly he'll fold often enough that we should be 3betting very wide here to give ourselves every chance of winning the starting pot + his open.
  • Findblisch


    Pretty nice Video imo.

    With the 66 I don't like 3betting a LAGish Player because I don't expect this type of player to give up easily. I don't want to face a 4bet or playing 66 oop in just a blowed pot without specific reads.

    I don't see any use in these spots with a pretty comfortable stack to play on.

    Additionly we have position at this table on 2 LAGish player so there will come up way better spots to get our chips to use than blowing up pots oop with marginal hands that flop pretty poorly.

    I'm with you that folding feels pretty weak, so I would go ahead and make the call.

    We have to pay 1.9k for a pot that is already 6.1k. The BB seems pretty bad player and with that great odds I expect him to come along lets say 40% of the time.

    1 out of 8 we will hit our set and the pot will be 0,6*8k+0,4*9,3k = 8,5k

    8*1,9k = 15.2k

    So we just need to win less than 7k postflop with an anverage prefloppot that's 8,5k. Guess that shouldn't be that much of problem, or am I wrong?!

    And like you already mentioned sometimes we will be able to float or make a litte bluff to show a little profit as well.

    So I like flatting.

    Imo Flat>Fold>3bet
  • Findblisch


    And I disagree that the Antes should tend us to the 3bet. They should tend us to the call, because we are getting better odds and the pot is bigger so it's easier to get paied off with a set.

    Don't forget with the antes the pot is 6.1k and without it only would be 4.3 so that are massiv better odds with I think seems logical to tend to call.
  • Bartmannn


    Great video again! Thx a lot!
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 Findblisch: That's very true, with the antes we don't need to win any huge amount postflop on average when we hit our set to show a profit flatting pre. I agree that the antes aren't necessarily an argument for 3betting over flatting, as much as they're one for 3betting over folding. Either way we're giving ourselves a chance to pick them up when we stay in the hand.

    Thanks for the well-reasoned comments on the hand.
  • CollinMoshman


    #8 Bartmannn: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
  • Jumbleboy


    great video! have some comments:

    - with 35s situation i would min-raise/fold because i would do min-raise with all my range which include nuts.

    - last situation i like call and myb on the dry boards x/r and light barrel once. what do u think about this, Collin?
  • Jumbleboy


    can u answer my response here?:)
  • CollinMoshman


    #11 Jumbleboy: I replied to the questions in the link. For your questions here, would you give the time they occur at? Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the video!
  • Jumbleboy


    #13 CollinMoshman: no problem!
  • wiarygodny


    great as always, thanks!

    @4 grayarea
    i think you were misunderstood. U mean to 3bet SHOVE instead of 3betting small, right? And your reasoning is the effective stack size which is 21.5bb, right? First of all i want to say i like it! :) 2nd of all i dont play MTTs myself so im not familiar with the adjustments for high ante phases :) But my 'simple' way of reasoning is that if that would be shove for 21.5bb no antes than why shouldnt it be one here as well?

    this way we're not gonna be 4bet bluffed or flatted ever and looking at his stats if he decides to call us it may actually be with a range we're not hopeless against (assuming he's a LAG fish not a LAG reg).

    Unfortunately Collin forgot to mention which type of SnG (90man? 180man?) is this hand from so i cant run the ICM calcs but unless its the final table or the bubble (again, im not familiar with those structures so cant guess looking at the stack sizes etc.) then our shove is even better imo since we're not that much risk averse.

    to sum up - unless calculating stack sizes by including antes the way we did here is a total nonsense (i dont see why would it be) which would result in our shove becoming a massive overbet called only by monsters i think its a perfectly valid option, imo the best one.
  • CollinMoshman


    #15 Wiarygodny: Thanks!

    As for the 66 hand, it's in an MTT so a cEV analysis would tend to be the way to go. I wouldn't normally shove here since jamming in > 40bb is a pretty significant overbet, but I agree that it may be profitable and should definitely be considered, particularly as an alternative to folding (since saying it's +EV would be relative to folding). So, nice comments here :)
  • s0cru3l


    hi great vid, really like 9man spots

    the last one, i would just flat and decide what to do according to flop