Collin 12-Tabling Live

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Collin takes us into a standard session of his 12-tabling low stakes SNGs on Pokerstars


decision Live Video multi-tabling PokerStars thematic video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy this live 12-tabling video from Collin Moshman

    If you have any questions or comments for Collin please leave them below
  • MarioAK


    Nice video!

    23:42 easy shove imho

    29:52 i like iso here
  • grayarea


    23:45 You did turn a flush draw with K4o but with the 4, not the nut fd.
  • grayarea


    Great video Collin. I'm looking to add tables now so it's really valuable to see how you guys actually manage it.

    48:20 With 13BB effective, is this not a good spot to min-raise call hands like AKs, AQs? Or is it too obvious when you've been shoving a lot of the preceding hands?
  • grayarea


    50:30 last hand. It's at 8.5BB ante-adjusted and the Nash threshold for Q8o is 9.8BB. Raventhon has somewhat tight stats though. How do you judge when and how much to deviate from Nash in this spot? It just seem to me that even regs are rarely flipping hands in the bottom half of the Nash range like J2s. I may be over-adjusting though by calling as if it was 10-11BB instead of 8.5.
  • Bartmannn


    Another great video!
    At 33:16 u say u "openpush the jacks here" but actually you push KJo on the bubble. Just a slip of the tongue or did you misread your hand?
  • jackboy2011


    hey guys. is the the fold with TT at 15:23 on purpose? and if yes why?
  • mumpfel


    #7 A tight looking player open raises UTG so i would give him a range of approximately 99+, AQ+. With TT we only have ~44% Equity against that Range so the fold is correct. I would shove JJ+, AK in this spot.
  • grayarea


    #8 I'm not sure it can be that clear-cut. We only have 15 hands on them and just because this is their first raise doesn't mean we can put them on such a tight range. Also, we likely have some fold equity to account for.
  • GuilhermeMat


    42:29 with which range u gives the call in this situation?

    Take this opportunity to congratulate for this video format very good!! Like to see more videos of this type Collin!
  • CollinMoshman


    Hi guys, I'm in Vegas right now so will do my best to reply to all comments as quickly as possible between tournies :) Here are answers to the later questions with more coming soon.

    #7 Jackboy2011: Yes, as mumpfel points out I put him on a tight range for MR'ing his stack UTG with tightish stats (albeit over a limited sample as grayarea points out). It's a close spot but I agree with the JJ/AK shoving range.

    #10 GuilhermeMat: The Nash range for us here is:

    BB 14.5%, 33+ A7s+ A8o+ KJs+ KQo

    So this was a slightly tight fold, nice spot :)

    And thanks for the nice words, glad you enjoyed the vid!
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Bartmann: Thanks! And yes I believe I saw my hand correctly at the time but misspoke there, bit of a multitasking fail haha
  • allbusiness


    hey Collin, CTRL+8 keys get you to autostack tables :P
  • wiarygodny


    thanks for the video! great as always, although i must say that i much rather prefer the traditional tiles when making live play videos (maybe cause i play tiles myself so im simply lost when im trying to follow the action on this one :). Even if i wasn't i still think that tiled live play has more educational value (though i understand that u made it like this as a 'background' for talking abt getting ready to mass multitable).

    even though i barely caught any spots :) one got my attention for sure - 39:12 KQs bubble call vs the chip leader - when i saw that i though it was rather terrible and im afraid it still looks like this after checking Nash,0.3,0.2&s1=9000&s2=1085&s3=1305&s4=2110&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8=&s9=&s10=. I can see its a KO and i understand that ICM is a bit different there (i dont play them myslef so dont know the details) but i guess it doesnt really change much (if any) when it comes to us calling a push as a shorter stack since we simply can't get the bounty. So is this call as bad as it looks or am i missing something. Take care and good luck in Vegas! congrats on the deep run in #42! :)
  • grayarea


    43:38: is similar to #5. Calling the big stack with 44 is in fact a close call in Nash (+0.05 eqdiff) but it's assuming Raventhon is capable of shoving 91%. You only have to remove 63o,53o from his range to make 44 a fold.
  • savage1981


    40:20 Hi! You suggest calling SB's push with 99+. Calling with JJ against ATC push would be break even.
  • jimira


    For all of us playing microstakes $3 and $7 - how are we to adjust our play in higher stakes ?

