Bootcamp Seminar: Pleno1 Constructing Late Position Ranges

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  • NL BSS
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In the third recap video from our Bootcamp run in April Pleno1 runs through constructing late position ranges


Bootcamp series thematic video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Everyone

    Please enjoy this Diamond Bootcamp recap with Pleno1

    If you have any comments or suggestions for Patrick please leave them below
  • Waffelhaendler


    Hey Patrick

    I really enjoy this Bootcamp series. Hopefully all the recorded sessions will be shared here.

    Anyways I was wondering about the defending range CO vs BU. Overall it is 126 combos. And the opening range in the CO was 410. So we defend around 30% of our hands and fold about 70% in that Spot. Doesnt the button make autoprofit on 3bet/folding against us with any2? U said he has to reexploit our high 4betbluffing range, but if his 3bet already shows autoprofit because we dont defend enough Hands overall, there is no real need for im to reexploit us.

    My assumption is based on him Risking about 7bb with his 3bet IP, against our 2,5bb open, to win 4bb (with blinds). So he needs around 63,5% folds to make autoprofit. And we already fold 70%. I know there is still the blinds, but i think the % of them not folding is around equal to the % of BU holding a monster he can 5betship profitably.

    I might be copletely mistaken on this one though :)

    Greets Waffel
  • yomatiyo


    cant find u on the skype... where from? what picture?