    I would guess ABC-play works fine in microstakes, but playing ABC in midstakes or higher, you get run over in the long run.
  • madein1984


    40:45 the guy in the BB had "call any" prechecked from the SB on the bubble earlier with Q9o, where you trippled with KQs. So I guess he is the kind of guy who calls anytwo there as well for his last 50 chips. If this is the case, how much does it affect your calling range? Is A9o a call then?
  • madein1984


    42:13 I thought that one was slightly bad and checked it, without KO its +0.01. The SB will call 17% in Nash, the BB 14,5%. Does that make the push better? I guess the fact that the shorty will collide with the BB very often, so you cant win SBs bounty any more in many cases, makes the push more favourable too. I don't play KOs that often though, so not so sure about it.
  • madein1984


    42:27 marginal call in nash +0.08, though I again wonder how this is affected by the KO structure.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 MarioAK: Thanks! And nice spots, agree both are kinda tight folds :)

    #3 - #5 Grayarea:

    Whoops sounds like I misspoke about that flush draw... Very glad you enjoyed the vid! To answer the other two Qs:

    In high ICM tax situations, I usually play shove/fold with my entire range vs regs since that tends to be the higher-performing strategy (taking away any FE from a 3bet when we or opponents don't want to gamble).

    Raventhon has pretty decent reg-like stats I think, I'm not going to call any tighter than the Nash range vs him, I'd only do that vs weak/unknown players.
  • CollinMoshman


    #13 Allbusiness: Nice tip, thanks!

    #14 Wiarygodny: Thanks for the feedback and well wishes. I normally prefer tiled also, but like to do some this way since it's how a lot of people play and a ton of spots come up. What do others think, if people prefer I'm happy to not make further live play stacked vids?

    In the hand you mention, the KO part doesn't change too much since I can't bust him and his Nash range is ATC anyway. With a 5bb stack and being last in chips I'm willing to take a negative edge there, but agree it's still a bit marginal!
  • CollinMoshman


    #15 Grayarea: I'm not seeing a hand with 44 at that time in the video?

    #16 Savage1981: Yes, 99 would be too loose ... JJ+ looking a lot better seeing that hand a second time :) Thanks for the spot.

    #17 Jimira: I talk about that a lot in an upcoming video where I'm live 4tabling micros. A couple of the bigger points are to learn Nash ranges as cold as possible, improve postflops skills, and look for more creative +EV spots to accumulate chips such as light 3bets early vs LAGier regs.
  • CollinMoshman


    #18-#20 Madein1984: Nice/specific observation in the A9 hand. If we knew he was calling ATC our calling range would widen substantially, and yes I would call the A9 in that case.

    At 42:13, we should be more inclined to shove with the bounty since when SB is the only caller, it effectively increases our overlay. If I folded though and they collided, I'd still be rooting for the BB to bust the SB that hand.

    At 42:27, as I said above, this was a slightly tight fold. Since button covers us, the bounty won't affect things much here.

    Thanks for the questions/comments.
  • MrRivers


    great video , really liked it!
    at 34.17, you said its a pretty close spot (AJ sooted) , but can u please explain it.
    Thank u, cheers
  • MrRivers


  • grayarea


    Apologies Collin, my comment #15 should have been for 47:35
  • CollinMoshman


    #25 MrRivers: Thanks! The bottom of our Nash calling range there is AJs (full range is 88/AJs/AQo). It assumes though that the small blind shoves top 21% down to hands like A4o and JTs, which I think many players don't. So that's why I think it's a pretty close spot.

    #27 Grayarea: No worries! Personally I'd have shoved ATC there if I were Raventhon, plus there are meta benefits to making a thin Nash call. So it's definitely close but I'm content with the call.
  • MrRivers


    my body feeling says: call!
  • PedroMiguelRP


    40.22, You said you'd call with 99+. Isn't it a -EV$ call? In my humble opion that would be a terrible call agains the CL.

    I'd only played QQ+ or even KK+. The short stake has 1BB left and you're on the buble

    Keep the good work :)